Kate Hudson went to Miami for Owen Wilson

March 7th, 2008 // 288 Comments

Kate Hudson’s recent trip to Miami is reportedly all about spending time with Owen Wilson. Owen’s in town filming Marley & Me with Jennifer Aniston. Kate just happened to have some free time to jet down to Florida to rekindle their romance and become the subject of intense pregnancy rumors until she shut everyone up by wearing a bikini. If only more women would solve their problems with such bravery and bikini-ness. (Katie Price lingerie models excluded.) NY Daily News has the details:

Although they successfully avoided the paparazzi, a pal tells us they enjoyed alone time at night at Wilson’s Star Island bachelor pad. “They rekindled things over Oscar weekend at Madonna’s big bash, and their schedules happened to sync perfectly for a Miami trip,” the friend tells us.

I know a lot of you are probably bitching, “So what?” Everyone knows her and Owen are getting back together and I shouldn’t even make a post about them. May I direct your attention to the butt? I rest my case. This court finds The Superficial Writer not-guilty on charges of “non-news” and deems him more manly than a lumberjack driving a tank. Case dismissed! Holy crap, my words just owned you. Now, seriously, look at that toosh and try not to send Owen Wilson a free bag of heroin. It’s impossible. Now, which is faster: FedEx or UPS?

Photos: Splash News

  1. Juaqin Ingles

    #41: “I thought obesity was shameful (or is it?) I thought pear shape was pretty common.”

    Common AND shameful.

  2. D. Richards (Sodomizer.)

    #39! Oh, mike, trust me, there’ll be brown!

  3. Auntie Kryst

    Huh, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston are filming a movie called Marley & Me. I didn’t see the resemblence before but you know, it’s good casting. They really do have a striking resemblence to Bob & Rita.

  4. Dee

    Oops, almost forgot – I’m a lonely, sick, unloved cunt, also. Must be.

    I should clarify further: Obviously heterosexual guys admire girls with shapely butts. It’s only when they proceed to fantasizing about anal sex that it become indistinguishable from gay male desire. And nobody here is talking about that, so I sincerely apologize to anybody who was offended by my previous comments.

  5. Mike

    #50……..who said you aren’t my kind of girl? You must have me confused with another Mike. I am the Mike that knows FRIST and Jimbo.

  6. norton

    @42 Not sure what you’re trying to say there but…

    The oedipus complex in psychoanalysis is a subconscious sexual desire in a child, especially a male child, for the parent of the opposite sex, usually accompanied by hostility to the parent of the same sex.

    So, now that we have the deep thinking out of the way…. she STILL has an admirable bottom.

  7. Guy

    Paper bag over head solves all.

  8. D'oh

    41: “You fucking moron just don’t want to be called ”pear shape” or ”gay” if you don’t go with the flow.”

    Well, thank GOD we’ve only got one moron in the US of A, whereas your country is full of them.

  9. ipanema_schuyler

    Lys – failed.

  10. Lys

    I almost forgot all the ” my body is (was when i was 14) better than hers” or ”my (imaginary) girlfriend is cutter than her and also i’m a specialist in female’s anatomy generalisation and let me tell you how all girls of 5’5 with small tits are prettier than everybody else” comments. So original, so credible, so full of self-confidence. (can’t wait til someone call me fat and ugly or gay)

  11. poooty


    What does you name mean? Also name a celebrity that you resemble, since you obviously can’t post your pics on the internet. That’s fucking idiotically dangerous.

    Now, JLH this is what your ass should look like, please take notes and do not resurface from your cave until your have reformed yourself (ahhh best pun ever).

  12. D'oh

    60: “(can’t wait til someone call me fat and ugly or gay)”

    I won’t call you fat and ugly or gay, but I WILL call you illiterate.

  13. ipanema_schuyler

    #55: there’s only one new mexico douche water drinking mike on here, fo sho.

    Hey Dick! here it ‘s coming for ya. and don’t say I haven’t warned you!!

  14. Mike

    #63………me? Warned me about what?

    Yes I am the one that says I like drinking douche water. But why you so hostile and angry with me? What did I do?

  15. Dee

    OK I admit it. I would love to be sodomized but my husband thinks it’s nasty. That’s why I am so upset. I have fantasized about it but I can’t talk him into it. We got married young and he was my first so I guess I miss out.

  16. Lys


    Never knew how communist americans are to think of themselves as one big moron.


    read your comment and find the mistake (or go kill yourself)


    I’m so glad to see that you fit in all the description of stupidity i’ve written. I’m so glad to know that you are a ”petite”. A petite what by the way? Petite conne? petite salope? Petite épaisse? Anyway, i’m sur they all suit you.

  17. DD

    Damn I got it wrong…………

    Norman Bates said:

    ” A boy’s best friend is his Mother”

  18. RatRat

    I guess she could sit on my face for a few hours!

  19. What's Wrong with A Nice Ass?


    … and big mouth.

  20. Dee

    #65 – good job. You’ve decided to use trolling my name to wage a backdoor attack. I suppose I should have anticipated that on this thread. Bugh-bigh all (try not to cry).

  21. Lys


    I’m sorry, i forgot that you americans don’t understand that there are other languages and that sometime, (most of the time) foreigners don’t speak english quite well. So, if I look in my American-other languages dictionnary, being called illiterate means ”do not speak the proper english some americans moron can understand”

  22. Texas Tranny

    Go buy yourself a nice dildo and/or a butt plug. Hell there is even a link on this page to Adam & Eve.
    I suggest a small or medium butt plug at first, then you can work your way up to the “big stuff”
    I like to insert a butt plug then slip on some pretty thong panties to hold it in and then go shopping.

  23. norton

    Is today “let the bitches out” day?

    And Lys? If you were unaware America is not communist. There is a faction of the democratic party that wouldn’t mind some socialism but… regardless. You might was to stop being such an illiterate retard and stop posting, because you’re making a great case against yourself.

  24. #61 curious poooty:

    click on name. I heard I look like this (sometimes) . But I’d only reach to her shoulders. being petite and stuff.

    bodywise .. aaaah, too dreamy for words.

  25. nipolian

    #71 – So what backwards ass country are you from that you don’t speak fluent english?

  26. Mark

    Lotta gay anxiety here! Hey, all I see is a GREAT ASS. Let’s not pretend that’s common these days, at least not in the U.S., at least not among women who’ve had a kid.

    But, sure. She IS flat as a board and kind of muscular in her upper body, and her face is maybe-cute in a tomboy way, certainly not striking in a feminine-beauty way like Angelina Jolie before she turned into a praying mantis. This is about as close as you can come to a gay fantasy without being gay. Probably without being gay.

  27. Champ

    Grade AAA tail.

  28. Lys


    What is your opinion about the American government cutting those internet cables in the middle east? Pretty nasty, hein? Or what about the cold war between China and US for the control of the middle east oil? Maybe you’d rather talk about that we can’t take a plane with a bottle of juice without being called a ”terrorist” because of paranoids american? What about the US election? What’s with those ”super” electors who are the most useless beings?

  29. ipanema_schuyler

    damn Lys , go read what’s this site called. “The Superficial”. It’s all about being fucking superficial and not politically correct towards mishappen bodyshapes. Now go die dumb or continue being a fucking troll.

  30. Confused

    #74 – so, um, the idea is that you’re look is kinda dazed, with your mouth hanging open, and you’re about to smell a couple of your fingers?

  31. cheese


    Suddenly disappears when someone asks her what celbrity she resembles. Sounds like she’s not so hot after all. AEveryone has a slight resemblance to at least one celbrity since human beings basically fit into about i of 50 categories. Most people her would fit into the Kevin James Rosanne Bar category.

    Lets all guess what category ipanema_schuyler fits into.

  32. Lys


    Poor you, i’m the illiterate while you don’t even recognize sarcasm.


    Why would I tell you that? Even if I told you that i’m american, you would find a way to be racist by insulting my state or my town.

  33. ipanema_schuyler

    #81 hey blind moron,

    go read post #74. Or it really took you 5 fucking minutes to type those poor lines.

    Better insert foot in mouth.

  34. Ript1&0

    FedEX is faster. But be careful.

    This one time I was at FedEX and the dude next to me was clearly trying to send a giant plastic crate full of pot, and it reeked. And after he left the workers said they knew from the fact that he was high.

    Remember = packaging is key. And don’t be a dumbass and show up blitzed man, you’ve got a job to do.

  35. nipoian

    #78 – Ahhh….so your a fucking rag-head…….that answers many questions raised on this post. Don’t you have a goat that needs fucking?

  36. ipanema_schuyler


    hehe Confused :):) sweet. I guess you got it right!

  37. Auntie Kryst

    @78 “pretty nasty hein”, “paranoids american?” Huh? Oh well, I don’t want to argue. A cheezeborger sounds great. What no coke? Ok Pepsi then, and I’ll take the chips.

  38. D'oh

    Lys, you’ve beaten me. Your arguments are so clear and intelligent that you’ve changed my entire view of the world and everyone in it. I bow down to you and hope we Americans will elect a genius like you and your leaders in our next election. Then, just like in your country, America will have no poverty, hunger, homelessness, disease, violence, crime, prejudice, illiteracy, pollution, inflation … well, thanks to you, I know now that the rest of the world is a Utopia with no problems and nothing but joy and happiness every minute of every day. If we had your leaders, America could be just like you!

    Vote for world-wide Utopia in 2008!!

  39. Victoria

    Wow. When did she grow an ass?

  40. ipanema_schuyler

    hein? Nicolas Sarcozy is a pig. Segolène Royal should have won the election, but sadly, she ain’t no De Gaulle, neither. Hein? eLYSée.. duh

  41. norton

    Last post – aimed directly at Lys.

    If Americans suck so much why the hell would you come here? Are you just looking for a fight you dumb bitch?

    Additionally, if you desire to piss on a group at least make sure you can articulate your points IN THAT GROUPS LANGUAGE.

    Fucking foreigners….

  42. little lady

    it’s pics like these that make me wish i had a penis.

  43. candyass

    exactly what I suspected ipanema_schuyler looks like some average short brunette. probably a Rachel Bilson type.

  44. TT

    You can go buy a strap-on dildo…………

  45. dude_on_something

    They should just pass legislation forcing her to get tits.

    The ass gets two thumbs up.

  46. mo

    stupid shit!!!

  47. Ralph

    Hey Norton! You supposed to say it “fuckin fereners”.

  48. BunnyButt

    Pretty damned funny that there are 3-4 topic threads running – all ignoring each other and none of which have anything to do with the post. Life is good!

  49. Damn Furiners

    They took our jobs!

    Dey durk our durrrs!

  50. Bigheadmike

    Oh my goodness…. Oh my goodness…. Se gets better looking all the time and that butt of hers, wow.

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