Kanye West Booed at Macy’s Parade

For reasons known only to him and the hand-puppet he talks to before bed every night, Kanye West agreed to ride on a float all by himself during the 84th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Fortunately for us, New Yorkers take their morning talk shows and country music seriously (Roll with it.) which caused them to boo Kanye in between shouts of “Taylor! Taylor!” and the admittedly helpful, “Jump!” Surprisingly, Kanye kept his composure which I’m sure had nothing to do with him imaging he’s Jesus lugging his cross up the Via Dolorosa. He just doesn’t strike me as that kind of guy.

CROWD: Booooo!
KANYE: Aw, shit, Mel Gibson’s gonna make a sequel out this bitch.
NEW YORKER #1: Is he talking to himself up there?
NEW YORKER #2: I’m more concerned with the Scott Stapp/Crucifix pose he just busted out.
KANYE: ♪♫ With arms wide open… Kanye’s like Jesus… Welcome to his face, he’ll show you ev-ree-thang… ♪♫

Photos: Splash News