Karissa Shannon Looks Distraught

September 23rd, 2010 // 68 Comments

Call me old-fashioned, but if you claim someone “stole” your sex tape forcing you to sign off on a six-figure deal with Vivid, willingly posing for promotional shots in lingerie really doesn’t help your case. Not that I’m suggesting there even was one to begin with, but sometimes it’s nice to keep up appearances. Back me up, Catholic Church.

Photos: Vivid/Splash News


  1. Commented on this photo:

    who was the art directer on this shoot? her tag is hanging out and her strap is all twisted! unprofessional.

  2. Dank

    She looks like a blond Kara Dioguardi

  3. wonker

    i dont care if im first

  4. Im somewhat catholic and i approve that message.. This bimbo cant even do a good porn cover. What fucking good is she even as a ho. Just cough up the dyke tape with heidi and piss off into oblivion, please

  5. Im lost here on this one….Just how does fucking Gary Coleman lead to fame and fortune? Help me out America.

  6. a man call Rough

    This chick is just effing HOT, period.

  7. belgarath
    Commented on this photo:

    photo #3 seems to have a little on the side.

  8. Drew

    I’d lay so much pipe in this, BP would be jealous.

  9. Mal Gusto

    nice gut she is trying to hide.

  10. Deacon Jones

    My kind of girl. My ex immediately out of college had this body and used to wear all this shit, she was so dirty. I’d blast cum ropes all over her back every night and sleep like a baby.

    I say we clone her and airdrop about 100,000 of ‘em over the Middle East, maybe those sand n!ggas will stop wanting to blow everything up once they start getting some premium tail. HooRAH

  11. Distraught? I think the word you’re looking for is “bored”.

    because that’s the look that turns dudes on the most. Every guy wants the hot chick in his bed to look like she’s wishing she were somewhere else, doing something remotely entertaining.

  12. jamaican

    she not that hot mon. I fucked hotter and way thinner. she looks pretty skanky to me. I would only fuck her with a 10 foot pole. good thing I’m jamaican and have a 10 foot pole. I would need to at least bag her face or shave her face completely off to hit that cuz she ‘s not up to my standard.

  13. WTF

    Not all Jamaicans have big wangs. Stop being so childish.

    • jamaican

      No not all. But I have a 14 incher. I’ve seen bigger wangs on Chinese guys. Thats why the cock is refered to as a WANG or DONG or SHWANG. I’ve seen them beat their wives and kids with it.

  14. SHADE

    Where are the NSFW screen captures!? For fucks sake, TMZ had the edited versions two days ago! Your slackin Fish…. sllllllaaaaackkkin.

  15. Misana
    Commented on this photo:

    silly goose

  16. Jen

    she usually looks hot. these pics are not doin it for her.

  17. Racer X

    She should do a scene for BRAZZERS.

    Vivid SUCKS!

  18. Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    I suppose we needed something like this posted before the week was out. The menfolk were getting restless.
    It HAS been a long time since we saw an artfully placed & well deserved star on something sexy and very much NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

  19. Parker

    I think if I gave her some deep, soothing anal sex she’d relax. Most women find a penis in their bottom to be very comforting.

    • Lady Blah Blah

      Maybe she’d give birth to mulatto while your Parker pen is in her anus.

      • Parker

        Why in the world would she do such a thing? Every woman knows it’s extraordinarily impolite to give birth while she’s having anal sex. At least every civilized woman knows that. Are you Australian?

  20. memem
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d stick it in.

  21. jains

    Ok at First I have to say I thought, OMG HOT,
    but I was distracted by the chain, the whip, her ass,
    Why are her boobs so very tiny? I thought playboy bunnies had implants, I thought that was the whole point of playboy, she has almost no boobs at all WTF?

    her face is actually very erotic, just by looking at her mouth is giving me a boner, and her butt looks nice but, I dont know I wish she was hotter being a bunny and all, she looks like a hot girl that you see in the street, not really playboy material, she looks to plain and did i mention She has no boobs WTF?

  22. a man call Rough

    Cant wait to see what a “wildest celebrity sex tape so far” looks like…

    *spit in hands and rub*

    • Deacon Jones

      I hope it’s better than Kim K’s!
      I finally watched that tape on youjizz and it fucking sucked!

      • I would suggest that everyone keep their expectations & erections in a comfortable holding pattern until this thing is released. It will likely suck. The male talent looks quite boyish & gay.

  23. girl who likes it in da butt

    sam jones looks like hes in middle school, not hot. he looks so much younger. he’s also gay. either in denial or willing to switch it up for the fame. the really really eery insecure side of hollywood sex.

    hugh hefner is also, gay btw. these gay guys can get it up for these blowup dolls types, but not real women. i wont get into the theory behind this.

    hugh and sam jones are both gay. really cant believe this isn’t outed.

    • a man call Rough

      Let me understand this. gay= having sex with near perfect women, and real women is define as lifting a fold or two to find the opening? Are you a recruiter for GAGA? I think most hetero dudes will sign up…

    • da troooooooooooooof

      Yes they must be gay…who would actually be attracted to this?

    • Parker

      A nice, soothing penis in her ass will relax her.

  24. josh

    Pardon me but who is she ?

  25. oooaaahhh

    This is what I’m talking about! More of this. More of this.

  26. Burt

    Fish, you’re losing your touch. The dude was on a TV show called Smallville. The old you would have turned that factin into comedy gold.

  27. joho777

    Why is Karissa’s waist bigger than her hips?

    And where did she get that phony name? A

  28. joho777

    Why is Karissa’s waist bigger than her hips?

    And where did she get that phony name? A 1959

  29. kiki
    Commented on this photo:

    There both gross. and shes now a porn star and hes a drug dealer. Disgusting!

    • Someone

      it’s spelled THEY’RE as in “they are” not “there” as in a place

      • Hugh Gentry

        I like when people use “their” in that sentence. They’re trying to get it right because they know “there”isn’t right, but not smart enough to use the correct one. Morons.

  30. captain america


  31. Yep
    Commented on this photo:

    The Victoria’s Secret price tag is still on…. she’s returning it afterwards.

  32. mercy's bastard stepchild
    Commented on this photo:

    Why do black guys go after blondes?

    Better question: why do blondes give black guys the time of day?

  33. I think that’s probably the single most offensive thing I’ve ever read on this site. Congratulations.

  34. Nik
    Commented on this photo:

    I cant imagine being hot and screwing someone with the IQ of an Ape. That be as a much fun as sitting in the corner of a bar.

  35. Nik

    I can’t imagine being hot and dating someone with the IQ of an Ape. That be as much fun as sitting in the corner of a bar.

  36. Apostate

    My eyelids are getting heavy…..

  37. Commented on this photo:

    like memem said up there, he’d stick it in, so would most of the men looking at this. Thing is, since they don’t have this little slut to stick it in, then like the 62 yr. old down the street, the 3rd in a series of sex offender notices I’ve gotten recently who molested a 7 year old relative, then that’s what women like this promote and encourage, MORE SEX OFFENDERS. And you’re a damn fool if you bash this comment. Women like this are like people, well like those boys last year who teased and taunted a tiger, causing it to jump the walls of it’s pen, killing one and seriously injuring another. Sorry they suffered, BUT, they deserved what they got. In cases where some child suffered like the one in this latest sex offense on my street, she was the unfortunate one, it should have been the Karissa’s of the world that suffer, not some innocent child.

  38. justice
    Commented on this photo:

    As a brutha would say “Just another notch in my belt Yo!” Wake up white chicks! A brother could give a rats ass about you or your family….chickens! Just spit out a chicken baby and see where that takes you, huh. Down a dead end dark street of shame…clueless bitches!!

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