Kelly Brook is in FHM

October 7th, 2010 // 51 Comments

Kelly Brook appears in the latest issue of FHM Australia, and notice how she doesn’t exploit the opportunity to dignify her weight or shamelessly fish for compliments like all these other “celebrities” drunk on their own power. No, Kelly Brook just stands there quietly cupping a bare breast. It’s practically Christ-like.

Photos: FHM


  1. Becky

    Oh, the things I would do to that woman; she’s fucking hot. And I’m a very straight lady. haha

  2. Damn Lesbian Becky, Second……Oh “Punch a Shark In the Head” Typical fucken stereotyping of Aussies!

  3. Taz

    Kb is out of FHM and in my dreams!

  4. Burke, Esq.

    Am I missing something? Who is she again?

  5. Parker

    P to da A, P to da A!

  6. Marley

    I’d rather do Christina Hendricks.

  7. SEFP

    I don’t know who she is but judging by the photos she is a good example of how a woman can be curvy without being anorexic looking or fat (where terms like “curvy” and “full-figured” are used as euphemisms for “fat” or “obese”).

    • Drew

      Do large breasts constitute as “curvy” now?

      Has the perception of beauty come so far to the point of anorexia that if a girl isn’t 5’3, 95 lbs, she’s considered “curvy” or “full figured”? Like you say, both are euphemisms for overweight.

      Kelly Brook is none of these.

  8. blt

    Her face is so-so in the cover picture but I doubt any of you boys actually notice she had a face.

    • Burke, Esq.

      I’d say her “milkshakes brings the boys to the yard.”

      • blt

        She’s not even near any ice cream! Unless it’s euphemism for her breasts being milk producers and thus their shaking attracts the boys?! I’ve been thinking about this all wrong! I thought boys liked actual millshakes! Dammit!

  9. fester

    Needs to lose about 2 feet of hair but if she plays her cards right she could still have me…

  10. She looks delicious…….


  11. Kelly Brook in FHM Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    Very pretty. Her breasts are frequent visitors to this blog. They get around.
    Alert me when she finally gets completely nude & spreads it all out for the camera.

    • Dude

      It’s been a while. She’s done Playboy, was naked (nips visible) in Piranha 3D, and naked in some other magazine.

  12. Parker

    I’d be happy to fill her ass with happiness. That’s what I named my weiner.

    • Vagmaster

      You go Parker! Ass-sex, shit smeared and all.

      • Parker

        Your words are always so filled with signs of self-hatred and loathing. That and the obscure references to sexuality suggest you may have homosexual thoughts you struggle to supress but when some word or phrase brings them back to conciousness you lash out. Is that the problem Vegmaster? Don’t hate yourself. Maybe it’s not the lifestyle you would have chosen for yourself if you had a choice but these days a majority of people are very accepting of gays so you don’t have to hate yourself. You were born that way. We all have only one life to live so try to make yours a happy one. Lashing out at others is a first step on what is often only a short road to ruin. Seek help before its too late. You don’t have to like women in a sexual way but I and many others do so even if you can’t respect that then at least you must not hate. It’s such a corrosive feeling.

  13. Kelly Brook in FHM Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    another old broad trying to be young…next.

    • no.


    • Chris

      What are you, 12?

      98% of this site’s male readers would faint if this woman walked up to them in a bar, whether they were 18 or 40. I’m pretty sure you’re in that group!

      Get over yourself :P

    • tod

      burton …..another old broad trying to be young…next…..

      So I guess what UR saying is that you wouldnt do her?
      Either ur 12, gay, or just a goof

  14. Kelly Brooke is hot, in my humble and useless opinion.

    I bet the article about Punching Sharks was written by Chuck Norris, from the grave. Chuck Norris doesn’t jump sharks, he punches sharks.

  15. chelsea

    in my opinion, she is the physical ideal of a woman. she has curves without being fat, tone in all the right places, her face is gorgeous, and i’m not sure if she’s 100% unaltered by surgery but she’s sure as hell a lot hotter than heidi horseface montag.

    • Michael

      Oh, fuck no. This girl is 100% real. I read on a website that there were rumors, but you don’t need to double check and doubt that she went under the knife. This girl is so damn beautiful, but then again, a minority of women from Britain – from Gemma Atkinson to Rosie Jones – fall into that category.

      Plus, Kelly did a good job in “Piranha 3D”, so I hope she has a strong acting career ahead of her.

  16. Kelly Brook in FHM Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    Old trying to look young, fainting in bars?? I think both of you are taking it too far. I don’t think she is trying to look young, she is just promoting her natural beauty. She is beautiful and she has large natural breasts, however there are many, many women out there that are just as gorgeous, AND it is a wonder what photoshop can do. If this woman caused you to faint, you might want to consider switching bars.. lol

  17. Kelly Brook in FHM Australia
    See Alice
    Commented on this photo:

    Whats wrong with FHM the quality of the pictures suck .

  18. tony

    These are what curves really are people and not the “curves” people claim Christina Hendricks to have, Hendricks is a fat ginger munter.
    Kelly Brook turns me on so much, i come just looking at her.

  19. Smiling Bob

    Am I the only one that thinks her mouth is incredibly sexy? I don’t see much said about that.

  20. Kelly Brook in FHM Australia
    one legged
    Commented on this photo:

    i like breasts

  21. yee

    She’s gorgeous, but those boobs are already super saggy and she’s pretty young. Not gonna age well. But hey, it’s only one bad thing. Everything else about her is beautiful.

    • Andriiya

      Yes, breasts tend to sag when they’re real and large. I guess someone is used to seeing 90lbs girls with silcone double D’s shoved up to their neck. I’m also guessing you’d be lucky to bang a worn out cougar with tits down to her ankles.

  22. Kelly Brook in FHM Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    old trying to be young?
    who fucking cares!?

    her tits are disproportionate.
    horrible photoshop.

  23. Kelly Brook in FHM Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    real breasts dont have that gap!

  24. Kelly Brook in FHM Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    Ive seen her playboy pics and I wasn’t impressed. Sorry guys. not only that in these pics her breast look bigger… In playboy they look small. But I still think she’s hot for 40 or however old she is!!! Any guy would take her home in a sec, and if you say other wise, YOU are a liar:) hehe!!!

  25. Kelly Brook in FHM Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    burton we all know you are in your 50′s you old coot. quite trying to bang the youngins’ and get your cane!

  26. Kelly Brook in FHM Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    oh my.

    I write a comment because it’s unfair such picture does not get one.

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