Kate Beckinsale in a bikini

August 19th, 2008 // 81 Comments

Kate Beckinsale did some scuba-diving while vacationing in Cabo yesterday with her family. I don’t want to say these photos of Kate in a bikini are the most important news of the day, but let’s be frank, they are. I mean, Jesus, I wrote a post about Chris Kattan. How does that even happen?

Photos: Flynet

  1. woohoo or something

    first comment. let’s rejoice. she looks good here or whatevs.


    First beckinsale can suck a hot one… mmmmmmm shes hot

  3. Gratuitous… moi? Ha! ;)

  4. Doug Johnson


  5. meh

    fucking cellulite city

  6. surlywench

    She looks cute, even though that second to last pic makes her look like she’s wearing a saggy diaper.

  7. norton

    Not to get technical but she’s snorkeling.

    SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus – i.e. full on underwater tank.

  8. Fuh-shizzle

    she looks good but what’s with her bikini bottoms in pix 10 and 11? Kind of poochy, like they’ve seen some miles. Maybe it’s a really old bathing suit but still her favorite, and she’s reluctant to throw it out even though it’s flapping around mid-thigh. Could also double as a hammock for a small animal.

  9. pretty hot

    A white bikini bottom woman??? That is not flattering, the 7th pic is god awful, 10 and 11 are crap, but the rest are good and she is a beautiful woman so even cellulite is no big deal, when she wears a nice dress she stops the show.

  10. aviator

    do I see a landing strip in 00 and 05 ???

  11. I would like to snorkel for her snatch

  12. I agree with you guys, that swimsuit looks horrible.

    She needs to take it off IMMEDIATELY.

  13. Nicodemo Scarfo

    Not bad but she needs to tone up those legs and ass

  14. Truth teller

    Hard to rate:

    RACK- 6 – small, but nice shape.
    LEGS – Nice, but short. – 6
    ASS – Nice shape, but cellulite, some extra baggage – 7
    FIGURE – Too thick in middle – 6
    NECK – 8 – thin, long.
    FACE – Pretty, but momish -7
    STATUTE – Too short – 4.

    Not that great, actually. Sucks when your neck is your best feature.

  15. Pablito

    I’m with aviator, there’s definitely a camel toe or landing strip going on in pic 5.

  16. el

    lets not be stupid now.
    she was not scuba diving.
    she was snorkeling.
    which is what people who aren’t cool enough to scuba dive do.
    and all this time i thought kate was cool. my b.

  17. rough daddy

    a nice ass ruin by a bikini

  18. Oh Hell Yea

    Nice…Fine woman. Best one posted on this site in awhile.

    Any more of this one?

  19. Deacon Jones

    Look at pic 11, she looks like she’s been carrying around a fucking water soaked log all day

  20. Eagle Eyes...

    do I spy a landing strip in pictures 00 and 05 ?

  21. Tom Cruise

    Kate takes it up the ass–hard. You can tell by her rear-end, which looks like the trunk on a middle-aged queer. You go whore!

  22. Troy

    Kate Beckinsale is in my top 5 easy.

  23. Joe C

    I saw some different pictures earlier and sadly these confirm that I wasn’t imagining the cellulite. Still, she is just so fucking beautiful and otherwise in good shape, that the cellulite isn’t killing it for me.

  24. dr. coathanger

    cellulite is present even in skinny chicks. it has nothing to do with being fat, deal with it.

  25. Blah

    Wow, I guess every woman DOES have some cellulite; even the toned and thin ones. But Kate is still a gorgeous woman with a hot body (that shouldn’t be wearing a white, see-thru bikini bottom…ah, apparently she’s hair free…more than I needed to know…)

  26. Randal

    Welcome back Kate and thanks for taking the time to post your pictures from your trip. How was it? Did you get your diving license from PADI or NAUI? I think it’s great your younger one is learning, for that will build inspiration as he becomes older.

    You’re still looking great but what else is new. Hope to see you more often.

    Love ya! xoxo


  27. Cracker-Mutt

    Kinda-Sorta softly shaped ….. not curves, but “bends”
    Why is pic #2 the only picture of her ass walking away ? Because the pic clearly shows her “saddle-bags” on her upper thighs. Something kids give women and gyms take away from them. And that bathing suit – looks like a family could take up residence in the ass of that suit. It sags so badly.
    On the plus side – white becomes transparent when wet !!

  28. Poon_tang

    I like how a few of you are talking about her ass (cellulite) and saying she has saddlebags. You must the types who idealize women and expect them to look like supermodels when you are, in fact, dipshits who couldn’t get a woman like Kate Beckinsale to save your FUCKING life. And for all the females who would say something…well, their loose roast beef vaginas are just green with envy.

    And like dr. coathanger said…cellulite can be ont he body of a skinny fit chick, too, you cocksucking asshats.

  29. hard on

    They’re snorkling, not scuba diving you retarded dipshit moron.


    oh and just fyi–Kate Beckinsale is 35 years old, so shut the fuck up about cellulite and saddlebags for the rest of the day.

  31. Ted from LA

    It is so painfully obvious you are not Randal. He has an IQ and vocabulary at least double yours. Take a chance and try to be yourself. The drinking age in America should be 19, not 18 or 21. Word.

  32. Christopher

    I’m surprised she’s not smoking while in the water…

  33. Duke Nukem

    She’s hot. Horrible swimsuit though.

  34. dogonabone

    #31, I agree, not the real Randal. I actually miss Randal’s comments.

  35. She is perfect the way she is! She’s awesome and an awesome person! The papps need to stay back or she might stop going out like this! then i will have to do the crazy David Elsewhere and no one wants that craziness to happen, right?

  36. Randal

    To all of my fans and Gay Pride brothers (this is you Ted from LA – smoochies): I actually do have a life outside this site dears!


  37. hitler

    I hate the stupid cunt.

  38. RandyM

    She looks great to me! God bless her!

  39. I look better than she :)

  40. Poon Tang

    you’re probably 18 or 19 years old, you dumb twat. You’ll probably weigh 200 pounds by the time you hit 35

  41. eric

    I love all the keyboard warriors degrading her. Idiots.

  42. drewpopo

    Gorgeous!!! Some Bikini photos of her can be found at a wealthy da*ing site richromances.com where celebrities and wealthy singles are hooking up.

  43. Bob White

    To up her sex appeal she needs to bake in the tanning bed , slap on some orange tanner, bleach her teeth the color of chalk, insert some super sized silicone titties and snap in some horse hair. Thats all she needs to make the weirdos here want to partake in her douche water.

    Actually, it is refreshing to see a lovely and natural female. I am willing to bet the haters on here don’t even come close.

    Also truth speaker or whatever the hell it’s name is should post a pic so we can break it down.

  44. Beckinsale's Saggy Diaper

    That ass shot (Pic #10?) reminds of a toodler a with saggy shitty-wet diaper. Not attractive at all.

  45. Beckinsale's Saggy Diaper

    That ass shot (Pic #10?) reminds of a toodler with saggy shitty-wet diaper. Not attractive at all.

  46. venomhed

    Wow, what a closet dog. She seems so hot on camera, great face, but her body blows.

    I have a better ass than her and I’m a truck driver!

  47. Bob White

    I’m sorry, I know, I got carried away with the douche water comment. It’s just that these darned kids just don’t know how to treat a lady and act like a real man. Take me, for instance, when I met my future wife, Edna, we dated for 6 months before I imprudently tried to kiss her. Well, her Daddy, Mr. Johnson, made sure I never made that mistake again, I’ll tell you what! My rear end still hurts!

    Somehow, Edna eventually saw it in her heart to forgive me, and we eventually married. We recently celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary, though I have yet to try to kiss her again. We have a fine Christian relationship, and have no need or want of evil, lustful, carnal pleasures. That’s Lucifer knocking, my friends, and don’t you go opening that door! No, you kids and your “three-ways” and your “double-penetrations” and your “helicopters” and your “deep-throating” and your “anal sex” and your “French kissing” are crude, boorish, filthy abominations compared to real men, who know that the true path to salvation may only be revealed through marital celibacy, self flagellation, and chronic masturbation.

    What was I saying again?

  48. Bahama Mama

    Oh God People! She’s a Yummy Mummy Leave her alone. If I were into chics I would so totally do her. You meanies should go and take look in the mirror at your own bodies!

  49. drewpopo

    Wow! And pictures of my filthy hairy ass, my pink shriveled ballsack, and my stubby crooked schlong can be found at Richromances.com!

  50. shut it

    Truth teller or idiot as I shall call you she’s fucking 5′ 8″ look it up, that’s too short? What the fuck do you want some goddamned 6’2′ shemale. You’re whole list is all wrong she’s a gorgeous gal celulite and all. It’s the sum of the parts douche. Post a picture of yourself and let us break you down part by part.

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