Kate Moss gets fired

July 3rd, 2007 // 111 Comments

Kate Moss is being dropped by lingerie brand Agent Provocateur and her $1 million contract won’t be renewed when it expires next month. No specific reason was given, though they’re replacing her with a fresh face to represent their brand. And who can blame them? Sex is the last thing on my mind when I see Kate Moss’s face. The first is trying to locate as much garlic and holy water as possible. If you’re ever brushing your teeth in front of a mirror and you’re all alone, and then you turn around and suddenly there’s a person there who lifts up their cape and bites your neck, nine out of ten times it’s Kate Moss. True story.



  1. Kate

    Agree- Kate Moss is more high fashion than spokesmodel.

  2. daqueen


  3. daqueen


  4. Donkey

    She looks like a younger Uma.

  5. B. A. Baracus

    She looks like diseased rodentia.

  6. yukadoozer

    Party on Kate. At least you have Pete.

  7. JaeMae

    You want a true vampire story, well here ya go, straight from dlisted.com:

    Imagine this, a beautiful peacock strolls into a Burger King parking lot in Staten Island, NY. A strange sight, but a beautiful sight. The peacock probably just wanted one of those delicious charbroiled burgers he’s heard all about. Now imagine this, some crazy ass crackhead spots the peacock and believes in his crack heart of crack hearts that this beautiful bird is a dangerous vampire.

    True story! This went down last Thursday when this man thought the peacock was a vampire. The man beat the peacock. He beat is so hard that it later had to be put to sleep. The man escaped before police arrived.

    One of the employees said that when she asked him what he was doing he said, “I’m killing a vampire.”

  8. cowcat

    I read about that. Poor peacock. :(

  9. DrugsAreTakingTheirToll

    Gee, that certainly is a flattering photo, huh? She should lay off the narcotics. Maybe visit a hairdresser too. I thought heroin chic was out…

  10. #1

    Ha! Funniest thing I’ve read all day! Surely you gest. High fashion? There’s a cocaine joke in there somewhere, right?

  11. Wanky

    if that can be a model, then my penis can be a model too!

  12. RichPort

    I’d have sex with her face.


  13. Kate


    I think the whole high fashion look plays alot into looking coked out. Really thin, pretty pallid, a little pissed off looking. And, she can hide her face easier with alot of insane makeup and hair.

  14. jrzmommy

    Seeing Kate Moss in lingere makes one think of who she wears lingere for…….and that would be the walking pharmaceutical plant known as Pete Doherty………not a very marketable visual…a bag of bones with hair and a sweaty, chubby doughboy doing the horizontal bop….

  15. I hope thiz iz true???
    Talka bout wonky eyez,fuck??
    zhez got 2 of them, zhit????

    if eye were her????
    I would buy new eyez?????

    zhez an old ztinky uzed up
    coke whore with a ztretched
    out puzzzz=za>->??

  16. The last time Kate Moss’s face was fresh was when the doctor was wiping placenta off it.

  17. Miserable Bastard

    They were forced to drop her because every time they asked her to model crotchless underwear, heroin balloons would fall out.

  18. Everyone lay off Kate please. She’s 33 for Christ’s sake, give her a break! Why is it that whenever someone goes slightly down hill on the looks front, people go from worshipping them to tearing chunks out of them. It happened with Brittney, now it’s happening with Kate. People need to control their jealosy.

  19. And actually, the reason they dropped her was because the woman who chooses the models (Selena or Serena something or other) ran of with Kate Moss’s friends husband, and she felt uncomfortable around Kate.

  20. megsypoo

    dude. kate moss is beautiful. i am not advocating anorexia or cocaine addiction, but she really is an icon. And have any of you seen her agent provocateur campaign from years past? she looks stunning and MUCH better than the rest of the models in the spread.

  21. lambman

    I’d bet money that they replaced her with Gemma Ward, she’s replaced Kate on several other contracts already. She looks like a cross between a young Kate Moss and a sexy alien. They looks similar, but Gemma is like 13 years younger…thus more fashionable lol

    She replaced Kate at Louis Vitton and Burbury has both women featured.

  22. Kamiki

    Well I think shes pretty fuckin hot in this picture at anyway, but the fact she mates with the vile species Pete Doherty is enough to put me off the thought of her as a sex object so they are doing the right thing cos being associated with that ugly drug raddled asswipe is not good for her image.

  23. In a related story ….
    Pete Doherty pleads guilty to new drug charges.

    #20 – #22: If you would please run a search of this site, you’ll find the nude photos of Kate from her beach excursion this winter, and then you’ll understand. SHE LOOKS HORRID! Especially when she appears in public with cocaine all over her clothes.

    Not to mention her “man” Pete, who will be a year before he can pass a drug test. He’s been videotapes doing heroin with prostitutes before (also available on this site).
    See the link above for his latest happenings.

    Obviously, you are both tripping on LSD, and have no sense of reality.

  24. This is what happens when Pete Dogherty bites you in the vagina.

  25. fuckin Europeanz ztickin
    up for thiz old ugly bitch..

    the drugz didn’t ruin her..
    her DNA did..zhe waz alwayz
    an ugly/boy/trainwreck…
    and juzt being from Europe
    zealz the deal?
    I’ll bet zhe zuck alot of
    dickz to get where zhe went//

  26. DidYouMeanToMisspellDiamonds?

    @20 and 21 – Which website did you confuse with this one? Why do you assume any of us worship any of these shit for brains celebrities?

  27. wiinja

    put some crossbones under her face and you’ve got a pirate flag

  28. #20/21=bitch:
    People don’t need to control
    anything..and jealouz=e izn’t
    in the equation§???2?2?25??55

    zo go back to Michael Jackzonz
    Neverland and kizz hizz azz..
    we R zure that he iz waiting

  29. DidYouMeanToMisspellDiamonds?

    @20 and 21 – Oh, yeah, I forgot! We are jealous of this drug addicted anorexic moron or drunk, overweight, talentless Mom-of-the-year Britney? Right!!

  30. She isn’t wearing any make up in this picture, and her skin looks pretty tired. But her bone structure is amazing, she has nice lips and great cheekbones.

  31. zuzuspetals

    Dumped by a disgusting junkie one day. Fired the next. She’s having a hell of a week. She’s still one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, though.

  32. To Superfish: She’s a way better model than Alessandra Ambroio, is prettier, and looks etter in lingerie despite the fact she’s a “coke whore”

  33. I don’t see what’s so wrong with her face, se has AMAZING bone structure. Better than Gisele’s and Alessadra’s and a ton better at that.

  34. #32/33==U R fucked up
    nothing about thiz old
    uzed up whore iz appealing.

    If U think zhez the bezt,
    then U R the ugliezt person
    in the world, stupidbitch??????

  35. Texas Tranny

    I don’t know about the model, but Agent Provocateur lingerie is very HOT. I just love their stuff, so sexy. Yummy

  36. Yourfairytale

    It’s not about her age, Kate-ass-kissers. It’s the fact that she’s plain hideous. But you must be around 12 to think 33 is “older” anyway.

    I never understood why this bitch was a model. Her eyes are freaky-deaky, too far apart. She looks like a damn alien. And that gap in her teeth is annoying. And the worst part is, if THAT is what a “supermodel” looks like, why aren’t all of us supermodels?

  37. jrzmommy

    35–get the fuck out of here……..AMAZING bone structure………It’s just AMAZING! Bone structure!

  38. #38 please tell me who you consider gorgeous then. She has amazing bone structure and she photographs beautifully. She is probably the greatest model of all time and she alone took over in a time when curvy women ruled the runway. She’s amazing, you just have bad taste.

  39. jrzmommy

    AGAIN! with the amazing bone structure thing. that is without doubt the most silly and pretentious fuckheaded thing I think I’ve ever read on this site. Seriously. Now RichPort……dude’s got AMAZING bone struture…..you know what I’m sayin’……some suh’um suh’um………..

  40. Italian Stallion

    That’s one skeleton I wouldn’t mind hanging from my tree on Halloween…….

  41. jrzmommy

    Stallion’s got amazing bone structure, too.

  42. jrzmommy

    …for a pussy!

  43. Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks she’s a mess. Every time that I make a negative comment about her I get a metric ton of hate mail.
    She’s far from representing style and class, and the idea that we’re supposed to want to buy stuff with her name on it totally baffles me.

  44. jrzmommy

    C’mon now, we all know I didn’t call Stallion a pussy.

  45. 41 No I don’t. Obviously you’re too big of an idiot to understand anything so I’ll pass on the arguing. 45, how does she not represent style? She’s the biggeststyle icon of them all.

  46. 41 No I don’t. Obviously you’re too big of an idiot to understand anything so I’ll pass on the arguing. 45, how does she not represent style? She’s the biggeststyle icon of them all.

  47. Models who work at Agent Provocateur have short contracts anyway, Kylie was their model once.

    This has come at a bad time for Kate because Burberry have recently dropped her too.

    I don’t think she will do much work now because of her condition, she looks like shit thanks to the drugs and parties.

  48. JaeMae

    Actually bone structure is important in modeling. Thats exactly what they look for, interesting features. Ever see Americas next top model? Half those girls are weird looking, but theyd make great models. Tall, lanky, defined features… just sayin

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