1. Dr. Hufurrrrr

    I will never look at bubblegum the same way again.

    • Chuck

      Really she looks damn good for eight kids

      • Jess

        She had nothing to do with it. That’s a result of a TEAM of plastic surgeons. She should thank her kids for giving her new boobs, new ass, new stomach…. the list goes on.

  2. amy

    I think she looks great, maybe her tatt’s covering her tummy tuck scar.

  3. Jill Ess

    ewwwwww. I can’t unsee that one…

  4. Hugh Gentry

    absolutely horrifying!

  5. 123

    That’s no tummy…8 kids, remember?

  6. Lady Blah Blah

    gmmm. I can’t help but think she looks pretty damn good. But after 8 kids, she looks frikkin amazing. I don’t hate her or her attitude at all and I’m harsh. I do feel sorry for her though. It must suck having 1/2 douche bag kids. I look at my husbands DNA/genes in our children and marvel at the greatness. She looks at john’s contribution to the over population of planet earth and probably pukes a little in her mouth every time.

    In summary: Plastic surgery ROCKS!

    • Tired of Kate

      @Lady Blah Blah:

      Seriously? What delusional drugs did you take today? “John’s contribution” to the overpopulation??!!

      Excuse me. First off, it’s “Jon.” NOT John. And I believe it takes two to tango, if you know what I mean. Do your research, and you’ll realize that it was Kate’s idea to overpopulate the earth. And way to insult the kids – who are innocent in all of this. You seriously call them 1/2 douche bags???

  7. truth

    I think Tara Reid just melted on Kate’s stomach.

  8. Greenie

    Is it bad that I saw her kid and thought it was her Asian pool-helper?

  9. Barbosa

    she should wear a one piece. abdominoplasty is never successful.

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