Katie Holmes

September 30th, 2004 // 6 Comments

20040930_katie1.jpgWhat the heck happened to Katie Holmes? When she started off on Dawson’s Creek she was this cute little fresh faced girl and then throughout the years she slowly started drooping, turning her face into a perpetual frown and her body into a perpetual…sag? I can see why people would find her to be attractive, but she’s just too droopy for my tastes. I like my women firm, like ripe grapefruits or Brad Pitt’s sweet ass. Wait, what? I mean uh…I love sexy women!

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  1. She was extremely cute on Dawson’s, but she was also extremely young back then too. She just has that innocent looking face. She never really developed into a sexy hollywood star.

  2. First of all, she does not like that Scientology stuff. She does her own thing. Nichole Kidman left him because he is so arrogant and egotistical. Katie is her own person and She looks wonderful in her jeans, scarf and tam. She is beautiful. So there!!!

  3. Wow!!!!!!!!!! Many beauty, too, are very beautiful, I like to see my elated, do not know whether this is a great master of beauty?

  4. hmmmm..thanks for your share.

  5. so beautiful and sex girl..but what happen

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