Kanye West Walked Into A Pole

May 12th, 2013 // 56 Comments
Kanye West Walked Into A Pole Street Sign
WATCH: Kanye Walks Into Pole, Goes F*cking Bananas
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If you haven’t seen the feel good viral video of the weekend yet, here’s Kanye West banging his head off a street sign while trying to walk into a restaurant like a badass while Kim Kardashian waddles in front of him carrying the child he can’t wait to be nothing but a paycheck to. Even better is when Kanye comes back out and decides to throw a goddamn hissy fit because clearly it’s the paparazzi’s fault for making him believe depth perception is for punk bitches. Then again, they probably put that bright red sign there as trap. It’s practically a ninja.

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  1. Snooki's Taint

    proof positive he is blind. Between the sign, and Kim … the defense rests your honor.

  2. I would like to walk into a pole, too—Joanna Krupa.

  3. Quasi

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer douche bag….too bad they didn’t have a pole in front of Taylor Swift at the Grammy’s. What an ass hat.

  4. Frank Burns

    Usually, he lowers himself onto a pole.

  5. chicka

    just the other day he fell into a cow.

  6. Sandoucheky

    HAHA this is the scene in the movie where nothing’s going right for a character, and the last straw is him bonking his head into a pole and then they finally blow his fucking lid

  7. This is fucking hilarious! Anyone else notice that KK didn’t even ask him if he was OK? Then he came flying out of the restaurant screeching like a little girl. What a fuckup.

    • Al Michaels

      Thank you John Madden.

    • It looks like she stopped to see if he was alright. that was the most surprising part of the video. that she displayed a minimally selfless act.

      • KK is no moron. If Kanye gives himself a brain aneurism he can’t write child support checks. Her concern is genuine. She has to manage to keep that mouth breather alive and selling albums for the next 18 years.

      • She almost looked like she was cowering (ha ha no pun intended) beside him. You know he ruined their lunch with his anger (masking embarrassment). He probably muttered obscenities and screamed and yelled with his bad grammar for hours. I bet he is a misery to be around. We’ve all run into shit or tripped or stumbled and our friends – true friends – laughed at us, then asked if we were ok. That’s how humans behave. There is nothing human about him.

    • The Illuminati Did It!

      I’m kind of wondering if they haven’t broken up already. He seems miserable when he’s with her. 2 self-centered people don’t work in a relationship.

  8. LOL! What an idiot.

  9. Professor Chaos

    I’ve seen this video probably 10 times since it happened and laughed loudly every time. What an idiot. You can tell he’s obviously embarrassed about it. Love how he ends up taking it out on the paps as if he shouldn’t be watching where he’s walking.

  10. peyteygaya


  11. When you said Kanye walked into a pole I assumed Tom Cruise or John Travolta was going to be a part of this story.

    Who would have thought that walking with your eyes looking at the ground like an asshole would end up in walking into stationary objects. I don’t understand this douchebag’s problem, tons of money, fame and the ability to live a life that others can only dream of, grow the fuck up, smile and enjoy it.

  12. “Don’t take no photos!” he screamed, producing the kind of drama that makes paps take even more photos.

  13. That moment when you take Kanye’s side. The Papz are fucking vermin. Yeah, yeah, I know all about what a fame whore these two are. But what a miserable existence. I mean, he’s fathering Cthulu for cripes sake. Let the man have a day off.

    • Being famous is his job. That’s why he earns millions of dollars a year instead of $9 a hour. If he doesn’t want to do that job, then he can quit the business and get out of the spotlight.

      But living in LA, living the celebrity lifestyle and getting paid fat celebrity paychecks means you get your picture taken wherever you go. It’s his choice.

    • Drew

      Oh shut the fuck up.

      He’s just throwing a temper tantrum because he was embarrassed he looked like a fucking tool in front of the cameras. The paparazzi even asked numerous times if he was alright, and he didn’t even acknowledge them until it set in that he just made a fool out of himself.

      What you then witnessed, was an egomaniac trying to act “cool” and saving face by being a tough guy badass.

      Don’t blame the paps because Kanye is a raging idiot. Sometimes they get out of hand, this was hardly one of those times.

  14. A-hahaha bitch went boom. What you get for unprotected bestiality (knocking up a walrus) – it’s called karma.

  15. Brian

    He interupts peoples on stage awards speeches, knocks up a socialite and walks around with her in very public places, and he doesn’t want his picture taken? Not buying it.

  16. SsssHhhh

    Clearly,all the signs are there ?…..

  17. So a guy walks into a bar …

  18. Cock Dr

    Monday internet usage starts on a bright note today.

  19. cc

    Personally, I was hoping he’d fall into a pit of vipers.

    Or, at the very least, impale his dick on some broken glass.

  20. ss


  21. Deacon Jones

    So, all those cameras taping and they fucking miss the point of impact??

    Fucking amateurs!

  22. Doubter

    All those cameras and no one got a picture of his head hitting the sign? You all just got punked.

  23. Maybe…maybe there IS a god.

  24. Bane

    Is the sign okay?

  25. The Illuminati Did It!

    If only that sign was explosive.

  26. tlmck

    Hollywood really needs to get some new script writers.

  27. Uncle J

    It wont be the last time we see him behind bars.

  28. Mitch

    If he doesn’t want any photos taken then he should just move back to Africa and live in a mud hut with his brother.

    Obama too.

  29. anonymoose

    “Aww, does Mr. Grumpyface have a boo-boo” is the best thing I’ve read all week! Thanks!

  30. Em

    If he didn’t want his photo taken (which obviously he did) he should have told his whale of a pregnant girlfriend not to call the paps and tell them where they are going to be lunching (which she obviously does all the time).

  31. You know, everybody’s writing how Pimp Mama Kris is “concerned” that Kanye is going to drive the paps away but I call bullshit. PMK knows that the paps will follow a real celebrity even more if he’s mean to them ( they’re dysfunctional that way ). It’s only the fake celebrities that have to be nice.

    No, what PMK is concerned about is that if all the paps are following Kanye and Kanye won’t follow the family… there goes the family business! And PMK has a lot of mouths to feed!

  32. So, did the hollow echoing sound come from the post or his head?

  33. Next time KK will remember to put a leash on her little monkey!

  34. Chinto

    “If you want me to leave I’ll leave, Ok Kanye?” What a pussy that last pap was.

  35. yezzir

    kanye is a tool but paparazzi are the scum of the fucking earth

    • Paps

      That day they[paparazzi] were Kings!
      I so love seeing Kanye frustrated and embarrassed LOL
      Kim is probably really pissed, it took coverage off herself.

    • And yet, here you are, suckling at the teats of the scum you so deride. Paparazzi are just people doing a job, providing a product that you yourself are consuming by coming to sites like this. You’re welcome to hate the paparazzi, but doing it on a celebrity gossip rag is massively hypocritical.

  36. BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  37. Ming the Malevolent

    I just noticed the sign was “wrong way”… Hey, dumbass Kanye, the universe is trying to tell you something!

  38. Mr T

    Gee, what a shame!!

  39. bhattman

    bad luck kanye, tries to keep head down and avoid paparazzi…walks into a pole and makes everybody’s day :P

  40. thecrazybetty

    hahahahahaha there is a God.

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