Kanye West Is Gonna Milk This Hospital Thing

While his orange doppelganger announces his plans to shred the first amendment to the point where even Mitch McConnell popped his head out of his milquetoast turtle shell and went, “Not today, motherfucker,” Kanye West will reportedly stay in the hospital a little bit longer because I mentioned he’s getting a huge insurance payout from this, right? He’s getting a huge insurance payout from this. PEOPLE reports:

“I know that he’s been really eager to make music and to work even from the hospital bed,” the source says.
The source says they “don’t know” when West will return home.
“He’s the hardest working person I’ve ever met in my life, the most enterprising, most driven,” the insider explains of West, 39. “It’s like super-human level, but in truth he’s not super-human, he’s only human. He wants to work 24/7 but I think that drive is part of this thing, he’s worn himself down.”

Of course, the important question is how can this be used to promote the show? And the answer is pretend production stopped again just like after Kim’s robbery. (Read: It didn’t. It didn’t stop at all.) TMZ reports:

Sources connected with the production tell us producers have enough footage for the series commitment, but the plan was to film through the holidays, and that won’t happen.
We’re told Kanye’s hospitalization has temporarily shut down production, but Kim has been in such bad shape since the robbery that there was no real hope of shooting anything through December.
Kim, we’re told, has been “rethinking everything” … our sources would not elaborate.

And by “rethinking everything” they mean butt photos. Because the day Kim Kardashian doesn’t use that thing to blot out the sun, is the day we all say, “Holy shit, I can’t believe Donald Trump shot a bazooka at it! He really does hate that thing like that time he said he did!”

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Photo: FameFlynet