Nobody Knows WTF Kanye Was Talking About At The VMAs

Because God knows what stupid shit will come out of his mouth, MTV gave Donald Trump Kanye West way too much time to do or say whatever the hell he wanted at the VMAs last night. Except I can’t find a single article explaining what he even talked about because nobody has a clue. Obviously, he spoke almost entirely about Kanye, and any attempt to make some sort of social commentary reverted back to, surprise, Kanye. – For example, he mentioned Chicago, only to pat himself on the back for calling Taylor Swift about that song. – He also had the balls to refer to himself and Jaden Smith as “thought leaders,” which should terrify anyone with a young child because their generation is fucked. They’re dead. But then Kanye debuted his new video for “Fade” featuring Teyana Taylor, and I probably should’ve just copied and pasted the embed code over all of these words. So never mind, I’m the dumb one. I’m the stupid asshole. It’s me.

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Photo: Getty