Katy Perry & John Mayer Have Sleepovers Now

August 8th, 2012 // 29 Comments
No Denying It Now
John Mayer Katy Perry Dating Leaving Chateau Marmont Together
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Now that we know Katy Perry is allowing John Mayer near her while she’s more susceptible to making bad decisions, here come reports that the two have officially moved on to the “Constantly Fucking” stage of their relationship because God is a giant asshole. E! News reports:

A source confirms exclusively to E! News that Perry, 27, and Mayer, 34, have been laying low at Mayer’s hideaway in a gated community in Los Angeles.
And yes, that includes overnight stays.
“She has been having sleepovers there,” says a source. “It is very private and they’ve been sneaking in and out. It has been going on for a while.”

Keep in mind, John Mayer lives near Kris Jenner who’s probably outside his bedroom window each night with a camcorder whispering, “C’mon, pee on her. Pee on her, so I can tell people it’s Kim.” (She’ll make John Mayer look black in post, obvs.)

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  1. Urvag

    Sleeping with Brand and Mayer is now making her the next poster girl for the CDC.

    • karlito

      seems like these “role models” for all those girls out there are nothing more than insecure little girls themselves that let stupid ugly men bang them. makes me puke that any woman would allow that piece of dog shit John Mayer even look at them let alone fuck them.

  2. SaintMidian

    Quality has been reduced just like Mila Kunis after Ashton Kutcher. Might as well be Seth Green or Kevin Federline. *Shudder*

  3. El Jefe

    Honestly, all her choices are total shit. From Travis McCoy, to Russell Brand to John Mayer. It is not like she has ever dated a decent guy. Even Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, they date utter shit guys.

    • Fondue

      So you’re saying I have a chance?

    • Esol Esek

      Like many insecure women, its easier to date a giant cock womanizer, than a man who will challenge them and expect things from them, like talent.

      Mayer himself is insecure as well, having stolen Dave Matthews style wholecloth.

      Perry and him makes perfect partners, they can both brood on how much they suck musically.

    • Cam

      John Mayer is one of the most under rated blues guitarists out there today. I love his style, you can rellay see him in action in a video on youtube of him and Buddy Guy.

  4. Rob

    Im convinced John Mayer is secretly a male prostitute.

  5. Katy Perry Cleavage See Through Tank Top Airport
    Commented on this photo:

    is that a bullet and a crucifix? can’t get any more christian than that.

  6. AlyLaff1002

    What the hell is she wearing? She’s got an incredible body but sometimes I seriously wonder about the clothes she puts herself in.

  7. RacistPete

    Again, look at the positives: She now does anal.

  8. Katy Perry Cleavage See Through Tank Top Airport
    Commented on this photo:

    woahh whats wrong with this dudes neck

  9. Glassman

    In all honesty, I think it reflects as badly on John Mayer’s choice as it does Katy Perry’s…..I can’t recite all his GF’s, but it seems like a downhill trajectory from (a young) JLH to Aniston to Taylor Swift to Katy Perry

    • Esol Esek

      going anywhere from JLH is an upward trajectory. Aniston is a similar type of heartless predator as Mayer. Taylor was the smartest and most talented, but with a bad body, and Katy Perry is a perfect christian fuck machine needing so badly to be drilled constantly by his eurotool. Still, it will end badly for her. Mayer has many years ahead to realize his own psychosis, but then he can morph seamlessly into fatherhood. His music however, isn’t going anywhere. He stinks.

  10. Katy Perry Cleavage See Through Tank Top Airport
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  11. Katy Perry Cleavage See Through Tank Top Airport
    Commented on this photo:

    Her mouth looks sore.

  12. Maybe they’re just collaborating on the most Caucasian album ever.

  13. Katy Perry Cleavage See Through Tank Top Airport
    Commented on this photo:

    Mayer the white supremacist. Disgusting guy.

  14. Katy Perry Cleavage See Through Tank Top Airport
    Commented on this photo:

    i am rm Sunday Okezuonu 38m

  15. They both seem like huge douchebag idiots, and I think I speak for 99% of the world when I say we don’t care whether or not these two mouth-breathers are getting it on.

  16. Katy Perry Cleavage See Through Tank Top Airport
    Commented on this photo:

    when the title said see through,i thought like SEE through,but all i saw was bra=(

  17. LL

    I’ve lost all respect for Perry. She banging a racist stinky maxi pad.

  18. bunyach

    Katie. I wanted to have some respect for you after dumping Brand…but not anymore. What the hell does this mayer asshole have…10 inches?

  19. Katy Perry Cleavage See Through Tank Top Airport
    Commented on this photo:

    What is it about breakups that make talentless celebrities start dressing like Johnny Depp?

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