Kate Beckinsale in a Bikini, Also Blonde

January 17th, 2011 // 43 Comments

I felt like we needed a break from all the awards coverage, so here’s a now-blonde Kate Beckinsale vacationing in Mexico over the weekend. I honestly don’t know how to react to anything not involving a red carpet right now, so I’m mostly just sitting here mumbling, “pretty lady,” while smacking my keyboard with a sandwich in the hopes something witty will come out. So far I’ve managed to narrow it down to “H9G8(*8UQ2[NNKA’AO)(1**!(*#2%xA,” a system reboot and “I’d beckon that sail.” God, I hate decisions…

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  1. She looks great and that’s the cutest bikini!!

  2. krutboo

    she is fantastic looking. Thank you for posting douche!

  3. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
    Jill Ess
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  4. Drundel

    Great legs. Attn ladies, this is why you workout. This is an almost 40 mother.

    • guy rossi


      I liked her hair brown better.

      I’d still hit it…..she’s very underrated

      • Archie

        Not underrated: she was named Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2009. And people didn’t go to those (first two) “Underworld” movies *just* to see vampires fight werewolves….

  5. brit

    ladies and gentlemen, we have a winter bikini winner!

  6. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    Unfortunately, the ruffled bikini, huge hat, and ridiculous blond hair does little to divert my attention away from the huge boner she just gave me.

  7. Seen here using Mexican sign language to signal she needs to poop and will be right back…

  8. Perfuckingfection.

  9. Bonered

    before (as brunette) = A Goddess
    after (as blonde) = A Goddess +++

  10. mdiz

    Picture of her sitting…Yikes! That’s a lot of skin there sweet tits…. Still, pretty fawkin hot.

  11. Any Guy

    I prefer her natural hair color, but SHEEEEIT, she could have green hair and STILL blow all those other Hollywood HAGS out of the water.

    Kate B = THE hottest woman alive. bar none.

  12. on my knees


  13. cc

    Oh no, my vas defens just blew up.

  14. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    Greatest MILF of all time!

  15. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    Also FRIST!

  16. Pic #11 can see what looks like evidence of lipo across the lower belly.
    Because most goddesses needs help to stay so…goddess-y.

  17. Galtacticus

    What a sweetie she is. She indeed does deserve all the best.

  18. Gando

    Whether it’s a phallic symbol or a parasol what’s right behind her. It does protect her anyways against harmful exposure to radiation..

  19. to quote Martin Luther King Jr.” I have seen the promised land”

  20. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    Fuck, she’s stunning.

  21. cc

    I don’t think I could sleep with her, I hear she smokes heavily.

    ahahahaha, good one

  22. Melchor


  23. wim

    but unfortunately her T*TS were amputated, folks.

  24. Mila Kunis AND Kate Beckinsale both getting posts in the same day! Man, would I ever love a chance to sexually disappoint both of those women…

  25. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    “hey kate! why are you running away??!? oh..never mind the boner..that’s just my way of showing i like you.” ; )~

    she is quite lovely.

  26. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    nice belly

  27. Alex

    Kate Beckinsale has that rich woman hotness. She is slender, always has a pissed off look on her face and idk just “that” trophy wife vibe. I’m surprised she didn’t go blond earlier, that’s all she was missing to be the ideal woman for obnoxious upper class men who wear black socks and loafers.

  28. Tom

    Why do so many perfectly attractive women decide to make themselves look hideous by going blonde?

  29. nonminti

    I knew that one day she will show her true face,no,I mean hair color.

  30. Cardinal Fang

    She’ll always look best as Selene in Underworld to me.

  31. burner

    She is so fine, but the blonde thing was a very bad idea.

  32. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    I hope its a wig! Though she is pretty being blond too, but the hair is definitely damaged.

  33. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
    john stankard
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    kate keep your hair dark brown

  34. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
    Oh yeah?
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    Alright, fuck Heidi Montag and all those other plastic bitches. This is true beauty. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she’s classy.

  35. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    Stunner right there.

  36. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    Woot! So glad to see Carly geittng some well-deserved recognition. CALL ME MAYBE is shatteringly fabulous! Maybe now we can move up the album’s release date ?

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