Karolina Kurkova has cellulite


Czech supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel Karolina Kurkova was spotted at a photoshoot in New York City sporting super small shorts and some cellulite. Which doesn’t make any sense, because I’ve seen pictures of her in magazines and she definitely doesn’t have any cellulite. She also enjoys lounging around in lingerie and hanging out topless with her friends. I would know, I’ve seen the pictures. So what is this, like special effects or something?

karolina-kurkova-nyc-fashion-shoot-01-thumb.jpg karolina-kurkova-nyc-fashion-shoot-02-thumb.jpg karolina-kurkova-nyc-fashion-shoot-03-thumb.jpg karolina-kurkova-nyc-fashion-shoot-04-thumb.jpg karolina-kurkova-nyc-fashion-shoot-05-thumb.jpg karolina-kurkova-nyc-fashion-shoot-06-thumb.jpg karolina-kurkova-nyc-fashion-shoot-07-thumb.jpg karolina-kurkova-nyc-fashion-shoot-08-thumb.jpg