1. Scott

    First and he’s stupid!

  2. Jillian Junk

    Amber Rose is gonna kick his ass in. #kanyehemorrhage

  3. jay blovah

    FIRST and he’s really dumb and his album cover sucks and your mom is lame.

  4. Greatsayain

    Thats more Harpy than pheonix.

  5. king gibson

    lmao this isn’t the real cover is it?!?!

  6. RoboZombie

    I don’t know much about art, but I know that looks like it was done by an 8 year old schizo huffing paint! (That means it sucks).
    I guess in this case the artwork matches the “art” in the album: SHIT.

  7. Arska

    Yo, Kany, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you release your album, but Nirvana had one of the best album covers of all time.

    • chelsea

      i love you

    • Guy Rossi

      You’re so dumb!! I Ibet you also think Smells like Teen spirt is the best song and video ever. I bet you are either 18 and dumb or 40 and dumb. Just cause Cobain died it doesn’t make him a music saint

      • anon

        or just being sarcastic?

      • elence

        I bet Arska is 18 :D But i believe hi is joking, i bet he doesn’t even knows whats on the nirvana cover
        and yes Nirvana sucks! The doors forever! :)
        About the cover-let Kanye be Kanye!

  8. TCash

    WTF? As a designer and artist, all I can say is what a piece of crap. It is SO crappy, it just pisses me off. In a see red sort of way. WTF?

  9. EzePee

    Seriously–is that his rebuttal? Please don’t ever try to imagine Kanye as being any sort of intellectual–Nirvana can have a naked human being on it’s cover–what a tool. He has a black monster fucking a white monster–it’s not so much that nipple–Nirvana had a cute naked baby..does he really need this spelled out for him or is he being profoundly deep again?

  10. AteIsEnough

    Maybe it’s because they don’t like your ignorant, arrogant ass Kenya, or Kenye, or Kanya, or whatever the fuck your retarded name is… and it’s not the cover of your earbleed inducing “music” ( I use the term music loosely) that is causing the problem. You see, that’s probably their polite way to keep your produced shit off the shelves. You see, SOME people have coothe and dignity.

  11. Shejay

    What a dipshit!!! Naked swimming baby versus being naked and getting humped by a naked chic (phoenix my ass)…. He makes me wanna throw up in my mouth.

  12. angry beaver

    FUCKIT! When I saw the Kurt Cobain reference I figured Kuntye did the music world a favor and put his head into a blender and pushed puree. Do not ever, ever get me that excited and then jerk me off like that. Unless there is dinner involved. Fucker.

  13. ang

    Um. Does he really think the only wrong with that cover is the nipple.

  14. geraldo

    Haa ha ha. ha ha ha.heyheyhey. I cannot point out the obvious because I am white as a ghost but this looks like he drew it himself and thought it was a “good” thing. Nice to see he is trying to keep his lips closed recently.

  15. Anonymous

    He is obviously letting it slip that the only reason he is famous is because he made a deal with the devil and that deal was sealed when he banged a succubus who implanted his “creativity” into him.

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