Kat Von D & Jesse James Are Ready to Flaunt Now

September 3rd, 2010 // 161 Comments

Less than six months after Sandra Bullock very publicly learned Jesse James was banging what’s left of Hitler’s secret stripper battalion behind her back, here he is with Kat Von D at the opening of her Wonderland gallery in West Hollywood last night because they fell in love playing Scrabble and now she wants to marry him. I’m not even joking. People reports:

“Jesse is only my ninth boyfriend. I don’t hang out with anybody unless I am in love,” Kat told PEOPLE at the opening of her Wonderland gallery in West Hollywood on Thursday.
Asked if she thinks the motorcycle mogul, who accompanied Von D to the gallery opening, is “The One” for her, she answered, “I believe he is, so yeah.”
As for how and when she first knew her feelings for James were so strong, she said, “Was it when we were playing Scrabble? I don’t remember. But it was something like that – when we both realized how nerdy we were.”

Jesse James was asked if he’s happy and simply muttered, “Yes,” which was obviously code for, “I’m just here for the tattooed vagina.” On that note, I’m pretty sure Sandra Bullock read the part about Kat saying Jesse is “The One” then proceeded to piss herself laughing before making out with Scarlett Johansson because that’s how I choose to remember her: Proud, yet not afraid to go lesbian for money. (Redundant? You’re right.)

Photos: Splash News, WENN


  1. girl who takes it in da butt

    she is nast

    • Glenn Beck's Eyeballs

      I like her. She’s got a tight body and you know she does “kinky” kind of things, unlike my body’s wife.

      Why do you think I’m such a paranoid, irrititable asshole?

      • Richard McBeef

        she is nast, but i think if you hit her with a belt sander for 15 minutes or so she wouldn’t be half bad. Maybe even better if you spent an extra five minutes shaving down that fupa in pic 5

        what’s up with china doll face? why do chicks think that having a different colored face compared to the rest of their body is a good look?

      • girl who takes it in da butt

        actually, i’d assume she’s boring in bed. just like she’s boring on the show. she uses tattoos to make up for it.

      • Glenn Beck's Eyeballs

        Boring? Perhaps. Manipulable? Absolutely = Butt fuck mania 3000! YEOOOWWW!!

    • dude looks like a lady…

      • Katie

        I concur Richard, if you want to be pale don’t go tanning for fucks sake, put on some damn sunscreen. And I’m heavily tattooed but I look normal, at least. I hate that every girl who has a massive amount of tattoos has to try to look like a drag queen. Scrape the makeup off, have normal hair and get on with life. The tattoos are enough to make people look twice, you dont need to make yourself up as a hooker, too. Aaaand my rant is done.

      • HITLER

        Girl who takes it in da butt,

        you nailed it. they’re a pair of posers.
        lets just call them nerds.

      • girl who likes it in da butt

        sure thing, hitler!

    • shankyouverymuch

      Have you ever seen Kat Von Dipshit’s feet?!?!?!!!!

      Lord almighty! like two giant lumps of greasy sweaty dough with fay maggots for toes- just the GROSSEST things ever, !!!

  2. Kat Von D and Jesse James
    Commented on this photo:

    fug twins

    • jess

      Whoahhh. Mabye post something positive next time instead of being shallow and judging people purely on looks? Sheeeeeshh what’s wrong with the world today……….

  3. fester

    How many chickens must lose their heads while these two are allowed to roam free?

  4. Kat Von D and Jesse James
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like Michael Jackson in the second pic.

  5. Duke

    Does anyone know what her real hair looks like under all of those ugly wigs? Does she have any hair or a tattooed head that she is trying to hide?

  6. Randy

    I think they are the perfect couple and wish them all the world of joy as Mr. and Mrs. Illustrated Man.

  7. Kelley

    God, he looks SO happy in these shots, doesn’t he ? I can barely stand it, lol !!

    • Nique

      Haha, thats what I thought. You can nearly see how he has realized what a good woman he lost.

      • dorothea

        Looking at the pics they never look at each other except for one pic. This is a publicity stunt, for what I am not sure. He looks utterly miserable which I think he deserves. He needs to focus on his kids and straightening himself out. And yeah Kat has had only 9 boyfriends….this week….please.

    • shankyouverymuch

      ‘Nique’ … He didn’t “lose” her, he threw her away like ignorant stupid LOSER that he is- :O(

  8. they’re both so nauseating. give it how long before he’s goin out behind her back?

  9. Peanutty

    I just started watching LA ink, and I am kind of on the fence about Von D. I don’t think that she is as talented artists as Corey, or the English guy. And I thought she was dating the Motley Crew guy.

  10. James

    The man is in his 50′s. He should stop dressing like a 20 year old. He actually looks silly.

    • Amy

      Agreed. When you’re 50, it’s time to let go of the trendy hats, stop shopping at Pac Sun, and stop taking embarassing pictures of yourselves in bikini’s (I’m looking at you Demi).

      • it aint easy being Rough

        Totally agree with you two. This man should be walking around with his pants under his nipples, a pair of powerful hearing aids and the overwhelming stench of Ben Gay that would knock out Evander Holyfield… What is wrong with him?

    • ajp

      Not that it changes your overall point, but he’s only 41.

      • James

        I dont know about pants under his nipples….but he tries to dress like a gang banger, but doesnt pull it off.

      • IbdaJudge

        Though he has proven himself a complete idiot as far as his social skills are concerned, I’m not sure how he dresses has anything to do with anything. He’s only 42, filthy rich, and was bangin Sandra. He could wear wrangler ropers and flip flops and still have a better grasp of his life than all of you.

  11. Amy

    What a dumb whore. I mean, really,,,what a dumb whore. It’s women like her that give us all a bad name.

  12. I used to like Kat, before she became a gaping hole of a tramp.
    I love her work, but I can’t ever take take her serious.
    Every guy she bangs is ‘the one’.

    • Brooke

      This. Exactly.
      She used to be so hottttt, too, before she got swept up in Hollywood and started taking a knife to her face. She’s apparently younger than me (I’m 26) but she looks ten years my senior with all the gunk and plastic on her face.

      • The Gouge

        Apparently you’re not old enough to do basic math, douche-nozzle. She’s 28, which would make her two years -older- than you.

  13. timmy the dying boy

    They deserve each other.

  14. oooaaahhh

    she has a “gunt”.

  15. Kat VonD

    I’ve fucked 3,352 men, but only had 9 boyfriends.

  16. fester

    Is it true that Jesse is the original Goatse?

    • Brooke

      Oh man, goatse. I remember when I would send the link to people and they still hadn’t heard about it yet. Now it’s like “What’s thi– oh, goddammit. That’s so ten years ago.”

  17. SNR

    In short, she is disgusting.

  18. ATL

    These neo-Nazies are perfect for each other.

  19. Turd Ferguson

    a little too much face makeup there, Dog.

  20. Chris

    Hollywood trash – go away!

  21. Kerri

    didn’t he just tell the world that he is going to spend his life trying to get sandra back? so far so good buddy! what a dick.

    • suprgrl

      Typical right? he’s a fucking douche who didn’t know a good thing when he had it.

      • clearly Sandra wasn’t his type of girl, who didn’t know that from the start? He likes tattooed porn stars, not exactly the Sandra Bullock type. She knew who she was marrying, and he knew what his type was. fuck em all.

  22. LACoolKid

    My feelings for Kat Von D aside you must realize that this is a spectacular publicity stunt to clean up Jesse James’ act and catapult Kat Von D even further up the slutbag ladder of fame. For a girl who boldly attempts to be a boarderline feminist she has really done a 180. Both of them are in tune with the reality tv circuit and it won’t be far off that we are watching a shitshow unfold at 10k per episode. Stand by America….more trash coming your way!

  23. BWT

    My god…would it be possible to dress any more like a douchebag?? What a tool…

  24. suprgrl

    I hate jesse and I hate kat. They belong together. He is a dirty old man and she’s just dirty. Have fun now kat, hope you enoy the disease he’ll give you from all the girls he’s going to cheat on you with.

  25. Howard the Duck

    there are diseases that she doesn’t have? She should feel ashamed about all the girls that will get her diseases from him cheating.

  26. Maeby

    wow she does NOT have the body for that dress.

  27. combustion

    she’s got a pooch belly.. full of tacos.

  28. fester

    Douche Meets Bag, A Love Story

  29. Mike Hawk

    He not only wishes he was in MS-13, he dresses like it too. Hope someone checks his status as well as administering STD, Hep C & rabies vaccinations to both he and it.

  30. Kat Von D and Jesse James
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    Baby bump???

  31. Marcus

    Even Hitler would not approve.

  32. Kat Von D and Jesse James
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    her face looks like Michael Jackson

  33. Kat Von D and Jesse James
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    He sure doesn’t look happy in the least…..

  34. Kat Von D and Jesse James
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    The Joker says Hello

  35. “I don’t hang out with anybody unless I am in love,”

    what the fuck does THAT even mean? She sounds as stupid as she looks.

    I can’t help but wonder who it was that molested her so thoroughly to get her into the current fucked up mind state.

  36. Kat Von D and Jesse James
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    He looks extremely uncomfortable when she gets close to him.

  37. Kat Von D and Jesse James
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    he looks thrilled.

    • TONNI

      Thats what I was going to say! The so called ‘man’ cant even act like he’s happy. As long as he ‘gets it’ when, where and how he wants it, then life is good for Jesse! Scum BAG!

  38. Kat Von D and Jesse James
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks like some old homeless guy.

  39. Parker

    I can’t believe that douchebag’s luck. Kat von D is like 10 steps up from Sandra Bullock. Half her age, twice as hot, has her own business, and I’m willing to bet she won’t be adopting any kids from total strangers.

    • jim x

      Twice as hot? Have to differ there. Also, Sandra B. has her own business, a pretty successful production company.

      But I will admit, I am surprised in her going for him. It’s a fame-based business decision / crazy “I can change him and make him a bad boy ONLY FOR ME” thinking.

      • Parker

        You must be an older person. Nothing wrong with that but these days, when comparing two women, the age difference is always inversely proportional to the hotness. Sandra is a wheezing 47 year-old and Kat is a hot 27 year-old. Yes, all the tattoos are distracting but I wasn’t thinking about marrying her only having anal sex with her on a regular basis. Whatever business Sandra owns is going to be as boring as she is whereas Kat runs a tattoo parlor which is always full of young hot chicks. If elderly women do any hanging out at all it’s usually at church or anyplace else full of elderly women. Sandra’s a nice old lady but Kat is a hot babe. There’s really no point to be argued here. If she was up against another 27 year-old then sure but when you do the math against an elderly, some would say “mature” or “aged”, woman then it just doesn’t work. I really have no say in the matter. It’s got something to do with what they call “natural selection.”

    • Bow Down Assholes

      Parker, you don’t fuck a lot of bitches, do you. You got no g-a-m-e!

  40. Kat Von D and Jesse James
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    She clearly needs more tattoos and makeup.

  41. it aint easy being Rough

    I would like to take this unique opportunity to apologize to Ms Kat for just entertaining the thought of having her bang a guy without him being her boyfriend. I’m a pig, and ashamed.

  42. Kat Von D and Jesse James
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    she obviously hates herself and how she looks, always covering up with the clown makeup and tats…she has major insecurity, and she is with a douche bag cheater…wow, she picked a winner.
    who would want thatthing up her after hes been with all t hose gutter hoe?

  43. Kat Von D and Jesse James
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    And is it me or does the woman tattooed on her left forearm resemble Sandra Bullock?

  44. Jen

    i think he should do porn. he fucks enough porn stars. and id like to see how big that vanilla gorilla REALLY is.

  45. Kat Von D and Jesse James
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    Belly – ass = ehhhh

  46. AstroTwins

    We couldn’t agree more. Here’s a little astrological analysis of this tattooed train wreck that’s already going off the rails! http://astrostyle.com/Blog/2010/09/03/kat-von-d-jesse-james-love-actually/ophira/

  47. Kat Von D and Jesse James
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    nose job!

  48. Kat Von D and Jesse James
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    she looks like a kabuki woman, save the tattoos. i’d choose sandra bullock over this dumb twat anyday. what’s wrong jesse jame’s eyeball, by the way? his right eye is seriously skewed.

  49. fuck!! thats sum scary lookin’ shit…..i wanna cum on them tattoos

  50. stev

    she looks like michael jackson.

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