Kate Gosselin Earned ‘The Right’ To This Body

September 16th, 2010 // 84 Comments
Kate Gosselin on the cover of People

Kate Gosselin appears on the latest issue of People (above) where she shoots down rumors of plastic surgery and credits her “new body” entirely to her morning jogs:

“I’ve worked really hard!” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “Haven’t I earned the right, at this point, to look good?”
While the single mom shoots down incessant tabloid reports linking her to her bodyguard – “It’s just absurd,” Gosselin says – she does hope her new body will turn some heads. “I’m waiting for Mr. Right. It would be nice if somebody noticed me, sure!”

Yes, how dare we fault Kate Gosselin for focusing on her appearance while a team of strangers raises all those kids she had to have to be on TV. I mean, how else is she going to ensnare a man and make him stay home with the brats while she flies across the country with his balls in her purse? You can’t just jog up to a dude looking like the fucking Grinch. Sure, we’ll have sex with you and never tell our friends, but that’s not the way to begin an emasculating relationship full of shame and self-loathing. Bait and switch, folks. That’s the only hope here.

Full Size Version Here for reasons I will never understand.

Photo: People


  1. Sen



    • Rob

      Clearly shopped , might not even be her body . Hollywood is so fraudulent . Her name and Hollywood should never be in the same sentence .

    • Has to be shopped. Even with tummy tucks she’d have stretchmarks on her breasts and around her thighs and belly. No way you lose that much weight and not have scarring or skin tissue left. Speaking of surgery, I hope she had Vaginal tightening surgery because otherwise it would be like throwing hot dogs down a hallway ffs. BTW, since when is a persons belly button just under their cleavage? Unless their cleavage hangs down to their waist? That looks wrong.

      • Mee Mee

        She does have stretchmarks all over her belly, saw it in a picture a few days ago. Totally shopped, and anyways I am so SICK of this bitch getting on the cover of every magazine in town. Aren’t her 15 minutes up YET?

      • Bob

        Why would she need vaginal tightening surgery? She delivered all her kids via C-section. She’s never had a singleton pregnancy. It was twins, then sextuplets.

    • Who cares if it’s “shopped”? If she wanted it or needed it doesn’t matter, she got it and I say good for her! I’m not a Kate maniac by no means but I am in favor of ‘any’ mother that gets what she wants and needs, whether 1 or 6 kids! After all the worry, caring, nuturing, rocking or walking a baby all night long because “you don’t know what’s wrong with it”, and awake ALL NIGHT just to make sure your baby is breathing alright, who wouldn’t deserve what they want or need. I’m sure they didn’t plan on that many kids at one time, but they did and they did it well….however their lives have to be handled, it’s being handled. My hat is off to any parents that have children and try to raise them right. Easier said than done, my friend. Wouldn’t mind having a body like hers myself! But, not sure I’d be willing to go through what she did to deserve it either!

  2. Traditionally, when you open a paragraph with quotation marks, at some point you also close them. Otherwise everything inside is assumed to be part of the quote.

    That’s like 7th grade english stuff.

  3. Frobz

    You can tell it’s photoshopped. She’s smiling and doesn’t have her “perma scowl.”

  4. Brando


  5. stonefry

    Who cares what she looks like. Who would want to be with her? She’s a crazy manipulative you know what.

  6. H^S

    I sou would though, I so would.

    • FunkyFingerProductions

      Yeah right. You know she’s the kind of woman that bitches and complains every step of the way. This lady is nutier than squirrel shit I dont care what she looks like!

  7. dufresne

    I don’t like her. I agree………Photoshop!

  8. Randal

    Dear Kate,

    How refreshing to see a woman with a positive self image! I have come to realize that there is a metaphor between your uterus and your mind, both are as fecund and fertile as can be, inspiring common folk to esteem you as a goddess.

    Keep up the morning jogs, you wear them well!


  9. Amy

    Suuuureee…that belly button just jumped up there all by itself.

    • aera

      Yes, that too, navel up to you sternum means surgery. So there is surgery, photoshop and still looks like crap. Give up, go raise your kids already.

      • lois collins

        She did not have the tummy tuck by Dr. 90210. She had it by Hailey Glassman’s father. A freebee(which she expects every free because she has
        6 kids at one time. Hailey Glassman is Jon’s old girlfriend. I don’t blame Jon
        for leaving. If I had to listen to that bitch all day, I would leave too. He is a much
        better father that she is mother.

    • Lindsey

      She had a tummy tuck by Dr. 90210 after she had the sextuplets. It was aired on the show.

      • Mandy

        I was going to say the SAME thing! How can she deny plastic surgery when it was aired on national television!

      • Lola

        I know! How f*cking dumb is she to claim this is all due to diet and exercise? I can’t stand this dumb bitch.

  10. Kate Gosselin on the cover of People
    Commented on this photo:

    Why the hell does she think this is a nice body? So she’s not obese, but she has fat all over her and is totally shapeless and doughy looking. Sad considering it has also been photoshopped.

  11. Cock Dr

    People magazine……..your go to place for safe, flattering, upbeat celebrity news. No clicks of roadside pukes, celullite, upskirts, walks of shame or bags of MJ in the socialites purse next to the trembling toy dog.
    What a snoozefest.

  12. Sheena

    Gawd, she so disgusting. Photoshop that body all you want, People ragazine, but there’s no way your computer can disguise what a manipulative, conniving, bitch-cunt-from-hell this woman is inside.

  13. Madame Tussaud makes far more realistic likenesses than this cover, by far. And less full of batshit crazy, to boot.

  14. JoeC

    Photoshop is a helluva drug.

  15. Kate Gosselin on the cover of People
    Commented on this photo:

    Id crush it

  16. JoeC

    Ugh! I just saw some un-shopped photos of her jogging with a flabby belly and stretch marks for days. Needless to say, she looks nothing like this magazine cover. Blech!

  17. Kate Gosselin on the cover of People
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d crush it again

  18. Drew

    I hope her childrens future was worth the paychecks. Look who their parents are, you bet your ass you’re going to have 8 clusterfucks in the coming years.

  19. Puppy

    I’m so disappointed that they air brushed off her six extra nipples.

  20. Victor poo

    I knew she was a space alien. They can change there shape from human to alien and back all the time without plastic surgery. So there!

  21. Lady Blah Blah

    Ugh. I feel sick.

    Much of what is “Superficial” in our society has to do with deception. Not only do people want to deceive, they want to be deceived. “Superficial” people like Kate Gosselin, Heidi Montag, and Kim Kardashian are happy to oblige by using surgery, Photoshop, etc., to create deceptive appearances.

  22. paul

    You’re missing the more important story: “Liam Neeson: Finding Love Again???????????????”

  23. mlaps1979

    That’s the worst photoshop I’ve seen in a while. Get in the coffin and give those kids a chance to grow with parents who may pay attention to them. Slag.

  24. Bow Down Assholes

    You homos are nuts! Personally, I would love to hand feed this bitch some chocolate laxatives, then have her strip naked and sit on my face, then we would just wait for the majic to happen.

    • is the majic related to your inability to spell magic?

    • The Only Hetero in this Joint

      No homo here and I wouldn’t touch this mess. I’m voting for the theory that isn’t even her body. They switched her head with a model who hasn’t had the delight of birthing 16 kids or whatever the hell this bitch has produced.

      Bitch is the right word when you have a litter isn’t it?

  25. Rough is raw

    Not one to C-block, but I really would like to know if Laim is exhausted with consolation tookie…

  26. The only thing she earned is the right to a cunt punt from michael lohan. Raise your children you nauseating cunt.

  27. Tanzarian

    What a waste of space. I am going to need more info on Liam Neeson though.

  28. shavederic

    not bad looking for a brood mare.

  29. Kate Gosselin on the cover of People
    chuck d
    Commented on this photo:

    you can smell bullshit from a mile away, this hag does not look like this
    they didn’t airbrush they used a f-ing mop to cover this woman

  30. DeaconTheBeacon


  31. DeaconTheBeacon


  32. DeaconTheBeacon

    Nothing a garbage bag couldn’t fix.

  33. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    I wonder if she has a beartrap up in her vag just waiting for the next guy. Being sentenced by a judge to sleep with her, or even be near her, would be like chemical or physical castration. I guess I do not care much for her.

  34. burton

    Why cant they just put a normal pic of her up, is she embarrassed?

  35. josh

    Even with photoshop she’s still fugly as hell.

  36. Kate Gosselin on the cover of People
    Commented on this photo:

    Disgusting SKANK – inside AND out.

  37. gigi

    oh screw all that! I totally slept on Liam Neeson being single again! did some skank swoop & steal my man already?! daaaaaamn!

  38. Marge

    Is a belly button supposed to be that high? Gross.. You can put lipstick in a turd but it’s still a turd..

  39. Kate Gosselin on the cover of People
    Commented on this photo:

    Damn. Someone put about 30 hours in for that photoshop job. Couldnt they give Liam Neeson, like 3 minutes?

  40. Lovemypubichairthick

    No matter what mr. right says to get in your pants, after he sees those 8 kids he’s heading for the door.

  41. anonym

    i’d still hit it, then quit it.

    good for a quicky; not a relationship.

  42. juck

    id fuck the shit outta her

    • lois collins

      No you wouldn’t, she would be too busy telling what you are doing wrong
      and how she demands that it be done.

      • Michelle

        No kidding. I’d love to see the guy that could “perform” after being berated and belittled non-stop.

  43. Jumping on the bandwagon…


  44. Jon

    What an obnoxious wannabe celebrity skank. Just GOTHE FVCK AWAY already!! At least for the kid’s sake!! KEE-RIGHST!!

  45. Kate Gosselin on the cover of People
    lois collins
    Commented on this photo:

    So Kate thinks she had a great body. That’s is the funniest thing I have read in a
    long time. She looks like a man with breast implants. Her waist and hips
    are the same size.(big) She looks so stupid running aroung in 5 inch heals
    and her beast flopping out. On a boat fishing in 5 inch heels. ha I though the
    show was supposed to be about the kids but its only Kate showing off what
    she thinks she has but doesn’t. The older girls hate it and the little ones will
    soon. Take her off the air and magazines. I do change the channels when she is on and will not buy a magazine with her in it.

  46. Paloma

    Not only is this photoshopped but it is a really bad photoshop job! I’m so over this whole photoshop thing. Shit I might as well find myself an agent and become a model too. Photoshop will save the day and make me millions!!! muuuaaahhhh!!!!

  47. Paloma

    Why do people like this fake bitch again? Just because she artificially conceived 8 parasites? Why is that any reason to become a celebrity? Personally, I think that’s disgusting.

  48. captain america

    well, “RALPHS” is the place to buy it.

  49. Kate Gosselin on the cover of People
    Ji Brazil
    Commented on this photo:

    Photoshoped… Her tummy tuck scar is not there, and it sits high on her abdomen!

  50. Clam Hamlin

    This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and having seen quiote a few shops in my time.

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