Kanye West Cheated On Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is at her most self-conscious right now to the point where she doesn’t even want the paparazzi taking pictures of her anymore and that’s how she feeds. So what a perfect time to find out Kanye West has been banging Canadian models behind her back and telling them their relationship is a publicity stunt. Page Six reports:

A curvy Canadian model claims she bedded hip-hop legend Kanye West while he was dating Kim Kardashian — including when the reality star was pregnant, according to a shocking new report.
Raven-haired Leyla Ghobadi, 24, spilled details of their hook-ups in this week’s Star magazine, claiming that West said his relationship with Kardashian was about building his fan base.
“This is going to destroy the Kardashian family,” Ghobadi told Star. “It’s bad. It’s really bad. It’s just embarrassing. But if I were Kim and about to have a baby, I would want to know.”

Star also claims Kanye attempted to contact Leyla Ghobadi as recently as last week which makes sense considering she looks like Kim before she became a house, and Kanye has a history of banging women who look like Kim because he’s obsessed with recreating her sex tape. Pregnant women generally aren’t into that. “Damn, can’t even fit you in the shot… I mean, you’re beautiful! You’re a beautiful blossoming wom- and, ah shit, you’re crying.” *takes first flight out of the country*

Photos: Star Magazine / AKM-GSI