Karolina Kurkova flashes all kinds of stuff

December 13th, 2007 // 82 Comments

These are shots of Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova at a photo shoot in Saint Barts yesterday. I enjoy how she gets dressed in a giant collapsible tube. It’s almost like she’s in the future. I can’t wait until the day we all can wake up in the morning, step into a tube and be instantly dressed for work. For now I’ll have to settle for changing out of my PJ’s in the janitor’s closet. Though I wish he wouldn’t watch while quietly sipping his coffee. At least toss me a compliment or something. I may seem like just a glistening collection of biceps and abdominal muscles, but I have feelings too, you know?

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. Texas Tranny

    LOL #46,
    Even I don’t spend 2 hours in Victoria’s Secret,……………………………………………………
    I know where everything is.
    Tee Hee

  2. D. Richards (Biologist.)

    Flash that body straight to the morgue stat! We’ve got a dead hermaphrodite on our hands here, people. And we gotta do a necropsy. Open her up. Yeah, see how the testicles are embedded in the abdomin here? That’s why she was so tall and hairy. Good god; in all my years as a pathologist I have never, ever, seen ovaries as such. They’re in place of normal testicles. In a sack of some sort? What was god thinking? What was.. Oh my.. I think I’m going to be sick. Bllwaaaughhhhhuttchhhcappaaaa.

    Burn this mess behind the office by the dumpster. I know it’s against procedure, nurse! Look just get it the hell away from me.

  3. Auntie Kryst

    Her package is making me miss communism. I thought she was an East German woman hockey player.

  4. lux

    That first picture’s been photoshopped. Why does she have a banana hammock?

  5. PunkA

    For a supposed supermodel, she is pretty plain vanilla. Not that hot and her body–for a SM–is just average. Notihg overly special about her really. That is, except for the hge pocket rocket she sports. Not she she wants to be known for that. Maybe his real name is Karoly.

  6. Maybe her ben wa balls slipped out..

  7. VixenEyz

    Don’t tell me she is really a man…she looks like she has a camel hump in that first pic???? Crazy…

  8. yee haw

    her mendes, and winehouse, all look alike. a horse is a horse of course of course.

  9. Ok, in that first pic, does anyone else think it looks like she’s got some “man junk” up front? Like crotch area? May just be me seeing things…

  10. woodhorse

    mmmmmmmm “man junk”. Maybe I should let the fruitcake “out-gas” before eating it. It had a whole bottle of brandy in it.

  11. Dugger

    2 words: Maxi – Pad
    That’s all it is folks….

  12. Liz

    Excuse me, can anyone explain the suspicious bulge in the first pic?

  13. boogie

    that’s not Jon Heder?!

  14. david586921

    Karolina Kurkova, i prefer it is a fake news as well as some magazines said she kept dating rich men from seekingsugar.com in the past weeks. Good luck,!

  15. Aerial


  16. ChoraNym

    Tell him what he’s won, Bob!….A scary bulging PENIS!

    That, is a man, baby…props to her and her EU parents for keeping the present tightly wrapped all this time. Karolina gives hope to pretty czech boys everywhere.

  17. KingWang

    No, in that pic she doesn’t have any bulge other than “Peter Belly”.

    I guess that kitten she ate made that………or maybe the tweak rock she smoked, remember, you have to hide that little glass pipe SOMEWHERE.

    Who is this retarded woman? That’s right: nobody.

  18. I prefer it is a fake news

  19. Spinnaker

    She’s nice & all but she’s fucking huge (187 cm barefoot) or 6.3′ in american.
    And yes, it looks like a bulge on first pic.

  20. ToddMaster

    Is that her clit making a penis buldge?

  21. thg

    70 dont lie.

    shes only 5’11

  22. hows that bulge??
    anyway i love her at http://www.fukkad.com/

  23. angEl!*caKes!*

    omigOsh iss thIs giRl a mAn?? traNny aleRt!!!

  24. charle

    She is so beautiful and sexy anyway. No wonder so men at pubspa.com are always enjoying her videos.

  25. Dave

    its that weird girl with no belly button

  26. Mike

    For all those dummies who think she is packing “junk” in her underwear, if you had spent maybe 1 second looking at the picture instead of glancing at it you would notice that the lady in front of her to the left is holding a cloth with is blocking her at an awkward angle so thereby causing this illusion.

  27. she’s got a pretty big dick for being so damn skinny

  28. Hoopskidoodle

    #2 I haven’t a clue as to who this chick is, but I noticed that too… immediately. I’m pretty sure that she has a decent sized dick.

  29. she really thinks those pictures are so attractive? or why she put so many pics at the celebrity dating club LargeMingle.com ? she needs true love there?

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