Katy Perry Makes a Convincing Argument

June 15th, 2010 // 116 Comments

Here’s Katy Perry performing in Times Square today and I don’t even know why I bothered to try tying these to a previous post considering this entire site is a shrine to my obsession with tits. And you know what? I’m not ashamed anymore. I love women’s breasts. They’re tops. People should be able to order them with fries and a shake at McDonald’s then give them to their neighbors to use as a Christmas wreath. *wipes tears from eyes* Let me be ME!

(Happy Birthday, Ron.)

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  1. ROUGH the return, and taking no prisoners.

    What ever she says I AGREE.

  2. ROUGH the return, and taking no prisoners.

    Different pics have different comments? Oh hell no! That feature has got to go Fish. You may not believe this, but I have limited time.

  3. Katy Perry
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  4. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    I would so love to suck those nipples. Might even pay.

  5. bar room hero

    It looks like she is shoving a _______* up her ass.

    *Cucumber, Dildo, Xbox controller, Corona bottle…


  6. Katy Perry
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    Marry Me.

  7. Katy Perry
    Mike Iksard
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    Im sorry penis, there are just too many things right about this picture. I know I promised to wait until the rug burns cleared up, but this is a special circumstance. In time you will understand I did the right thing, but for now just stand up straight, and barf in this sock for me mmkay? Do it for the pretty lady.

  8. Katy Perry
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    I adore this chick. I wonder if she needs a stalker.

  9. Katy Perry
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    I’d totally switch teams for Katy Perry

  10. Katy Perry
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    She is pure sex….

  11. Katy Perry
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    Katy would look great with a pearl necklace.

  12. Katy Perry
    random dude
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    Perfection. She’s engaged to that grade-A moron Russell Brand. Luckiest son of a bitch in the world.

  13. Katy Perry
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  14. Fati87

    Sweet boobs.

  15. kara

    Manufactured talentless pop star selling sex? that’s unusual. People don’t know just how manufactured she is.

  16. Katy Perry
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    Bonerius Magnanimus.

  17. Way to go, Fish!


  18. Marbella

    Wow. She’s beautiful and sexy.


  19. Katy Perry
    August Teen
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    They distract from her face and voice.

  20. Katy Perry
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    i LOve u kaTTy

  21. Katy Perry
    Richard Throbbin
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    Definite worth throwing a load into each orifice and on her face/ pearl necklace action for sure BUT now she is an STD ridden skank from that idiot British scumbag so called comedian.

  22. Katy Perry
    Richard Throbbin
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    No baseball analogies, I just want to titty f**k her brains out.

    My friends call me Dick………………….

  23. Katy Perry
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    She looks amazing. There is not a single flaw.

  24. Katy Perry
    First time
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    Nice sets

  25. Katy Perry
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    Q: How can you tell you’re gay? A: ↑

  26. Marky Mark

    She definitely can work the tight clothes, but she wears SO much makeup it’s gross. She’d look tons better more natural.

  27. Kae

    I’m just counting the days until her sextape gets “leaked.”

    You know one’s out there….

  28. Katy Perry
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    anoying hot piece of asssss -ugly face though

  29. Katy is hotter than Gaga, I’m inclined to side with her. Now if gaga releases an ATM bukkake video I might reconsider.

  30. Bunny

    I’d kiss Katy Perry and I’d like it….

  31. Katy Perry
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    absolutly flawless. but why must they tease us with pictures like these?? >.<

    and secondly, i would order that combo EVERY DAY at McDonalds.

  32. Katy Perry
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    Love the dress and shoes!

  33. Reggie Jackson

    She looks like a dude.

  34. Katy Perry
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    she definately has one of the best bodys ever…gorgeos!

  35. captain america

    I’m sure she didn’t knew fooling & cheating americans was so easy.

  36. Katy Perry
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    Nice tits but after Russell Brand, her evangelical father, and that Gym Class fag, she’s dirtier than snake shit.

  37. Delilah

    I’d do her. I’ll even wear Chapstick.

  38. Johnny

    I want to buttfuck her

  39. Johnny

    fuck all you haters

  40. Katy Perry
    Hard 4 Katy
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    I bet she takes it in the ass…

  41. Katy Perry
    ToTe Metia
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    Melafo. Varias veces incluso :)

  42. Tracey

    She really needs to consider wearing a bra to court. Those are some saggy ass boobs.

  43. Katy Perry
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    Deep thought! Thanks for contibrutnig.

  44. Katy Perry
    Jack Ketch
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    Implants ?? Despite all the denials ??

  45. Katy Perry
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    Either she is a lousy lay, or she has herpes, or those funbags aren’t as spectacular as we think for her not to be able to interest an idiot like Russell Brand to stay around and fuck her!!! The only reason I wouldn’t fuck her brains out is if she had an std. Even then, I would titty fuck her and gag her with my cock as long as I could.

  46. Katy Perry
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    She’s reaching down to get a coin,but said coin is stuck to the floor,i’d sit down behind her just looking at her ass!

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