Katy Perry’s Dad Is Sorry, Jews

January 12th, 2012 // 59 Comments
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Katy Perry Dad
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Thanks to latching onto Katy Perry and Russell Brand‘s divorce to promote his ministry, Katy’s preacher dad Keith Hudson found himself being recorded making anti-Semitic quips like this little gem:

“You know how to make the Jew jealous? Have some money, honey. … You go to LA and they own all the Rolex and diamond places. Walk down a part of LA where we live and it is so rich it smells. You ever smell rich? They are all Jews, hallelujah. Amen.”

In a statement to the Associated Press yesterday, Katy’s dad has since apologized for the “hurtful and ugly language” he used “irresponsibly,” but the best part comes when the pastor of the church Keith was visiting tries to smooth everything over by claiming it was simply a compliment that accidentally wandered into Hitler-town. We’ve all been there:

Pastor Paul Endrei of the Church on the Rise in Westlake said Wednesday that Perry’s father, the Rev. Keith Hudson, meant to compliment Jewish people’s prosperity when he said having money is what it takes to make Jews jealous. Endrei says the visiting Hudson was blessing businesspeople during the Jan. 5 sermon and “just went too far.”
“Even though this is wrong and it was not a right comment, he wasn’t preaching about Jews, neither was he ranting against Jews,” Endrei said, adding that he received only one complaint from among the roughly 300 people who heard the sermon.

I love how he points out he only received one complaint about what was clearly an anti-Semitic remark insinuating Jews control all the world’s wealth which has never in the history of the world ended badly. But don’t worry, not offending 299 Christians in Ohio makes it all better. “In our defense, most of the congregation agreed that Jews do have all the money, and everybody knows churches are a haven of tolerance and respect. — Can gays get married here? Oh fuck no.”

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  1. Drew

    He appears to have some God juice on his chin.

  2. Any Guy

    i think he has a little jew cum on his chin left over from the ‘apology’.

  3. doctor snuggles


  4. rj

    Now we know why she’s so smart.

  5. bob

    what a bunch of babies. it was just a fucking joke. not like he mentioned gas chambers or shit like that. so jew people are rich, how is that a lie? doesn’t sound like he was trying to “insinuate Jews control all the world’s wealth” like you say. again, just a joke. i’m not against political correctness but you gotta draw a line somewhere.

    • Hey Hick Fuck You!

      Exactly. It was kind of like when Hitler insinuated the Jews had all of Germany’s wealth and that they were filthy swine. I mean, common, couldn’t they take a joke? It’s just inflammatory language! It’s not like it influences a lot of ignorant people into throwing shit through shop windows, throwing Jews into ghettos and gas……Oh wait, never mind.

    • BobBlows

      Fuck you, idiot.

      You don’t get to say “dog-whistle” bullshit, and then pretend, “Oh, I didn’t mean that thing I made you all think by using words you all know mean the thing I didn’t say.”

      Are you a Jew? No? Then don’t try to pretend you understand, you cunt.

      • bob

        nah i ain’t a jew, but i ain’t a woman either and i don’t need to be one to realize you’re on your period

      • By that reasoning,….. are you a conservative Christian? Then don’t pretend to understand the meaning behind his words.

        We weren’t there, we have no context, we don’t know his history or beliefs, and therefore NONE of us, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc. can attempt to decipher exactly what he meant by his comments.

    • Bob, I gotta draw the line somewhere – you’re a fucking idiot. This is just the type of bigoted they’re-not-one-of-us-they’re-inferior-we’re-special stereotype that leads to centuries of pogroms, religious wars and genocide in a supposedly enlightened “civilization”. It’s never “just a fucking joke”.

      If it were, ol’ Pastor Dad wouldn’t be so cowardly as to try to unsay what he said. That’s the thing about bigots – they really think their “truths” are what everyone really believes, but when someone calls them on their shit and it comes to having to stand behind their statements and truly represent for their hate, most of the sackless shitheads scatter like roaches when the lights are turned on them. Then, of course, they go and blame people’s disgust with them on the secret money influence of the people they’re being being so hateful to.

      My, wouldn’t Christ be ever so proud of them!

      • bob

        cool, i may not agree, but at least you make a good point, unlike those two other jackasses who tried.

      • i'm special

        they’re-not-one-of-us-they’re-inferior-we’re-special stereotype – you mean like jews are the only ones that faced genocide? that you can’t say ANYTHING negative about jewish people or youre fucking hitler and calling out things that are more or less truth is akin the holocaust. sorry. get the fuck over it, anne frank.

      • i'm special

        oh, unless you’re jewish. then you can say whatever. free pass, nigga.

      • What a great argument. “You can’t say ANYTHING negative generalizing an entire ethnic class or nationality without people calling you racist. What kind of world are we living in?”

    • “i’m special”, whenever any group gets unfairly maligned, dumped on, or dissed, there you – and others of your ilk – are. You’re the dependable guys. I knew you’d show up – and like flies on a two day old corpse, here you are.

      You’re the Christians who complain because no one is attacking Jews and Muslims in the same breath as your religion, you’re the white guys who can’t get over the injustice of not being able to call a black person “nigger” because after all, “they” do..

      In short, you’re “that guy” – you’re the casual nimrod with a wounded sense of entitlement who trivializes all the shitty, hateful. exclusionist things that other bigots and racists do to whoever happens to be the despised group of the hour. You’re the bigot’s best friend, because you’ll always come up with some sort of deflecting or apologist excuse, such as “hey, it’s more or less truth” and “you mean like jews are the only ones that faced genocide?” You’re the helpful asshole who’s always ready to point out that there’s other people [and oddly enough, it's usually you] that somehow have it so much worse than the ones who are currently getting shit on.

      You never get the fact that this is not about whose garnered amount of hate historically weighs more, or why you, personally, don’t get to be just as hateful without someone calling you on it. It’s about not letting people propagate this sort of toxic shit in order to make them feel superior to anyone else without saying, “No, stop it right now.”

      The fact that you automaticaly assume I’m Jewish speaks volumes. The only question now is whether to file those sad little tomes under F for “Fucking” or P for “Pathetic”.

  6. Venom

    I think the Jews should demand that Katy Perry show her breasts to make amends. That only seems fair.

    • boris

      I second that. As a jew I want reparations in form of fully nude erotic video of Katie Perry. I will keep it private, promise. :)

  7. Bobhater

    The Jews were exterminated, so it is a sensitive subject and it is a big deal, Bob. So Fuck you.

    • Just an update – they weren’t exterminated, but that fuckbag Hitler gave it goddamn good try.

      • Schmidtler

        seriously, the comments were not appropriate, and certainly weren’t funny. If you want a funny jew joke though, here’s this:
        Q: What’s the difference between a Jew and a Pizza?
        A; A pizza doesn’t scream when you put it in the oven!
        Now THAT’S COMEDY!

    • bob

      the jews were exterminated? lol, at least try, dude

      • gg

        It would be a lot funnier to watch you suffer a slow agonizing death. I hope that happens soon.

  8. Curtis

    Religious people are wrong because there is no god, no jesus, no allah, no muhammad, none of that nonsense. They’re just a bunch of hate mongers who say atheists like myself have no morals because I know there is no god. Then they go and say shit like this. They’re just fucking retards that figured out a way to take people’s money without paying taxes. It’s a multi million, if not billion dollar business that doesn’t pay taxes. Fuck these guys and tax them for their income and property. Stop saying we have a separation of church and state, yet we don’t tax these crooks.

    • Any Guy

      fuckin’ A brother.

    • Whether any deity exists or not isn’t really the point, it’s whether the earthly religious institutions are now operating outside of “protected” parameters that allow them to actively hurt other humans that matters. Now that many evangelical churches are making their presence felt in the political process, by calling for laws based in religious doctrine and in essence trying to turn this country into a theocracy, I’m actually all for this. Let them continue to have freedom of speech, but let them also bear the burden of taxation. You want to swim in the pool, you gotta pay the club fee.

      Deities aside, you wanna talk about a lack of morals? Pastor Dad should have tried to apologize his own rather than let the host pastor mop up his mess, because I’ve never seen such a shitty half-assed fucked-over justification for anything in my life – at least, not from anyone over the age of 5.

      “Even though this is wrong and it was not a right comment, he wasn’t preaching about Jews, neither was he ranting against Jews”
      TRANSLATION: It was wrong and he shouldn’t have said it because it was wrong, but…uh…he didn’t actually say anything that was wrong, nor was he out to do any damage to anyone, which is good, because he didn’t do it! Yes!

      Seriously – tax the fuckers. They’re so almighty stupid they can’t possibly notice the difference.

  9. So he’s “blessing” them by claiming they smell like money, right?

    News for you, douchebag, that’s not exactly CoCo Mademoiselle that Katy’s wearing.

  10. The Royal Penis

    I wonder if he hated Jesus AFTER he died on the cross.

  11. “Jessica Simpson Is Revealing Too Much Information – ICYDK”

    Gee what was your first clue? Her telling the world that she doesn’t brush her teeth?

  12. Guesty

    In this instance, that disgusting tuft of hair on his chin, his jacket, his glasses and chain tell you everything you need to know about this waste of space. And he’s an anti-Semetic, hateful, shady sanctimonious jag to boot? Utterly unsurprising.

  13. Mando

    One compliment is already too much.

  14. Yes… ALALALALALALALALALALALALALA Alluha Akbar, I kill myself in the name of a non-existent entitity used to control weak minded people for thousands of years in order that my leaders may prosper. There you go. Ooooopps, wrong crazy religion.

  15. Archies_Leach

    Why is this katy perry person famous?

  16. cc

    There’s more hair on his chin than she has on her hoohaw I’ll bet.

  17. skunk

    no need to apologize. look at those tits

  18. kirby

    Well, Jews are the chosen people. It is important that we don’t get them mad. As a gentile, I am happy to serve them in any way they want when they rule this world. For now, let’s just be happy that we at least get to pick on Muslims and Arabs with impunity.

  19. Bob is a worthless Coont.

    Let’s just call it as it is – bob is a worthless cunt.

  20. Katy Perry Keith Hudson
    The Pope
    Commented on this photo:

    “C’mon sugartits, let’s go get me a drink!”

  21. Worshiping a man as the Son of God whose lineage is traced to the House of David and being even remotely antiSemetic takes a very special sort of mind. It’s the kind that believes an all-powerful, all-knowing loving anthropormorphized father figure had his only begotten son nailed to a tree to make up for his own mistakes, but still — the fact CHRIST WAS JEWISH is the more baffling to me.

    • The Royal Penis

      “all-knowing loving anthropormorphized father figure had his only begotten son nailed to a tree to make up for his own mistakes”

      lol….very good! I’ve never seen so many logical contradictions in one sentence before. It must be divinely inspired!

    • Sliver

      The one thing I find ridiculous is that I have heard jews state that Jesus didn’t exist…so which is it…jewish or didn’t exist. Make up your G-d-damned mind.

      • kirby

        the Jewish writings that accompany the Torah say Jesus most certainly existed. But beyond that, I won’t mention anymore, save to say that I hope Gentiles never read what they said about him.

  22. Katy Perry Keith Hudson Mary Hudson
    Commented on this photo:

    Evil jews run Hollywood among other things. His criticism was quite mild.

  23. HITLER

    Why is it anti-semetic? There’s nothing but validity in his statement. It may be a lack in good judgment to utter that statement, but there isn’t anything false about it.

    I LOVE KIDS…even little jew kids!!!

  24. perry kate

    I find the apologies 10 x’s more offensive than any racist/bigoted comments. you obviously feel that way just own it you fuckwad!

  25. David Jew

    The whole world is sensitive. I mean c’mon, I live in LA and who actually does own the jewelry places? SURPRISE SURPRISE, JEWS. Look at all the top Executives from the big Networks, what are they? They’re not black or Hispanic that’s for sure. Jews are really sensitive, how many Christians and Armenians died in the Holocaust? Yet we ALL forget them…yeah I’ve been to the museum of tolerance, we can’t always be over sensitive, chill.

  26. Susan

    I do not know what kind of Christian pastor he is, but not one that I would want to listen to. Any Christian that does not bless Israel and the Jews is not a true Christian. Jesus was Jewish and Christianity is Jewish just waiting and praying for all Jews to come to Jesus as God has planned. That was shameful and I do not blame Katy for wanting out of the kind of religion he is spewing. I

  27. Katy Perry Keith Hudson Mary Hudson
    dr. zivago
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t know what they anti-semitic views have got anything to do with her divorce. Russell Brand isn’t a jew!

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