Katy Perry’s Boobs Will Roar At Tigers Now

September 6th, 2013 // 31 Comments

Katy Perry released her new video for “Roar” which I didn’t watch at all but did make Photo Boy grab a titload of screencaps because journalism. I’m sure it’s an empowering song of feminine strength and free- Haha! The elephant’s trunk like a penis ejaculating on her. Ah, that’s good symbolism. The chair recognizes Ms. Leopard Boobs right to vote. *doffs hat at m’lady*

Here’s the video in case 34 screencaps of Katy Perry’s breasts aren’t enough for you.


Or you can just stare at this GIF for four minutes and 30 seconds. (Recommended.)

Katy Perry Boobs Monkey GIF


  1. Urbanspaceman

    Being able to sing an honest song without all the red herrings would be a good place to start.

  2. Katy Perry Cleavage Loincloth Bikini Roar
    Blue Shirt Special
    Commented on this photo:

    What I would do to this woman… for about 5 minutes. I can’t vouch for more than that.

  3. Cock Dr

    Typical Perry candy pop tart song/video.
    She’s so cute that I can’t dislike her but damn that was quite tedious.

    • JC

      Seriously. It’s like someone wrote a half-assed backing track and then never bothered to finish the actual “song” part.

  4. cc

    Honestly, this is yet another example of how far the music industry has sunk. The song is simultaneously derivative and monotonous, and Ms Perry can neither sing nor dance. I doubt she’d have made it past the first found of American Idol with her ‘talent’.

  5. THIS is the bitch that sings this fucking song I hear in the gym everyday???

    This is kid shit, she should be on Nickelodeon

  6. Katy Perry Cleavage Loincloth Bikini Roar
    Frank Burns
    Commented on this photo:

    DC Comics introduces a new superhero in the tradition of Black Canary, “Primeval Bush” whose powers include “Screechy Yelp” and “Fetid Breath from Giving Oral to John Mayer and Russel Brand”.

  7. Kay Perry’s music fucking sucks.

  8. A few observations:

    1: How much fucking makeup survived that plane crash?
    2. I like parrots.

    That is all.

    • Cock Dr

      The message I carry away from all of this is: no matter what god forsaken place of the world Ms Perry finds herself she can always improvise wardrobe accessories. She’s got her priorities.

      • anonymous

        The only thing I got out of this video is even when a man dies, a woman will find a way to proudly establish a kitchen.

  9. Chris

    Bitch is using primates in her videos. One more reason for me to hate her.

  10. Katy Perry Cleavage Loincloth Bikini Roar
    Commented on this photo:

    Even the Tiger won’t eat her, because it knows Russel Brand has been in there somewhere.

  11. Katy Perry Cleavage Loincloth Bikini Roar
    The O
    Commented on this photo:

    I wonder what treasures Indiana Jones went in there to find?

  12. amithesamegirl

    animal pride does not include applying fake tan with a flame thrower

  13. Katy Perry Cleavage Loincloth Bikini Roar
    Commented on this photo:

    “John Mayer has a tiny penis!”

  14. Katy Perry Cleavage Loincloth Bikini Roar
    Commented on this photo:

    “This is not the Brazilian styling I was looking for.”

  15. Katy Perry Cleavage Loincloth Bikini Roar
    Commented on this photo:

    “Richard Parker, you can’t scare me. I’ve had Russell Brand in me and lived to tell the tale.”

  16. D Wolfe

    ok…no doubt she has nice boobs, but geez, 34 pics and we can’t get one “butt shot”?….

  17. Sadly dismayed

    I think what is really sad is that all of you have nothing but negativity to throw on the web. You’re worried about your kids being raised on this shit, I’m more worried that you have kids and waste your time getting upset and spewing crap over a music video. I often find these posts more entertaining than the material. Stop being caddy on the Internet and enjoy life a little. You would rather throw crap at this music video and the sit around watching “reality TV” than getting a life and living it. That is what is sad! Now quick jump all over this, call me names and waste more of your time……..

    Thanks for the laughs!

    • Fish, I think it's time we get a new banner girl

      I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you’re new around here, so here’s a primer on how things work on this site.

      Most of us are here to waste our boss’s time between tasks, or just killing time after we’ve finished our course assignments for the day. No one comes here for weighty discussions or serious thought. The only thing we want is to see the naughty bits of the lastest dizz-bot H-wood has chosen to throw at us, and to read & make snarky comments.

      This site is titled “The Superficial” for a reason; topics of importance are not discussed here. If you’re looking a for site to help expand your mind try the BBC or The Economist. However; if your looking to rip-up on some clueless faux thespian or in need of some fapping meteral for latter, welcome aboard.

  18. brian

    I do not care about her voice. I don’t not care about her talent. I do not care about her songs, album, or who she may have ripped off to get successful.

    I just want to do her in the face.

  19. Debs

    It makes me sad to think about all of zeh 12 year olds who are gonna grow up thinking that “I didn’t stand for anything, so I fell for everything” is a Katy Perry quote. It is an apt description, though.

  20. bob

    I don’t see the great beauty in her. I think people over rate her attractiveness. I think people like her just cause of her breasts.

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