Karissa Shannon Looks Entirely Candid

Like most of us when faced with a flat, Karissa Shannon took her shirt off and allowed her jugs to breathe while changing a tire outside Los Angeles Tuesday night. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you almost have to respect Heidi and Spencer after looking at these two. At least Douchebeard and Wife understood how to give off the appearance of believability, while Karissa and Sam here basically just start making a porno. Again.

KARISSA: Oh, this mean old tire won’t stay full of air. I better take my shirt off so it doesn’t get it all dirty. Oops! This tire iron was all covered in grease and now that grease is all over my chest. Oh, no…
SAM: The, uh, the tire’s actually flat, baby.
KARISSA: Then why’d you let me take my top off?
SAM: Because… that’s how you’re supposed to change it?
KARISSA: I knew it! Now this iron thingy goes in my butt, right?
SAM: Why, yes! Yes, it does. You’re so smart.
KARISSA: Tee-hee. Yay!

(Goddamn, I’m meeting the wrong women.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News