Katy Perry’s G.I. Jane Now

March 22nd, 2012 // 62 Comments
Katy Perry Part Of Me
Katy Perry - "Part Of Me"

Here’s Katy Perry‘s latest video for “Part Of Me” which is probably the greatest insult to the Marines I’ve ever seen in my life. Because apparently according to Katy Perry, the Marines are nothing more than a bunch of broken-hearted women sitting around crying about their ex cheating on them with that hussy from accounts receiving which doesn’t make a lick of sense because women always stay with shitheads. Case in point: I’m hardly ever single. So absolutely nothing about this thing is even remotely practical:

RECRUITER: What brings you to the Marines, soldier?
KATY: Eh, I just want to handle heavy firearms while being completely distracted by my failed relationship.
RECRUITER: Here’s your tank.

Also, why does Katy Perry have to strap her heaving tits down before she even enlists? Is there some sort of strict draconian rule against awesome breasts in the military I don’t know about? Do they send you packing at the slightest hint of boob jiggle? Because no wonder our troops are coming back empty shells of what they used to be. Christ, these people lay down their lives. They deserve better.

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  1. Deacon Jones

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think this video would be hotter if she was gangbanged on the toilet seat.

  2. Shazam

    This gal is starting to be irritating. The guy left her because he only saw her without makeup after the marriage. Yep, Katy, you’re ugly, and the guy didn’t wanted to party, he wanted to recover from dependency, while you want to party.

    By that we can all see how stupid you are. Just another gal trying to pretend «oooh, I’m so crazy and I love to party and sex, etc., but when I try anal, I cry».

  3. Dan's Friend

    Stop drawing attention to them.

  4. Motorboat Captain

    There’s no rule against rockin’ tits in the Air Force. At BMT I got my blood drawn by a blonde phlebotomist with one of the best racks I’ve seen in my life. She even offered to hold my cock while I pissed for the piss test. Pretty sure she was joking.

  5. Motorboat Captain

    Bayonet thrusts like a little girl, position of attention is way too loose, and if she leaned backwards like that while firing live rounds she’d be knocked right on her ass. Not interested.

  6. JC

    At least the big real tits distract from the awful fake singing. I wonder if the robot they use to do all her vocals is hot?

  7. skunk

    G.I. Tits

  8. nipsey russell

    i’d throw it in her, also lick her box, but no kissing…we know where that mouth has been

  9. Dr.J.Fever

    This chick is a singer? I really thought she was some porn star who ditched her x-tian family. I am missing some great songs or is this like that pale Taylor girl — ALL autotune?

  10. with apolgies to the Marines.

    boring. usual drap. almost like Goldie Hawn’s Private Benjamin but way more boring and dumb.

  11. LJ

    If Katy had “dyked out” during the marriage like she does in the video Russel probably wouldn’t have strayed. The boy just wanted to much on a different “sandwich” and most likely would have been willing to share.

  12. Roman

    Of course they cut off the part that shows her ass, so fucking annoying.

  13. God is Black

    Semper Fi ? Enlighten me but wrong camos for the Marines? I would only watch if she was a bikini firing gun like the good old days of the 80s?

    • lavftw

      No, thats the USMC standard camo. MARPAT digital pattern camo. Basically the equivalent of the Army’s BDU.

  14. rantatonne

    The tensile strength on those bandages is miraculous! Must be made from the same material used for those magic Mormon undies.

  15. The Most Interesting

    Katy, sweetie: I’ve crapped more talented tapeworms. (Poor lil’ Jake. I miss ya, buddy!) But he didn’t have tits. Keep yer mind on your Double D’s & Q’s.

  16. Disco Dave

    Judging by the vehicles and weapons shown in the video, the Marines must have signed off in some regard for this video.

    That’s probably a regrettable decision on their part.

  17. Ruth

    All women are created equal.
    Then some become marines.

    And should expect to be raped. Or end up emotional freaks like Lynndie England.

    • Alitax

      Spoken like a bitchy victim-blamer.

      • Ruth

        How is that victim blaming? The military has no precautions put in place for women in the military. It was a Fox pundit, not a liberal, that stated women in the military should be expected to be raped. This is the mindset of the military and it needs to be changed.

    • Motorboat Captain

      Blah blah blah whiny liberal bitch bullshit. Shouldn’t you be over at Salon or Jezebel?

  18. Hugh Gentry

    oh how I’d love to be there when the bandage comes off and the girls can breathe again…

  19. Thanks Katy Perry

    I have the biggest Red White and Blue Boner this world has ever known right now.

  20. Mandy

    This is a surprisingly low budget video for her. Is she not one of the biggest entertainers in the US right now? How could they not afford a better video?
    I didn’t understand why she strapped her boobs down either. At first I thought, since she cut her hair short, that she was going to enlist as a guy. But she didn’t, so it made no sense.

  21. Fish, is it too annoying of me to point out that soldiers are in the Army, sailors are in the Navy, airmen are in the Air Force, and marines are addressed as “marine”, not “soldier”? It is? OK, I’ll go to the brig quietly.
    But that’s still why G.I. Jane is a stupid fucking title for a film about a Navy SEAL.

  22. Bonky

    Can’t she just make a softcore video of herself using some battery powered rubber toys?. I have no use for her singing, but she is hot. These music videos are torture and I think she hasn’t realized her real calling yet.

  23. fuck you

    i saw katy perry naked you butt munchers. go suck the farts out of katy perry’s crusty ass hole

  24. El Jefe

    For the love of God just show the goddamn boobs already.

  25. brit

    Something something Katy Perry’s rack something

  26. Nicole

    Not to mention, anyone notice her brand new nose? What’d she do…

  27. Sarah


  28. Boo

    Well, I don’t think the Marines mind cause besides Katy every one in the video is a real life Marine…

  29. lagreco

    Wow, that was a really long and extravagant advertisement for a watch.

  30. lindsay lohan makes me fuckin squirt!

    more lindsay!

  31. I can’t be sure, but I’m guessing I was just spared by the combined powers of Mute and Fast Forward.

  32. Damnit woman, we said the blue had to go, no the whole hair!!

  33. molly

    is this a fucking joke?

  34. Brooke

    The video doesn’t irritate me because I’ve met a bunch of guys who enlisted basically because their love lives sucked and they had no purpose in life, and they found a purpose/skills/etc after joining. What bothers me is how shitty her music has gotten. I sincerely liked her first album because it was overall pretty low on synthesized effects and had quirky but good lyrics that kind of spoke more to me than other pop artists. I don’t mean her singles, I mean her other tracks, which were not the typical “filler”. But everything since has become bubblegum synth pop fit for a cheap club. Her best stuff is when it’s just her and a guitar… Her cover of “Black and Gold” is wonderful. I didn’t buy her shitty second album, looks like I won’t be buying her third…

  35. terry

    Same ass sound on every song she does!
    The same ass shit!!!!

  36. Gmike

    Marines are not soldiers dumbass. Marines are Marines.

  37. dooood

    i understand the inherent evil of the industry that is teasing my cock but i hope that for the sake of humanity she has some good fully naked shots of herself with or without full penetration that she can share with everyone after her career runs its course.

  38. KateZero

    Wow. Boot camp for the Marines is only like 7 seconds long. Why do people say it’s hard?

  39. bon dage

    what !!! She promotes army now….$$$

  40. Brad

    Say what you want about Katy Perry the girl can write the fuck out of a song.

  41. Katbee

    That was the stupidest fucking video I have seen in a long time.

  42. Matt

    All I’m going to say about it is the Marines worked with her to produce this video, she is a huge US Marine Corps supporter and anything we took away from it as an insult was probably not intended. The message of the video was more of a story to fit the music, not just a normal transformation for a woman from civilian to Marine.

    You’re all entitled to your opinions and interpretations. So on that note, God bless and Semper fi.

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