Kanye West Almost Committed Kanyecide

October 19th, 2010 // 32 Comments

And there’s the exact moment.

Kanye West told the crowd at the LA premiere of his new movie Runaway last night that he contemplated suicide, but didn’t go through it because apparently a bunch of people were already doing it. Or something. I mostly tune out whenever Kanye’s talking and just wait for the non-intentional punchline to eventually roll out. Via E! Online:

“There were times that I contemplated suicide,” West told the crowd, adding that he is now certain, “I will not give up on life again.”
“There’s so many people that will never get the chance to have their voice heard…I do it for them.”

Yes, because I’m sure had these people lived they would’ve gone on to create an album cover that consists of a cartoon version of themselves banging an armless, naked harpie on the couch. Bless you, Messiah Kanye. You truly know us more than we know ourselves.

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  1. Taz

    Kanye Is the biggest idiot ever

  2. fester

    If he killed himself Kanye would no longer be able to talk about himself.
    Not gonna happen.

  3. Jan

    See, I thought THIS was what you meant by your previous Kanye post, about how he was just like Kurt Cobain. Sticking a sawed-off in his mouth and pulling the trigger? #kanyeblast!

  4. Poor tortured soul. If u ever have those thoughts again i implore u talk to a dr~


  5. I thought they meant he almost had sex with Kelly Osbourne, which everyone knows is lethal.

    why is her head so big?

  6. lets be Frank

    if there was ever a reason to not commit suicide it would be just that… I dont want that fucking tool speaking on my behalf when I am gone.

  7. RoboZombie

    All he wants to hear is the sound of his own damn voice! Please Kanye, do something right for once and pull the goddamn trigger!

  8. kisdaring

    Talk about not following through…pull the trigger bitch and give the rest of the world some happiness!!

  9. That Guy

    Nah, he wouldn’t off himself but if he did he would probably want fireworks and half naked women dancing at his funeral. :P

  10. RoboZombie

    Oh and #kanyeselbstmord!

  11. He has white friends, he can’t possibly be racist.

  12. Kanye…Kanye…dying at the peak of your career is the instant fast-track to “legend” status. Everyone knows it. What do you have to look forward to except inevitable decline and loss of relevancy.

    do it Kanye…do it and become immortal.

  13. jonesy

    I thought you did it for me Kanye! I wore 80′s style sunglasses for you and jeans that squeeze my balls too tight! Well guess what? Today I’m buying some polarized Oakley’s and Eddie Bauer Khakis. How does that make you feel? Hmmmm? Look at me, I’m crying….goddamn you Kanye…Goddamn you to Target!!!

  14. LJ

    As his popularity wains, I guess he needs a “gimic” to keep an audience listening to him.

  15. I hate having to say this

    Don’t like him one bit, but… I have to give him some credit for being man enough to admit he once had a serious problem (don’t get me wrong he still has problems). Sucide is a serious problem, espcially with teens, and by standing up and showing that many among us have felt such dispair he does indirectly lend genuine help. The guy is a first-class asshat no doubt, but give him credit when it’s due. Stand up and take a bow Kanye, you desirve it and are going to need it, bucause I’m sure you’ll open your mouth in the next 72 hours and remind everyone what a jerk you are.

    • Layhertease

      Ummm… you’re assuming he’s telling the truth and actually contemplated suicide, and didn’t just talk out of his ass and make that shit up, for no other reason than to get 2 more minutes of attention. Hmmm, let’s see, which possibility seems most likely… I give this giant, self-deluded jack wagon credit for nothing.

      Of course, in Kanyeland, him pondering how horrible and dark the world would become if he were to die and take all the light and goodness with him is probably the same thing as suicidal thoughts. After all, this was a case of possible Kanyecide, not suicide.

      • Don't forget...

        Ummm yeah he probably did contemplate suicide. Don’t forget his mother died and he never really took the time to grieve last year until after the Taylor Swift incident. How would you feel if one of the most important people in the world to you disappeared one day?

  16. Facbook me

    Kanye, let me put you out of your misery..as I’m sure the list grows on who would love to help you:

    1) Taylor Swift
    2) Dr. Kevorkian
    3) Me
    4) Everyone else that has been hearing you talk about absolutely nothing

  17. Stephanie

    Kudos to Kelly for getting fit. Too bad she’s still ugly as fuck.

  18. The Observer

    Was thinking about suicide then didn’t do it?
    Wow,.. stupid, illiterate, likes fish dicks, AND he’s a fucking quitter.

  19. See Alice

    What’s with this almost stuff . Faker !

  20. cc

    What stopped him? I want to know so that I can address the problem and make sure next time, he succeeds.

    And fuck off jowl-face.

  21. Not so fast my friends

    I’m wit ya Kanye
    and I a gonna let you git back to talkin about yoself
    but Cobain had the best suicide eva!

  22. tallie g

    He’s gonna milk it for all it’s worth. If he had any intelligence and emotional maturity, he would shut the heck up about it and move on. He obviously needs some professional shrinkage AKA psychiatrist. If he keeps up that chatter, nobody will hire him, insure him – too flaky.

  23. Amanda

    You can do it, Kanye! I believe in you. Don’t give up on suicide.

  24. stevebeagle

    almost doesn’t count.

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