Karissa Shannon’s in a Bikini Again

Sam Jones III’s only claim to fame is playing Pete Ross for three seasons of Smallville and having sex with Playmate Karissa Shannon. Yet that scant level of celebrity status still allowed him to fly to Cancun while awaiting sentencing for being the “Hollywood connection” in a major oxycodone trafficking ring, according to TMZ:

So he did what any other actor in his position would do — he filed papers with the federal court in L.A. asking for a special dispensation … on the grounds that he needed the money … and the court actually GRANTED it.

While I want to make a point here about Hollywood celebrities essentially being one step away from firing six shooters in the middle of Starbucks without fear of law enforcement, there are two half-naked butts in this post. I’m not saying they possess the solution to celebrity justice, but I did spend the better part of this afternoon staring at a brown ass that looks like Station’s from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. Let me have this one.

Photos: Pacific Coast News