Kanye West: ‘Give Chris Brown a break – and O.J.’

February 27th, 2009 // 153 Comments

Kanye West recently performed for VH1′s Storytellers, and during the three hour shoot he made some choice comments that producers decided to edit out. Including a plea to back off Chris Brown. Reuters reports:

A little later, West asked the crowd, “Can’t we give Chris a break? … I know I make mistakes in life.” He was referring to R&B singer Chris Brown, who was arrested on the night of the Grammys on suspicion of beating his girlfriend Rihanna.
In the same context, West earned loud applause with his declaration: “Michael Jackson, amazing. Michael Phelps, amazing … He’s a real f—in’ person; he makes mistakes,” referring to the champion swimmer’s recent bong pipe brouhaha.
VH1 has cleaned up those comments a bit, and it also included West’s less-popular follow-up observation: “O.J. Simpson, amazing. Is he not? What he did, when he did, what he did. Was he not amazing though?”

I love how he lumped Michael Phelps in there because taking a hit off a bong is the exact same thing as beating your girlfriend, molesting children and killing your wife. I mean, who among us didn’t look at the Rihanna photo and immediately say “Damn. It’s Michael Phelps all over again!”? Frankly, I don’t see how you can tell the two apart they’re so alike.

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  1. If you say so!

  2. alice

    kanye west is a tool.

  3. combustion8

    anyone got a spare sickle sell?

  4. b

    This guy is the picture of a dumb nigger. I wish someone would smash his face with a ball peen hammer. They can bury him next to his fatass mother. Fuck off Gayne.

  5. Anexio

    Kanye West is nothing but used anal douche water.

  6. Richard McBeef

    Kanye West is an autofellating douchebag asshole.

  7. Phelps lungs

    Kanye is a waste of space. Stop stealing other people’s music and dissapear already

  8. Last sentence has a typo: “I don’t know how you can tell the two *important* they’re so alike. Substitute ‘apart’ for ‘important.’


  9. Richard McBeef

    I spacedocked Kanye’s dead mom.

  10. Walter

    When is the douchbag going to shut up and go away.

  11. Paris Hilton

    does he have mouth herpes? look at pics 1 and 2. that’s herpes if i have ever seen it on my pussy.

  12. Beav

    Is that a clitoris on his lip?

  13. Deacon Jones

    Man, what is it about black people NEVER taking responsibility for anything?
    I’m not even trying to be racist about this , just pointing out the obvious.

    There’s a reason 97% of the Navy SEALS are either white or latino. It seriously must be genetic.

  14. morgan

    Shut up Kanye, if you shut up I promise I’ll “let you be great”.

  15. "Chuck" Darwin

    I find this telling. In arabic societies it is natural to batter women. In Africa it is common practice to destroy a woman’s genitals to “keep them in line” to prohibit sexual pleasure so that they don’t stray from their owner or husband. Here black men absolutely massacre their women as well.
    I do not believe that all species are capable of universally cohabitating. Nor do I believe the same of sub-species or races.
    This male is obviously overpaid and should disappear back into the ghetto.

  16. Danklin24

    This guy has no fucking clue what he’s talking about. He tries so hard to sound intelligent and get people behind him but the world just laughs at him. He really needs to just give it up. Yes Kanye, OJ was amazing. He played shitty football, stared in those shitty Naked Gun movies, then decided to kill his ex wife and her lover. That guy deserves a fucking medal, and so do you Kanye. Gold star!

  17. b man

    Hooooooowwwwddy Hoooo!

  18. kate

    Frankly, I don’t see how you can tell the two important they’re so alike.


  19. Jrz

    So smoking weed is the same as molesting kids, killing two people and beating the fuck out of a woman.

    I think it’s time for the guillotine fairy to pay Kanye a visit.

  20. Jrz

    PS nice bowtie. he looks like Steve Urkel’s developmentally challenged brother.

  21. Sorry Kanye but hitting RiRi is NOT an OK mistake to make!!!

  22. This man makes me sick to my stomach. The definition of fake. He is a fire that is fed by Hollywood producers and MONEY. He is a complete idiot.

  23. Lowlands

    Hmm,i’ve more on my mind than saving careers of individuals.But doesn’t O.J. have his break now?

  24. Vince Lombardi

    Can anyone who combines a bowtie and denim be taken seriously? Even Louis Farrakhan just slapped his hand to his forehead over that picture….

  25. Mike

    We also need to give Marion Barry, William Jefferson, Roland Burris, Wesley Snipes, and BO a break. I’m sure there are a couple dozen thousand in prison that we need to give a break to as well.

  26. Darth

    Both these brothers can eat my balls

  27. NASCAR sucks big green donkey ....

    Fuck you Krayon or Karo or whatever the shit your stupid name is. Just stick to recording your shit music and posing at your fake ass award shows! Give that turdstain Chris Brown a break???? How ’bout someone break a fucking empty Cristal bottle across his face?

  28. Danyel

    Kanye is fuh-king idiot!! Money can’t buy you class, that’s for sure…

  29. Jibbly Biggins

    Yes, by all means let’s give thugs who hit, bite, stab, and kill women a break.

    What’s that West – you didn’t mean breaking their noses?

  30. wow…. what a cockface

  31. kingofbeer

    He’s a douche and his music sucks.

  32. Alison

    I wanna wipe that look right off his face.

    # 12 – you’re right, it is a clitoris on his lip

  33. Alison

    I wanna wipe that look right off his face.

    # 12 – you’re right, it is a clitoris on his lip

  34. norton

    Another talentless asshole “celebrity” with a Napoleanic complex opening their tiny fucking mouth – spewing forth their opinions; which none of us care about.

  35. Lowlands

    I don’t believe Chris Brown is an evil guy.But stupid,yes.Rihanna and the folks will decide if they forgive him or not.Is this democrazy or what!?

  36. me me

    Hey he left someone out. How about the doctor that performed cosmetic surgery on his mom? “Amazing. He’s a real f—in’ person; he makes mistakes” –

  37. everyone

    you all can comment on my balls

  38. pavmentaled

    Yowzers he does have a clit lip!!

  39. Erica

    Aren’t his fifteen minutes up yet?

  40. Darth

    ****Drums**** looks like he has clit lip

  41. RMc

    one word.


  42. aint that the truth

    why dont we all fucking talk about how FUCKING STUPID she is for sticking around … no one fucking flips out on day and starts punching you … it starts small and then escalates she is fucking stupid and just as responsible … both of them are fucking retarded lets all get over it … sadly this shit happens all of the time … LETS MOVE ON

  43. Darth

    I would hit chris brown

  44. Mama Pinkus

    With all due respect Mr. West (none), taking a bong hit is one thing; pedophilia, domestic violence and murder are, well, other things.

  45. CaptainMorgan

    Kanye West is suffering from Bigdoperetardedmuthafuckaliosis.

    Can’t we just all give Kanye a break?

  46. kitty

    so if someone is amazing at someone does that mean they get to break the law and not go to jail for it….

  47. kitty

    whoops if someone is amazing at something*

  48. mai-tai

    You’re stupid. He was referring to different mistakes people have made, not the severity of the mistake. Use the other half of your brain!

  49. McFeely Smackup

    Kanye is a pretty talented guy, but thinking (and talking) on his feet is not one of his skills. His poor mother, a college professor, must have been humiliated at his idiocy and inability to speak coherently.

    I’d also like to take the opportunity to point out that he grew up in an upper middle class community, he’s basically the Will Smith of rap (who himself used to be the Will Smith of rap).

  50. Randy

    BREAKING NEWS Rihanna’s secret lover speaks out part1
    OMG, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHkEvwC7Egw

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