So Kate Upton Will Literally Do Anything For Money

October 9th, 2013 // 36 Comments
Kate Upton Hot Pockets Video Snoop Dogg
WATCH: Kate Upton & Snoop Dogg - 'You Got What I Eat'

Remember yesterday when I made fun of Michelle Bachmann for saying we’re now living in the Biblical End Times? I take it back. I take it all back.


  1. Anythiiing? hmmm

  2. So I try to click on the video and . . .

    Yo, I hear you like the Superficial. So I put a Superficial in your Superficial so that you can Superficial while you Superficial.

  3. I have no idea what I just watched. Is Hot Pockets serious with this?

  4. titty_police

    The video sucks. Where are the tittays??

  5. Jim Gaffigan just came.

  6. I’ll smoke whatever they are smoking.

  7. elephantman

    Hot Pockets taste terrible!

  8. Snoop Dogg (not accepting Lion), Larry King, and I’m pretty sure that’s the real Biz Markie deserve some hate for that too. Upton always gets a pass from me cuz cornfed blondes are my kryptonite.


    • I have a hard time blaming Biz Markie for this. I mean, surely he spent all his Yo Gabba Gabba money by now and could use the income.

      • Courtkney

        Apparently Bow Wow spent all his Like Mike money too and was desperate for a few seconds of screen time.

  9. Kate Upton will do anything for money, huh? I got 50 bucks. What can I get for that?

    • You get the opportunity of save more money and try again later :), we’re talking about a celebrity, even my time worth more that 50 bucks

  10. Cock Dr

    What….what….what the fuck did I just watch?
    Kate should fire her agent. She can do so much better than that.
    But please can someone tell what it was that I just watched up there? Are commercials THAT long now?

    • I think the best description might be “Stoner Porn”.

      • It’s been over a decade since I’ve smoked the herb, but I could really go for a Hot Pocket right now.

      • Cock Dr

        Beefy R U telling me that the makers of “Hot Pockets” weren’t behind this video? This is what Snoop Puppy writes, performs and sells as music?
        I imagine booking Kate Upton for an all day video shoot isn’t cheap. He must really like those damned things.

      • No, Hotpocket Inc. is obviously behind it and they know what they are doing. First off, anyone over the age of 12 that eats hotpockets on the reg is a stoner. Second, they bring in Snoop, who is basically a stoner god. Then they put a hot chick in there for good measure.

        It’s genius marketing to a specific demographic.

      • They certainly know their demographic. Although, I’m a stoner and can’t stand those things. The heartburn is just too much.

  11. sc4play

    Yeah, Snoop be growing herbs, but it ain’t basil and oregano!

  12. I refuse to believe this exists.

  13. WTF, is this shit really real? This may be the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life. Save your money people. I am looking at you Bow Wow. How do you do a video like this and not commit suicide right after?

  14. The Dude

    She’s hot.
    Can’t get enough of her. Seems like a cool chick, not wafer thin, has a decent personality and a few extra Lbs at times.

    • I agree. Kate Upton is beautiful and cute at the same time. And I’ll bet she’s got an incredible sense of humor.

      That being said, that video was a fucking piece of shit. I watched the entire thing (just because it’s Kate) and she didn’t even take off her top. Drat!

  15. It looks like the dream sequence from a new Harold and Kumar movie.

  16. Where the masterbaker at?
    Love the (ass)eggs

  17. bizniz

    looks like larry king will do anything for money, too.

  18. OMG its Kev Jumba!!!! YAY!

  19. How could someone so hot do something so “cheesy”?

  20. LLBL

    What the Actual Fuck?

  21. Bobby

    what the fuck did I just watch. Kate Upton was fully dressed?

  22. blerg

    I do worse shit than this everyday for minimum wage, so WTF homie?

  23. Gotta give Snoop mad props..guy gets tried for murder a few years ago, beats the rap, and now does long form commercials with America’s Favorite Supermodel..much respect from this corner..

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