Kate Upton Might Be Some Kid’s Prom Date

Over the weekend, high school senior Jake Davidson posted a video to YouTube asking Kate Upton to be his prom date which she surprisingly responded to because apparently all those tweets about smothering me to death with her tits weren’t “Degrassi” enough for her. We’ll see about that… *steals Drake’s wheelchair* People reports:

“You had me at hello. You are the yin to my yang,” Davidson says in the amusing homemade clip. “I’m Jewish, 5’9″ on a really good day, and I can’t dance. At all. You’re Christian, 5’10” and that ‘Cat Daddy’ video should’ve won an Oscar for best short film. You could say this is destiny.”
He goes on to list the things they have in common – for example, she’s been on the cover of Sports Illustrated, he reads Sports Illustrated – and then, on bended knee and clutching a dozen roses, he invites her to prom.
Davidson posted the video Saturday. On Tuesday, Upton responded on Twitter. “How could I turn down that video! I’ll check my schedule.”

Unfortunately nobody will be going to prom thanks to Mel Gibson reading this and lighting the entire Earth on fire. It’s called taking your cousin, Jake.