Kanye West’s Brain Is An Etch A Sketch, Yep, That Checks Out

Just to get this right out of the way, if I actually thought Kanye West was suffering from anything other than egomania, as in real mental illness or a TBI, I wouldn’t even touch this. But keep in mind, his camp repeatedly said he was only being treated for sleep deprivation and exhaustion. Also, he’s a Kardashian now, and he’s stepped in so much shit lately that there’s no way some explanation for his behavior wouldn’t eventually ooze its way down Ass Mountain. So here’s that in the form of his friend Malik Yusef claiming that Kanye has “suffered memory loss” during his prolonged period of erratic behavior. *inhales deeply* Oooh yeah, I love the smell of Kardashian grift in the morning. Via Huffington Post:

I’ve been to his house. Sat down with him for about 6, 7 hours. Just walking through his health and recovery,” he said. “His memory’s coming back. Yeah, his memory’s coming back, which is super good. And just healing. Spending time with his family. Saint [West, his child] is getting big and he’s walking and playing with toys so, you know, that invigorates him.

So obviously the memory loss bullshit is supposed to absolve the entire Trump fiasco as well as possibly reach out to Beyonce and Jay Z who finally got every reason they’ll ever need to never be in a room with Kim Kardashian ever again. But what about that family time? Did that include when Kim went to Dubai and Costa Rica without him? Or New York to shoot a cameo for a movie? Then there’s this tidbit which was revealed just before the article and mentions that Kanye is in New York right now for Fashion Week.

When asked if West was working at all, Yusef replied, “Not working. Not working. Just …” he paused, “going through processes.”

It’s almost like there is no limit to the stupidity or gullibility of Kanye/Kardashian fans.

“Oof, this looks bad. I insulted Beyonce and met with Trump.”
“Tell them you don’t remember.”
“No way, Mama Kris, that will never work.”
“Remember when Ray J nailed your wife on video? She sells children’s clothes at Sears now.”

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