Kanye West Booed at Macy’s Parade

November 29th, 2010 // 44 Comments

For reasons known only to him and the hand-puppet he talks to before bed every night, Kanye West agreed to ride on a float all by himself during the 84th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Fortunately for us, New Yorkers take their morning talk shows and country music seriously (Roll with it.) which caused them to boo Kanye in between shouts of “Taylor! Taylor!” and the admittedly helpful, “Jump!” Surprisingly, Kanye kept his composure which I’m sure had nothing to do with him imaging he’s Jesus lugging his cross up the Via Dolorosa. He just doesn’t strike me as that kind of guy.

CROWD: Booooo!
KANYE: Aw, shit, Mel Gibson’s gonna make a sequel out this bitch.
NEW YORKER #1: Is he talking to himself up there?
NEW YORKER #2: I’m more concerned with the Scott Stapp/Crucifix pose he just busted out.
KANYE: ♪♫ With arms wide open… Kanye’s like Jesus… Welcome to his face, he’ll show you ev-ree-thang… ♪♫

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  1. FattyFatty2X4

    You meant boobed right?

    • If you look closely at Kanye he is wearing tight leather pants and a fur coat which is being covered by a blue woman’s coat. I’m guessing he showed up as was told he could not wear fur on the float and he probably said “I’ll wear fur wherever I want” and put a coat on over the fur.

  2. …because he’s a fucking jerk that always manages to put his foot in his mouth and the majority of people nowadays DON’T like him…he’ll go cry about it on Twitter later on…

  3. Pangulin

    ’bout time someone gave this jive-ass turkey the greeting he so richly deserves.
    The best thing that could have happened at the Macy’s parade would have been one of their giant balloons breaking free and carrying him into outer space, never to be heard from again. Bonus points for the balloon taking Taylor Swift with him. They’re both a couple of mealy-mouthed whiners!

    • Why wouldn’t it shock me to see Swift and West together doing a duet in 6 months? Or even funnier, find out they’ve been fucking each other since last years AMA’s???? hahahaha

  4. Big Stack

    I love how he’s wearing a fur coat under his black coat.

  5. JesseJimmy

    Nice gloves, Kanye. But until you make Macauley Culkin drink some Jesus Juice and show you “how much he loves you,” you’re just a MJ wannabe.

  6. from where i was , he was lucky there was about 10 cops in the street. There was about at least three people ready to pop him one. i would have died if someone did have a go at him.

    Pangulin: actually a garfield balloon ran away a few years ago. when those balloons break free they don’t go that up like a regular balloon. they crash into buildings. not major damage but enough for a repairman. Although the funny part of that incident was one cop beating the balloon sensless after they grounded it.

  7. Perfect opportunity for a sniper.

    But nooooooooooo……………


  8. moller

    Kanye is fucking awesome. Always.

  9. grobpilot

    I expect to see his whiny Twitter entries later today, Fish. Make it happen.

  10. Kanye West Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade
    Commented on this photo:

    so which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is he supposed to be?

  11. nevaeh


  12. shut up

    poor kanye

  13. Mee Mee

    He is completely delusional, and pathetic. Obviously not too frigging bright either.

  14. Gotta love New Yorkers!!! Tellin it like it is!!! I am surprised no one threw food or a bottle or something at him though. Of course, it is New York, where they have no one who can throw properly, a pitch or a bottle.

    • Sheena

      Good idea! But if someone had pitched something at his dumbass skull it should’ve been … wait for it…


  15. Davinci

    I think the boos=Jealousy. I’m just saying

    • Hella

      That is the truth! Besides, NY-ers are a racist bunch, much like the many thinly veiled racist commentators here. I ought to know, I lived there and live among like so many of the commentators here. They are looking for any reason to hate on a minority. And, if they are successful like Kanye then all hell breaks loose. Suddenly hardcore NY-ers are supporting a barely talented, country singing chippy like Taylor? Please! Granted that his action with Taylor was like a jerk, but I will guarantee that the core reason behind the booing for many NY-ers at the parade was, “How dare a black guy ridiculed a white girl?”

      • MPC

        Of course it must be about race. He acts like a complete ass but because he is black, u r a racist if u hate him. Hating someone like Howard Stern for the same reasons is more accepted because what… he deserves it and oh yeah he is a racist too? I am not white, not a country music fan, not from NY and cannot stand either’s big fat mouth. Regardless of race, an ass is an ass. Idiot.

  16. Finally, a float for gay fish.

    • slapkatyperry

      I thought he was a GAY FISH too, but come to find out he’s actually a floating TURD………….. FLUSH PLEASE!

  17. slapkatyperry

    Only booed Huh?, Someone should have handed out rocks to throw at his dumb ass.

  18. jojo

    i guess Kanye is going to say that all of New York hates black people now.

    No nuckfut, they hate you.

  19. Diane

    Why would Macy’s associate themselves with a man who’s more than old enough to know better that keeps attacking an innocent young female for no reason other than trying to explain away over and over his poor behavior?

    What a douche.

    He’d be a lot better off if he’d quit trying to make excuses and just admit he fucked up and move on. I’ve heard he is a good singer, but if he keeps up with his immature grudges, he’s going to kill his own career.

  20. GrimlyFiendish

    Oh and what voice is that? A fake-ass voice generated by computer, just like Kenya’s? Where would your “hero” be without his precious autotune crutch?

  21. Porter

    This guy is such a pathetic loser. Surprised they would want him in the parade. All he does is cry about not being respected and promotes the violence of skinning animals alive.

  22. Nae

    I just wish people would stop giving him so much attention.They should have just let his float pass in silence which might finally show him no one gives a fuck.

  23. See Alice

    Kanye, do the right thing .

  24. poof

    He sucks BALLS.

  25. Maria

    I saw him singing during the parade, and he didn’t have anything covering that fur coat. He was flaunting it.

    I only wish someone had yelled “Gay Fish” at him! What an arrogant jerk. He deserved every single boo, and a couple million more. I don’t blame New York for not wanting him on the big apple float.

  26. Kanye West Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade
    Commented on this photo:

    why does this egomaniac think he deserves any recognition!!!! nothing but a loser wanna be.

  27. Yo Snoopy, Imma let you finish but Snoop Doggy Dog is way higher than you.

  28. GravyLeg

    Of course they booed. His fucking ego was blocking their view of the floats.

  29. jack

    all of you are pathetic.

  30. NewJerseyer

    When I heard West was participating as a Guest in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, my only thought was how offensive it is to allow this pathological egotist to associate himself with an event celebrating a holiday based on the humble sentiments of Thanksgiving. It’s like inviting a hooker to dance on a pole at your daughter’s first communion or Bat Mitzvah.

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