Katy Perry: ‘I Wasn’t Talking About Lady GaGa. — Specifically.’

Katy Perry is now trying to pretend her tweet immediately following the release of Lady GaGa’s “Alejandro” video wasn’t really about Lady GaGa, according to Entertainment Weekly:

The comment was widely assumed to be an attack on Gaga’s “Alejandro” video which uses religious iconography. In fact, according to Perry, the tweet was “more of a non-specific, general thing. But everybody made it out to be a cat fight. I think people love cat fights. It’s a turn on for people…. But everybody knows I am a massive Lady Gaga fan. If you look through my tweets, there will be about ten of them that say that I am obsessed with her.”

Suuuure, it wasn’t. For the record, this would be like me saying “Giant tits make it all better, Katy Perry, singer of ‘California Gurls'” only to turn around and say I wasn’t specifically talking about Katy Perry. Seriously, she couldn’t have been more blatantly talking about Lady GaGa if she used the words “diamond-underwear’d Marilyn Manson with a weirdo face.”

Photos: Fame, Pacific Coast News, Splash News