Kellie Pickler secretly dating Kid Rock for over a year

June 29th, 2009 // 74 Comments

Former American Idol contest and country star Kellie Pickler announced during a radio interview she’s been secretly dating Kid Rock for over a year, according to Associated Content. The 23-year-old singer is 15 years younger than Kid Rock which has to be awesome considering he used to sleep with Pamela Anderson. It must be nice having sex with someone who doesn’t feel like a leather couch stuffed with sand and hepatitis. Not to mention, there’s a 100% less chance of Dr. Feelgood vinyl falling out post-coitus. That’s still on the record player.

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  1. georgie

    so i’m assuming she has some kind of STD now…. too bad

  2. meena

    jesus. THANK GOD she finally had those cataloupe sized giant melon implants removed or replaced. when tiny girls like her get those it just makes them look fat. well, ol’ bob richie nabbed himself a young southern sweetie? let’s hope he doesn’t f*ck it up fuelin’ off cocaine and whiskey. wow. damn, kelli ” barefooot on pilot mountain” pickler and kid “feather in the fedora above a stained wifebeater ” rock. CLASS MEETS CLASSIER!!

  3. Toby Weymiller

    She is as fat as a whale. My god, does Kid Rock have a bed made out of iron. My Korean wife used to look like this and then I ran her.

  4. Me

    Kelly PICKER? LMFAO! yeah Superfish. that’s goooood.

  5. Pickle Lover

    Kid Rock you lucky bastard. She has an incredible body.

  6. Me

    Kelly PICKER? LMFAO! yeah Superfish. that’s goooood.

  7. RtSS

    Oh, my… Look at that ass in those tight blue jeans. I would peel those off of her, bend her over and have my way with her. Kellie Pickler. I, too, am glad she took those super extreme silicone implants out. She is so doable. I’d poke her in both her love tunnel and the dirt tunnel, and finish up giving her a big ol’ heapin’ helpin’ of my protein shake. Glug, glug, glug.

  8. emmy


  9. Rodham

    If I was dating Kid Rock I would keep it a secret too.

  10. lrm

    It’s PickLer, not Picker

  11. gummybear

    @3 I facebooked your name. “Toby Weymiller”, and found your picture on facebook, with your “korean wife.” you’re like’re way old and creepy. and you’re standing in front of a dirtpile with a filthy smug smile on your face.

    let’s just say you’re not nearly good-looking enough to be calling skinny girls fatties ;)

  12. Your Daddy

    #3 SERIOUSLY? You must like women with the body of 14 YO boys.

    Damn Kelly, way to go slummin. KR is a nasty piece of trailer trash that shouldnt even be allowed to smell those sext feet of yours.

    <———- seriously disappointed.

  13. Me

    @3 “…and then I ran her.”… WTF is that supposed to mean?? Back under yer rock, ole man.

  14. boogermeister

    it’s the gold dress…makes her look fat…quite hippy

  15. misty

    Whatever! Kid Rock is HOT!!

  16. therush

    What the fuck is a Kellie Pickler?

  17. Amy

    No wonder he’s been attempting to make shitty country music lately. That remake of Sweet Home Alabama sucked ass.

  18. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Wow…. no talent meets ho talent….

  19. PunkA

    Damn, she is hawt. Sad to see her talents wasted on a lowlife POS like Kid. Yeah, his music is OK occasionally, but he is a nasty dirtbag. Only way he continues to pull such hawt chicks is if a) they are messed up, or b) he is hung like a donkey, or c) both. I vote for a.

  20. JOJO


  21. dude_on

    Fish is onto something. Country hotties shouldn’t be out of bounds. She can replace any or all of the Kardashians. She changes her boobs like they are an accessory. That plus her ass should make her a pap magnet. I’m starting to become a big fan.

  22. gyter


  23. cowboy pants

    Ya I’d keep that a secret too.

  24. @ 11 lol you’re right i found him too –

  25. juniper

    i didnt know she was such a slut. she must have serious mental issues to have to hook up with that asshole. either way her pussy and career are over now.

  26. Joe Dirt

    He got his Brandy…so fine!

  27. dudester

    Nice girl.
    Crappy taste in men.

  28. Tom K

    Who is this girl and why is she famous? If she’s dating Kid Rock I’m sure she probably has Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

    Also what is with these fat whores on the left and right of me for this Dance your ass off advertisement? They are fucking distracting! I hope that oxygen is paying you guys good money to keep these disgusting pigs on your page.

  29. lori

    The writer’s jokes are old, lame and mean-spirited.

  30. Oh lori (#29) — can one really be too mean, given the topic? Pickler is proving once again what a dumb trash bumpkin she is by dating that dirtbag.

  31. Nikki

    This is completely untrue. Kellie Pickler has been dating Kyle Jacobs, a nashville songwriter, for about 2 years.

  32. Petite

    At least she knows how to pick out a prom dress:

  33. CP1973

    This story is BS and came from the Globe. #31 is right, she is and or at least very recently was seeing Kyle Jacobs. On twitter there are very recent tweets btwn the two. Also the National Enquirer was saying that Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow were actually seeing each other which make more sense since they had a fling/dated before he hooked up with Pam Anderson. More to the truth is he is seeing neither and just screwing groupies and strippers because that’s how he rolls.

  34. lop

    Hillbillies and rednecks. LOL.

  35. -=-=-=-=-


    in that gold dress??? wow.

    too bad about the face.

    and kid rock.

  36. screwballu

    a poor man’s carrie underwood.

  37. Gando

    This chick looks very bangable,that has to be said.I would tie her up if i was Kid Rock.

  38. #14..since when does a tiny waist and larger hips make a woman FAT? You’re an idiot. She has a totally hot body. But anyway, she’s a total butterface and has shit for brains. She looks like a thin version of Little Miss Piggy. Oink.

  39. She looked 10x better before the scrapping down of her nose and the massive bolt ons! but still a minx, dating kid rock make her seems like a sophisticated groupie…

  40. ITS TRUE PEOPLE! The pics, video and song they are working on together is at the link in my name. They have been hanging out for at least a year, as the video is dated 6/3/08.

    Shes a damn hottie too.

  41. RtSS

    I would take the panties off of Kellie Pickler, after a long and heated concert; and make some delicious “Panty Tea” out of them. Seep it just right, and then slurp it down. Ah, the drink that relaxes and refreshes.

  42. gee


    This is what a womanly figure looks like. I know it’s hard for you to accept when all you look at is 12 year old girls, but grown women sometimes have these things called curves. Some people also call this body type an hourglass figure.

  43. lobo

    my penis has a new found respect for kid rock…. the man should now run for president or sainthood

  44. Sarah

    holy hour glass….. HAWT.

  45. RaraAvis

    They’ve been “dating”? Is that what they call it these days? I thought “dating” involved being seen in “public”. I believe they’re doing what we used to call “fucking”.

  46. martina

    Kelly better get it while she can, she’s got 2 more years before Kid trades sown …. again.

  47. captain america


  48. sally

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  49. What so now she has Hep as well?

  50. mikeock

    I bet she gives one of the world’s best blowjobs. It’s too bad it’s wasted on a white-trash millionaire.

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