Katie Holmes is Wearing Bikinis A Lot

July 5th, 2011 // 77 Comments

A penis button, of course.

Tom Cruise, you sly bastard…

Photo: GSI Media, INFdaily


  1. Katie Holmes Bikini
    Frank Burns
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    In the background there is always a demon-possessed child whose expression says it all.

  2. Katie Holmes Bikini
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    Very nice ass. And the girl in the black bikini has a good one too.

  3. Katie Holmes Bikini
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    who didn’t see this fake marriage coming to an end? same scenario played out with kidman. I have this theory that they’re just paid arrangements.. why not, it would be like a steady acting job while in public. definitely good for his career as the leading actor, probably did some good for both of the women’s careers too.
    If he comes out of the closet, his acting roles will have to head in a new direction and he’s making too much $/movie to end that so i wonder which actress will be faking the relationship next..

  4. Katie Holmes Bikini
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    The belly thing is nasty…wear a one piece! Please!

  5. Katie Holmes Bikini
    It's What
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    I always thought I would hit that, until now. Thanks for setting the record straight. She’s the pair of hand-knit socks your get for xmas. So excited, then you unwrap it.

  6. Katie Holmes Bikini
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    Bumblebee AMEN! Many wish that Tom’s career would be over, even Redstone wishe and thhgout so and look he admitted he was so wrong. Libraesque and her friends are just disgrantled Brangeloonies because Brad and Angelina are sinking from the latest figures of Babel and TGS. Fortune named Tom and the biggest star of 2006 and I bet that will be the case of 2007 and I bet Libraesque and co cannot handle that! First Redstone, I wonder who next! Tom has so much power in hollywood that is why every one licks his ass and will continue licking it for years to come.Oh you he is falling’ sayers, heard about his deal with Merryl Lynch for UA? Just you watch, he is laughing all the way to the bank.

  7. Katie Holmes Bikini
    a, north vancouver, bc CANADA
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    effin’ super GROSS belly button.

  8. Katie Holmes Bikini
    a, north vancouver, bc CANADA
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    yeah, i suck my 49-year-old husband’s, sagging balls.

  9. Katie Holmes Bikini
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    your body changes after you have a kid. Get the fuck over it, she looks fine.

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