Kate Hudson went to Miami for Owen Wilson

March 7th, 2008 // 288 Comments

Kate Hudson’s recent trip to Miami is reportedly all about spending time with Owen Wilson. Owen’s in town filming Marley & Me with Jennifer Aniston. Kate just happened to have some free time to jet down to Florida to rekindle their romance and become the subject of intense pregnancy rumors until she shut everyone up by wearing a bikini. If only more women would solve their problems with such bravery and bikini-ness. (Katie Price lingerie models excluded.) NY Daily News has the details:

Although they successfully avoided the paparazzi, a pal tells us they enjoyed alone time at night at Wilson’s Star Island bachelor pad. “They rekindled things over Oscar weekend at Madonna’s big bash, and their schedules happened to sync perfectly for a Miami trip,” the friend tells us.

I know a lot of you are probably bitching, “So what?” Everyone knows her and Owen are getting back together and I shouldn’t even make a post about them. May I direct your attention to the butt? I rest my case. This court finds The Superficial Writer not-guilty on charges of “non-news” and deems him more manly than a lumberjack driving a tank. Case dismissed! Holy crap, my words just owned you. Now, seriously, look at that toosh and try not to send Owen Wilson a free bag of heroin. It’s impossible. Now, which is faster: FedEx or UPS?

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  1. Lys

    By the way, don’t you know that French is actually spoken in a lot of country? France, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, Luxemburg, America and in several African country.

  2. Callie

    did lys not get the memo passed out earlier that pointed out he/she is on the wrong forum? it’s ok to ask for directions if you are lost lys. i’m not sure this person realizes how embarrassingly stupid he/she is coming across by spending so much time composing long-winded messages that no one here gives a rats ass about

  3. monkeyfightclub

    she’s not very tan for someone who’s parading in a bikini all the time.

  4. whatthefuck

    I have a way bigger ass, with quite some dimples on, and it’d still make better news than this. I don’t see what the big deal is with this woman. she’s got no tits, no flat tummy, and most important NO WAIST- which would be very flattering to her curves if she had any.

  5. Cristie

    Her and Owen are a cute couple. hope they get back together….

  6. martin loser king

    Pasty white with flat tits and a below average face

  7. gfwgw

    I want to suck her butt cheeks and lick her asshole.

  8. x-vision

    Average face, average bod. Short legs, no waist, and her butt really does look like two dough ball smushed together. Big deal. Celebrity worship is retarded. Get a grip, people.

  9. lisa

    I notice her ears more, and that face, sheesh. She is messed up to go around almost naked in front of her son. What a mother he is going to look back on.

  10. Tobias Merriweather

    Dammnnnnnn! For having a kid she sure is one fine piece of MILF…
    Now if y’all exscuse me I’m going to go make love to my wife. Honey? Can you come here for a minute,,,

  11. monkey man

    (wolf wistle!)
    Nice Kate!

  12. Ah, the power of the thong. all hail the magical thong!

  13. temp

    she has a NIIIIICE ass.

  14. mtnbiker

    Ok on the ass but no chest! Maybe she needs to get pregnant so her hormones will kick in and her boobs will fill up… Or she can she can buy some boobs…

  15. I never quite got all the pregnancy talk in the first place

  16. neptune

    As another small-chested girl, I admire her self-confidence! I’m sure not brave enough to wear a top like that… =/

    And just to comment on some stuff above:
    There is nothing remotely homosexual about a man having sex with a woman, period. All types of sex included. Male + Female = Hetero.

  17. sharpeidude

    She’s built like her Mom which isn’t a bad thing mind you. Back in the day Goldie Hawn was hot.

  18. UltraSly

    “It is so funny how comments here are predictable.” (“Oh god, here we go again. (so this occurrence is not unique? OhEmGee!)Time to hear from all the latents about how great her butt is.” INDEED) Like all the ” nice ass” and their affiliates. I also enjoy the ”pear shape” comments.(Ups… my butt-plug fell out…) When a girl doesn’t agree with these comments she’s automatically called a pear shape… (Oh yea, right after spotting every homosexual on earth) Man, I’ve never noticed how pear shape was so shameful (or having a huge cunt). In fact, I thought obesity was shameful (or uncalled judgement and pack spirit)(or is it?) I thought pear shape was pretty common (I thought trannies where too) . When did being called ”pear shape” become an insult?_right after commenting on butts did_?”I suppose it is the same with the ”gay” comments. When a guy doesn’t likes the skank everybody loves, or when he likes a more ”chubby” girl he is automatically called ”gay”.”(that’s true) So, the point here is that, if you don’t agree with everybody, then you are a ”pear shape” or a ”gay” _or a:”Hey 135, you are big cunted whore ” _ . Sure, being ”cool” is so much more important than being honest with yourself (so you deceive yourself into thinking DEE is a victim here…when those poor homoes…GAWD!). My god, now I understand why americans elected such idiots (wait, you just said” So, the point here is that, if you don’t agree with everybody, then you are a …. american? what happened to your so called individuality? Now you generalize a whole country?…so you take what you said before back, right?). You fucking moron just don’t want to be called ”pear shape” or ”gay” if you don’t go with the flow. (oh… I see, I must agree with you otherwise I’m a stupid american… well, when in rome…)
    I almost forgot (you did forget: I got a nice ass AND I am smart) all the ” my body is (was when i was 14) better than hers” or ”my (imaginary) girlfriend is cutter than her and also i’m a specialist in female’s anatomy generalisation (or population generalization, as in capable of mating, because I wouldn’t be surprised of some here *cough* had extra chromosomes) and let me tell you how all girls of 5’5 with small tits are prettier than everybody else” comments. So original (indeed), so credible, so full of self-confidence (*cough*). (can’t wait til someone call me fat and ugly or gay) (or stupid, or worse… american)

  19. UltraSly

    What is your opinion about the American government cutting those internet cables in the middle east?(Now, lets take this with a grain of salt people… how is it possible, that someone lacking the necessary comprehension to interpret comments in a blog is going to be capable of transmitting information from the news? much less making HER own conclusion about the plausibility of a historically documented article? Lets remember that is an inaccurate discipline, that depends in the preservation, and Interpretation of evidence?) Pretty nasty, hein? (Did you hear about the court ruling of autism and vaccines? It was on Larry’s )Or what about the cold war between China and US for the control of the middle east oil? (TIME says Africa is in the middle too) Maybe you’d rather talk about that we can’t take a plane with a bottle of juice without being called a ”terrorist” because of paranoids american?(Did you hear about the NY bomb? (I actually don’t know if this happened before or after your posts)) What about the US election? What’s with those ”super” electors who are the most useless beings? (they are busy prostituting themselves, unable to reason what’s best, relying on the powerful foreign, press trusting judgement)

  20. UltraSly

    “58 Never knew how communist americans are to think of themselves as one big moron. ” yup, you know where they got the idea from.
    “51 read your comment and find the mistake (or go kill yourself)” What the heck are you talking about, he is agreeing with you on obesity. “Common AND shameful.”
    I’m so glad to see that you fit in all the description of stupidity i’ve written (you mean that hypocritical, poorly written piece of incredibly broad generalization, of which you are so phobic?) . I’m so glad to know that you are a ”petite”. (you mean 50? how in your inferior to hers mind, does she fit in? do you mean she disagreeing with you and agreeing with us? because, that what you argued, is it not?) A petite what by the way? Petite conne? petite salope? Petite épaisse? Anyway, i’m sur they all suit you. (oh no, no running home are you?)
    I’m sorry, i forgot that you americans (*resorting to xenophoby in hope they vouch*) don’t understand that there are other languages (Hey, I’m Mexican yo) and that sometime, (most of the time) foreigners don’t speak english quite well (my English is flawless you generalizing bastard, now we forners are all equally illiterate (means not reading *good or all out ignorant)). So, if I look in my American-other languages dictionnary, being called illiterate means ”do not speak the proper english some americans moron can understand” *good.

  21. UltraSly

    Poor you, i’m the illiterate while you don’t even recognize sarcasm. (or irony)
    “Why would I tell you that? (because there are other countries besides the States…duh!) Even if I told you that i’m american, you would find a way to be racist by insulting my state or my town.” (Yea, they’ll probably make you president) hypocrite contradictory, illiterate.
    Well yes i’m well aware that this site is called the superficial. And being superficial is really all about making fun of mishapen bodyshapes (or making judgement based on someone else’s work and make it and absolute truth). But that is not what you guys are doing. (Lead the way…) You guys are doing what is called ”intellectual masturbation” (and i suppose a lot of real masturbation) (while reading your po…ho…ohh…sts). Like you, everybody here use this site to project an image of themself which is not quite true. (I’m the mostest smartest, and everybody knows that) Everybody here tries to feel better about themself by trying to make others jealous (Ipanema actually made us aroused, you got jelly-o-s) with some suspicuous descriptions of themself ( or their girlfriend and by insulting others.(Or defending the incomprehensible and being a hypocrite… do you want a hug? I’m all sticky though)) That is not ”superficial”. It is, what psychologists called ”low self-confidence and low self-esteem”. (What?! *reads BOOK on REAL MEDICINE and PSYCHIATRY instead of google**starts automutilation and self- verbal punishment for disagreeing with you)?

  22. Serial Rapist

    I’d rape it.

  23. JANE

    I’m a girl, and I’m not shy to say for her age and post-pregnancy, she has the GREATEST ASS EVER !!!!

  24. Umm what?

    I don’t know why people bring up her age like she is old. She is in her twenties so she is not old. Either she looks good or doesn’t, none of “for her age” crap because that dosn’t count until your much older then her. Eva looks good in a bathing suit and she is in her mid 30′s.

  25. anyone know what brand that bikini that is?

  26. UltraSly

    You can observe this phenomena among women (More incredibly hypocritical and broad generalization? now you give up defending DEE?) Subjects usually try to look more appealing (even on the internet) and usually hide their own complexes by lying about their weigh or their breast’s sizes. (So They also, in a totally shitty attempt to attract the other category below, will act like lesbians and make comments about the ass of other women, ludicrously objectifying their own gender. (You can’t even make your own conclusions, now you take like bible some blabber? That is idiotic, if it where predominant in women, would you mind shedding some light as to why women are less prone to attain higher corporate positions? probably because they try to hard to be right, also, it is PATIENTS, you are not talking bunnies here, not even a in Meta such language is used, stop objectifying your gender with adjectives!)?It is a little more complicated with the male subjects since those focuse all their complexes on their penises (while everybody doesn’t give a fuck) and project all their self-confidence on the look of their (future/utopic) girlfriends (Dumbest thing you’ve said so far, Jesus Christ all mighty, please, sterilize yourself, another idiotic display of upbringing-led prejudice, next comes: homos are an abomination and Darwin is an idiot) They usually will be lying about the girls they really are attracted to just to look cool and be part of the gang, (That’s your idiotic observation based crap! you expect us to believe that because you saw someone do it, in a movie, in your school (I assume you dropped out or studied something non science related) ASSOCIATION IS NOT CAUSATION which you’ve invoked more that twice, show me your freaking sources!) and they may act like misogynist jerks in front of their sweathearts in an attempt to impress other males, which is pretty gay when you think about it. (dense, dark matter dense)

  27. UltraSly

    So, if you really are superficial, (like passing judgement without understanding a culture) stop playing with your psyche (so, you assume it exists) . Nobody gives a shit about your nasty fantasies (you do, so much as to be bothered by lesbians that you consider fake). This girl has a nice butt. That’s it. (It doesn’t bother you anymore? flip flop) You don’t have to say things like ” all girls who don’t have a butt like that should be ashamed” or whatever it is that you morons say. (hypocrite)
    85?nope, not from there at all! (doesn’t bother you when it’s not your country now does it? you hypocrite)
    88?Thats not what i’ve said ( “now I understand why americans elected such idiots” implies that you and your people would not have elected such imbeciles, which would be either some other imbecile or a non imbecile, which means, either way you are wrong, if you complain about not understanding sarcasm, we complain about not understanding what implication means, in any case, 88 is wright). I only imply that american is a pain in the ass of the rest of us. (Odd enough, you did not, you said that they are idiots)
    90?You’re totally right. And if I was French, I would have vote for Ségo. And for the Élysée thing, nice try… (good try indeed)
    Anyway, I leave you guys with the mystery of my birthplace. That should occupied your lazy brains for a while, unless you’d rather be playing with a bone? (…er?… ha…f.en ha… I’ll ponder on your birthplace as much as you ponder in your lack of critical thought)
    Sorry for the delay, you seem so insignificant that I forgot about you (who has self-steem issues?). Well, I came here because internet isn’t only for americans. Even the celebrities you’re talking about are from many nationalities. And since I’m also leaving in a (real) free country, I don’t give a shit about what you think. (you should, he’s indirectly proving that you also are a hypocrite about your intentions)
    “Fucking foreigners….” hey!, only the dumb ones.

  28. UltraSly

    So I don’t speak french?
    Probablement. Non je ne parle pas français. (Lo malo es que deriva del latin) Tu as bien raison.(si la tiene) Je suis simplement très douée pour faire accroire aux caves comme toi que je parle une autre langue car,(yo si) soyons francs, ça impressionne beaucoup les pauvres retardés comme toi.( o hipocritas como tu) C’est peut-être vraiment impensable pour toi que quelqu’un d’une autre nationalité puisse apprendre (à peu près…) l’anglais (muy mal aprendido por cierto al punto the ser criptico) et être capable (à l’aide d’un dictionnaire français-anglais à côté de mon ordi) d’écrire un texte de cent mots en 5 minutes. (No es tan dificil de imaginar, dado que la mayoria de la informacion la malinterpretaste) Pour ton information, non je n’irai jamais débattre sur un forum politique (entonces los ad hominem?). Je ne suis pas une experte, c’est vrai, mais je n’ai surtout pas besoin d’aller éclairer les esprits des visiteurs de ce genre de forum. (enconces qué esperabas? sólo por molestar, no te parece y supreficial?) C’est gens sont déjà éclairés, vu leurs activités informatiques.(un poco de google no te hubiera caido mal el adjetivo de iliterada se extiende a la informatica al parecer) Je préfère venir ici, lire des textes souvent ben drôles sur des célébrités stupides (Or your’s) (tout comme tu le fais). Mais quand je vois des êtres aussi exécrables et déficients que toi,(and you are a pure soul, looking to change the world) memérer sur tes propres qualités physiques et proférer des généralisations (so, now you remember) sur le corps féminin, (or the country which one resides in) je ne peux m’empêcher de m’exprimer. (oh, I forgot, everyone like idiotic, dense hypocritical xenophobes, it’s and international form of expression) Et le fait est que votre pays, de par sa culture, (which we don’t understand, and can’t make generalizations about) est en train de détruire la notion même de diversité (what about americans are a pain in the ass to everyone?) (étrange pour une pays d’immigrants…(in that case, all america is a piece of crap, including center and south, like I said, no science in your education) en créant des standards de beauté tout aussi farfelus les uns que les autres(another brad generalization?). Et franchement, ça me fait profondément chier ( de voir à quel point vous êtes bornés, racistes, sexistes et fiers de l’être. (you are a freaking xenophobe, and you pass judgement on people based on news, your moral standard are ridiculous, and you live in intellectual isolation, you’ve ever been in San Francisco? you can’t even generalize states, comparing that to what, the KKK? go do what Texas Tranny said you generalizing homo)

  29. valentina

    What a coincidence. My friend last night said that Owen Wilson’s nose looks like a penis and then someone on here today said it too. Can it be true then?

  30. Ted from LA

    I read it on the internet. Therefore, it has to be true.

  31. dogg

    What a f___ing ass. My god…..

  32. martin loser king

    It looks like it came from the trailer park

  33. What

    So Dee, does the crap just spew right out of your brain onto the keyboard or do you really try hard to sound retarded?

  34. UltraSly

    178 Escada?

  35. Binky

    Good point # 181 .
    Inside job ?

  36. Binky

    And you too Lys .
    Inside Merde?
    Pour quois ?
    Binky: Neuf /Onze est ‘Dans le ‘inside job’ ?
    Cliff Notes : Oui Binky.
    (But I can see why you dropped French in the 11th grade.)
    Binky : Moi ? et blow moi (sp ?)

  37. i bet her pussy smells like old fritos

    you know owen is guaranteed to bang her in the ass if he didn’t the first time. i mean, you almost kill yourself you deserve to put it in her pooper this time

  38. Good point # 190.
    But 9/11.Ok. A bit off topic.
    Inside job ?



  40. Dans le job ?
    Ici – even ‘inside le job.’ Pourquoi ?
    Binky: Well I think that just about sums it all up. It’s even in French.
    Ummmm… When’s the revolution ‘a happin’ down there ?
    Like. Don’t you guy’s get cable ?
    Cliff Notes : Not everyone gets cable Bink.
    Binky: Shit. (merde)

  41. INSIDE JOB ? #192 ?

  42. Really fantastic body you have! My friend told me that she once met on the site called http://www.naturistspace.org it is said that she is naturist, which is benefit to figure. It’s no wonder. I really wish I could meet her.

  43. #192 Where’d you go ?
    (Well. Ok.No one expects the Binky Inquisition.)
    UltraSly and lys n- you’ve both been doing a lot of talking.
    Inside job ?

  44. # 195.
    We have a lot in common.
    ‘I really wish I could meet her’ ?
    I really wish 9/11 wasn’t an inside job.
    But it was – and us boyz (and grlz) (Binky’s not sexist)
    have some work to do.
    ( as they say in the industry)

  45. Boogie

    I want that booty.

  46. Inside job BOOGIE ?

  47. Public at LARGE : It’s going to be hard to start the revolution from this place Binky.
    Cliff Notes : Good point Pubs.
    Binky: At least now they know we’re here.

  48. Oh. Nice ass. Very cute.
    Goldie was gr8 as well.

  49. America – As far as I can ascertain – your country has been taken over by Zionist Jews. Prove us wrong.
    Google : ‘Urban Moving systems’. They set up cameras to ‘record the event’ before 9/11 and then bragged about it on Tv in Israel. It’s there.
    Where did Dominic Suter go ? And Why ?
    Cliff Notes : A men !!

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