Kelly Brook in a Do I Really Have to Say It?

June 30th, 2010 // 20 Comments

And now I officially know what Jews feel like during Hanukkah. On that note, if Kelly Brook isn’t in a bikini for four more days, someone should try her for war crimes. Big breasts don’t protect you from the eyes of justice.

Ha! Just kidding. You can hide in my attic.

Photos: Splash News


  1. barroom hero

    I would hit this every which way from Sunday…

  2. barroom hero
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    really bad form, you’ll hurt your back like that…but she is fine

  3. Randal

    Kelly is electrifying in yet another gorgeous ensemble that shows off the hard work she’s put into her…ah, hell, even I’d hit that!

  4. Whew.

    Good recovery after those pics of Brit.
    You saved me from bleaching my retinas to get that imagery out of there.

  5. pimp

    looks like another day filled with jacking off…

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  7. CManSB
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    Oh Wow, Check out the Boston Whaler. That must be the Nantucket Model with a 200 horse outboard. Oh, the bikini’s nice too.

  8. Kev
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    Just a perfect body….perfect!

  9. Da Trooooooooof


  10. Nudgie

    Err…. how long to we have to wait for her Playboy issue???????

  11. Just_As_it_IS
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    For those of you who don’t believe that a perfect woman (at least physically) does exist.

  12. lisa

    is this like the hottest stuff to be seen in GB? sorry, guys…

  13. Apostate

    May this lusciousness never end!

  14. Brood

    She’s so cute. Love her a lot. She seems to have a nice profile on a single’s club named ‘rich ki ss . co m’. She’s attractive, sexy and popular there.

  15. captain america

    psssst: WE WANT “SNOOKI” IN A BIKINI, folks.
    ………..that is…………….well……………NICE!!

  16. pm

    OMG you just made me laugh out loud like the lonely psychopath that I am.

  17. Kaz

    She wont clothes she don’st have clothes

  18. Ryan
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    She is so overrated its unreal… I see much better girls out on the street and her face is very average…

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