Kanye is Still on Taylor Swift’s Nuts

November 24th, 2010 // 148 Comments
Kanye West Bowery Ballroom

Kanye West performed at the Bowery Ballroom in New York last night where mid-set, he stopped and went off on some crazy stream-of-thought rant about George Bush and Taylor Swift, who he thinks should’ve come to his defense. Via Vulture, jumped because it takes Kanye 800 words just to say “Hello.”

And now we are mere surfaces of the energy they are projecting on us. Everybody needs a villain, don’t we? We need to blame someone at all times. For me to be considered a racist for stating a blatant truth, an obvious truth, but the nuances of my words, because I am very particular with my words, and the emotion I felt at that time wasn’t worded exactly right — but everybody came and said ‘Oh my God!” — I’m talking about five years ago, not a year ago, I’m talking about five years ago, I’m talking about Katrina — and everybody said, “Oh my God, Kanye, I love you so much, I hated you until you said that. But now I see you’re speaking for me. I always thought you were an asshole but now you said something that represents me, but the whole time, whole time I’m thinking in my mind I was thinking that’s not exactly what I wanted to say, I was emotional, that was not exactly the way I wanted to say, I was emotional, that was not exactly the way I wanted to word it, but I wrote it, I rode it, just as Taylor never came to my defense in any interview, and rode the waves and rode it and rode it, that’s the way I rode the waves of the Bush comment. I rode it. It’s not about popular opinion. It’s about when you look in your heart, and know what’s right and what’s wrong. When you look in your heart, look at what the media did, look at how they exploited him, they said that he said it was his lowest moment and as a mass, as America, we took that as a fact, and if you look at the interview he said that was one of his lowest moments and he said it about ten different things! But because the popularity of me, they exploited that, to make you watch the interview and make you feel that he was stupider than ever, to think that a rapper’s comment could be his lowest moment. That’s not what he fucking said! That’s not what he fucking said! That’s not what he said! He said it was one of his lowest moments. But it shows you — the way they try to villainize, the way they tried to do that. Everything would have been okay, if they hadn’t played the audio that day … “

“It’s not about popular opinion, yo, but I’mma sit here and talk for ten minutes about the surface of the pool of the media cannonballing into my shit until you all love me as the hero Taylor Swift wouldn’t let be me because George Bush told her Katrina was a manifestation of human emotion that didn’t want me to be famous. Imma gonna ride it, but I ain’t about to love it, naw I mean? All I’m saying, is if Matt Lauer didn’t play that audio, 9/11 woulda never happened. It woulda never happened!”

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  1. Philipp

    he is upset bc of his small d*ck :D

    • solekfmej

      If nothing else, his 10.0 rating on Pitchfork proves he has a vagina.

      • What? Are you for real!?! So we’re supposed to follow him around so we can protect every white woman he bangs? Shezzzzzz, be realistic. Besides, why don’t you women use some common sense and NOT mess with someone with the track record Charile has. I mean DAMN, everyone knows if your a female hooked up with that idiot (+ you, makes TWO) you WILL get your azz whipped.

    • Lisa

      If only you white men would protect white women when Charlie Sheen is beating the hell out of us. I guess it just black men you launch an attack on but a white man can abuse us all day long. Taylor did capitalize from being dissed by West.

      • hush up lisa


      • Tommy Wiseau

        You’re Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!

      • Bob

        Sha has a point.

      • Helen

        What in the world are u talking about?
        I havent seen anyone white men act like Kayne .
        speaking of in the music industry.
        black men and white men abuse so please dont be like Kayne and turn it around on the white folks .

      • art

        you are not white, you’re black and this is about kanye not sheen. you and kanye are racist.

      • Nicole

        Is that really you, Tommy Wiseau? If so, big props to you for using one of the best lines from your movie “The Room” as a retort to Lisa’s comment!!! :)

      • Hmm

        Lisa: You poor thing are so ignorant in that you think people hate this idiot due to the color of his skin. He is a bitter, racist, asshole. I hate racism, nomatter what color you are. I hate white racists, I hate black racists. You seem to be stuck in the past. ‘I guess its just black men you launch an attack on..’ Mel Gibson is in the news for being violent against a woman.. At the end of the day, statistics are statistics my friend. They’re facts.

  2. Scott

    What a stupid bastard.

    • lorenw

      Indeed, but this is a case of truth coming from the mouths of fools. For Bush to say that was the lowest point of his presidency is a but ridiculous.

      How about not having found any weapons of mass destruction? How about the infamous “mission accomplished”? Both of which were admitted gaffes…

      Point being, there were other candidates for “lowest point” much more significant then anything Kanye West had to say.

      In fact, if you listen to this minute long snippet of Bush’s interview with CNN, he says basically the same things that Kanye West is saying about being carful about “choice of words”.


    • k.c.

      another spoiled an dumb negro…. only in America, and other dumb negroes could make this ass a success… he sux along w/ his hip/hop shit

    • rpr0174

      He’s just a sorry a$$ who is going downhill and is looking for attention. He needs to get a life and leave her alone.

      We are fed up with you KW, let it go.

      • Lawjunkie

        yeah he’s going waaaay downhill… so far downhill that his cds are still topping charts, singles are still topping charts, he still has the same devoted following , and he’s going waaay downhill to that bank where he’s still piling up money…
        YOU may be fed up with him…but CLEARLY.. YOU are the minority…

  3. JoMama

    Go. Die.

  4. Not gonna watch the video.
    Swift owes Kanye for her relevance.
    –omg Jackie I hear you, yes she sold all kinds of albums before, yes she was famousish and she looks like a damn angel buT,
    Swift owes Kanye for her relevance.

    • GravyLeg

      You must be smoking your namesake…

      Pretty sure that once you are standing at the podium to get your award, you have made yourself relevant. Kanye may have gotten her free press but the kid got herself famous. It isn’t like she is a Carrie Underwood singing from the labels songbook either… She actually writes her songs… Give her her due…

      So as shocked as I am to be defending Taylor Swift, I think you must be high…

      • sarah

        I never knew who she was until the whole Kanye incident. Sure, she may have been known to a certain audience, but she was made known by EVERYONE because of him. Instead of just in the shit music scene she belongs to.

      • Ray

        Just because you win an award doesn’t make you relevant. Look at some of the winners this year – Lady Antebellum, MercyMe, Brad Paisley – who the fuck are they?

      • GravyLeg

        So… You buy her music now? ;) He gave her free press, exposure, whatever you want to call it… Just because YOU didn’t know her doesn’t mean she was unknown… As example, there are tons of “known” people in Hip Hop and I cannot name a one… Do I get to claim they are unknowns in a shit music scene? She was doing fine before… That wasn’t her first time to the podium for awards and millions in album sales means she was not just a hit in a single demographic. Yes, country music loves her but she also sells on the pop stations too…

      • GravyLeg

        Enough arguing…
        Can’t we just all agree that Kanye West should die of Gonorrhea?

      • argleblargle

        To be fair, I didn’t know who Kanye was till the Katrina incident. So he should be thanking GWB for his fame if that’s how we’re gonna play it.

    • Glenn

      This is asinine

    • LJ

      In January 2010 Nielsen SoundScan listed Swift as the most commerically successful country (or country/pop crossover) artist in music history with over 28 million digital tracks sold.

      Since Kayne’s drunken rant didn’t occur until late September 2009, that statement should be considered pure Bull Shit.

      • –and Billy Ray Cyrus is the artist that has had the most airtime on the radio, ever. (yeah Mr. Achey Breaky Heart) so that just goes to show that statistics don’t mean anything. It has been ackowledged that she was famous, yes, yes she was winning an award but she was not the name she is today without the whole “Jackass” Kanye fiasco. America wanted to wipe the little pout from her red teenage lips and it made them love her. or hate Kanye, either way we wouldn’t be talking about her right now if it wasn’t for that. THAT IS THE POINT.

      • LJ

        Where did you come up with Billy Ray Cyrus being is the artist that has had the most airtime on the radio, ever?

      • tjones

        that is just stupid. you do realizie before that jackass she had already sold 3.5 million more alboms then kanye. and if anything it put his name out there. the only people that knew him were black. he wasn’t getting an award she was . and yes she writes her own music she doesn;t sample and borrow from other people. had a white singer done that it would still be a huge issue today way bigger then it is now.

    • Jon

      You guys talk of “knowing who someone is” or relevance like it means something.

      The people who liked the style of music Swift does liked her music, that’s what matters. She was going on stage to accept an award, that Kanye thought should go to Beyonce. Swift had already made a name for herself. But that’s beside my point.

      It’s like if a football player starts dating an actress or singer, you’ll all know he is, but who gives a fuck. The football fans knew who he was all along. And they are the ones that matter, not the mainstream sheep who know everything only on the basis of “everyone else knows” or “everyone else is talking about them so I will too”. The reason why those people don’t matter is because they are STUPID!

      Look at the reasons these people get known.. a sextape, who they are dating, a famous relative, some freakish event like the Kanye thing. All of these things are easy to manipulate by publicists. Is that any reason to idolise someone? It’s lame, and can easily be forgotten “30 seconds” later.

      Where as the football fans know who that guy is because they respect that he is good at his job. Nothing to do with his girlfriend, or his dogs name or his sextape. That all won’t change like the direction of the breeze like pop people do. Same with Swift. The ones that mattered knew who she was all along.

      • deb

        Jon, you make good points , but do you not know how popculture works? Sure her fans and “the ones that mattered” knew who she was, but being relevant by everyone makes you a popculture success. You can be a critical success without it, like she was with all of her awards and knowing fans. She has since found herself on more talk shows, red carpets, tv shows, movies and tv commercials because she is now wanted to be seen by everyone, because she is relavant. And a lot of that is thanks to Kanye. So who gives a fuck? She does and her bank account does. Sure, she’s not a flash in the pan due to a sex tape and her music career will have legs. But, it DOES matter that Kanye helped her get to the place she is at. It DOES mean something. Just because you don’t like how popculture works, doesn’t mean that you can’t ignore the facts.

      • Chester

        Very well said!!!

      • tjones

        are you kidding me more people knew her then they knew kayne who is he? what has he done? as far as music goes she has been selling albums 3 times faster then him,he was hoping it would help his carrer to be up there with someone relevent. he may be somebody in hip-hop ,but thats not mainstrem anymore she was always relevent and he was falling off. Just another stupid racist move by kayne.

    • hush up lisa

      does swift owe kanye for her relevance maryjane?

      • deb

        I don’t think either one of them owe each other anything. We just have to stop demonizing Kanye and thinking “oh that poor poor cute girl Taylor Swift”.

    • George

      Kanye owes Swift another apology .
      she owes him nothing her relevance?? your as bad as him.
      he needs to get over his issues in private not in public like he has been.
      Im glad he got what he got .let him see how it feels to have someone interrupt your moment.
      Karma is a bigger Biatch the Kanye is .

      • akewlazzmom

        Actually, Taylors just being there was relevant. She was the FIRST country artist to EVER be nominated for a VMA, much less to actually WIN one. She made a little bit of music history by just being nominated. {o:

  5. Melissa

    Oh Kanye there are other things going on in the world…besides you and your life! Like say children starving in Africa, people dying from cholera in Haiti …you know shit like that.

  6. Melissa


  7. Rob Frost

    I’m with Kanye, fuck the media.

  8. Champ

    What a whiny little bitch.

  9. ZigZagZoey



  10. Amber Rose

    I am SO glad I kicked Kanye to the curb. Anyway, it was gettiing embarrassing because my dick is so much bigger than his.

  11. Scott

    Taylor Swift is famous without him. She’s tall and hot and looks like a model and can sing. She was already getting an award when he interrupted her.

    Kanye needs to go on some serious psychotropic medication for his delusions, narcissistic and persecution complex. Only you know his “handlers” or “friends” know this but don’t do it for him because ultimately they make the big bucks because he’s crazy. Having him be sane would kill his sellability. He should be the poster child for functional mental illness.

  12. jojo

    Big mouth-thin penis.

  13. Yuck

    What a pathetically egotistical douchebag. Kanye needs to shut the fuck up; his continuing to speak is like nails on a chalkboard to 99% of the world…

  14. Marco

    I really hate hearing about this guy.

    Fish, I would rather see posts about Paris or Heidi and Spencer than this chubby-cheeked ego.

  15. henry

    Come one people, he’s good at what he does because he IS crazy. Like a lot of highly productive artists – he’s out of his goddamn mind. If he took meds to fit into what we want him to fit into he would lose his touch. Which maybe plenty of people would be happy with – but I, and millions of other people, love his music. I welcome his batshit self.

  16. Captain_Insano

    Shut the fuck up Kanye and sing your fucking shitty songs like your paid to.

  17. Jay Z

    Still a Jackass. Did anyone ever call you that? Oh yeah the President of the United States. Please just shut the hell up already you ugly turd. I bet your big melon head smells like a :__________. (Someone finish this sentence)

  18. matt-zilla

    what a fucking doucher. these people that I demonized in the media shoulda nevah demonized po’ Kanye. I’m Kanye. Kanye. Kanye. Kanye.

  19. Darebear

    disagreeing with Henry and Mary Jane, you don’t have to be crazy.

    Do you like fishstix?

  20. castallare

    ::sigh:: Aren’t we done with him yet? :::whines::: He’s just so much woooooork…

  21. henry

    Why would we be done with him when he just released an amazing album that everyone is freaking out about because it’s so good. He’s gonna stick around for a while people, get used to it.

  22. henry

    Well no, you don’t HAVE to be. But many are, and in Kanye’s case – yes.

  23. nahhhhh

    If your thing is gone, and you want to ride on; cocaine.

  24. Mel

    Why does Kanye even bother to come out into the media and apologize to people, he always ends up contradicting himself! Taylor Swift in no way needs to come out and defend him, his apology to her wasn’t even sincere! he followed that apology by saying he made her, which is so far from the truth! I wish he would just disappear for awhile and get his act together!!!

  25. GravyLeg

    I’m sorry… Did this bigot retard just refer to himself as “a rapper”??? I think not Kanye. Matt Lauer should have ended the interview by giving Kanye a Cleveland Steamer.

  26. suck it

    He needs to shove some of those fishsticks in his mouth more often…

    If you are going to be publicly outspoken, at least try to get to the point and not ramble like a self important maniac.

    And yes, Taylor Swift did get more famous because of him. Yes she is pretty and has talent, but she wouldn’t be at the level of popularity she is right now if it weren’t for the VMA incident.

  27. Pat


  28. Melissa

    Must be soooo hard being rich…tough life fo sho

  29. mbizzle

    i just wish i understood what the fuck he is trying to say! i know he’s trying to tell us something but i just can’t wrap my head around all of his words! i wanna kick him and make him stop.

  30. He must die now!!

    Can we get a pool started to hire someone to kill this fucking idiot!!

  31. carolina


  32. gnathalia


  33. Bob

    Wow, he really is very particular with his words.
    I can tell that speach was well thought out: precise, direct, clear…

  34. I saw this idiot perform for the first time on a recent SNL, and I was extremely under-impressed.

  35. And I was very impressed with Taylor’s versatility on her SNL appearance.

  36. what?

    I never fully understand what he’s trying to say. It’s like trying to read Lainey Gossip.
    “Anythoughti’veeverhadaboutanything! YEAH I feel strongly about this!”

  37. See Alice

    NEWS FLASH ! Kanye still hates white people !

  38. GDubaUBush

    What a stupid gay fish

  39. anonymous

    the only difference between Kanye and the crazy homeless black guy on the corner spouting off about nonsense and scarying the hell out of passersby is the money. Well that and the mic in Kanye’s hand.

  40. Disappointed

    Should’ve come to his defense, not “should’ve came to his defense”. Come on, your writing is the only thing that distinguishes this gossip blog from the others.

  41. blah

    particular with his words…particularly irritating.

  42. LJ

    Doesn’t Kayne remind you of the ostracized relative who shows up drunk at Thanksgiving, smells like booze, and passes out on the couch before dinner.

    The only defense for that type is:

    “Yeah, that’s my drunken cousin, and he does this cr*p all the time at family gatherings”

    Hey he didn’t throw-up all over Taylor’s shoes. He should be congratulated.

    That’s Kayne, class all the way.

  43. yawn

    too much coke

  44. josh

    5 stars from rolling stone and most of the other places that revewed it cant be wrong. Like him or not he’s so talented people will still buy the music.

    • Killjoy

      According to Rolling Stone all of Led Zeppelin’s were shit and Madonna was a destined one hit wonder… Rolling Stone can be very wrong.

  45. MonkeyBrains

    Kanye West is a Moron

  46. usuc4545

    the only thing kanye was wrong for was SAYING these things about taylor swift and George Bush. he was correct though, george bush doesnt care about anybody, blackor spanish, green etc, unless they contribute money to his administration and taylor swift? that girl is nice and all and i like her music but she didnt deserve that award. nobody was remaking her videos on youtube! sure she was popular beforehand, so than she should win a “most popular singer award” or something, you cant tell me that video was worthy of “BEST VIDEO”. ever. Kanye is trying to apologize, but yall arent even giving him a chance. admit it, no matter what he says your gonna hate him. if he didnt get pissed at NBC you would have still had some bitchy comments to make. And besides your as much as a dick for coming on here talking about his dick and calling him a gay fish and talking about hiring people to kill him and stuff. yall are just as bad as he is. he didnt beat nobody, he didnt kill someone, he just interrupted an award show. yall act like he murdered taylor swift. and from what i can remember everyone was on his side when he made that comment about george bush. so you damn fairweather fans need to stop. when it was cool to hate bush everyone hated bush, and when it was cool to hate kanye now everyone hates kanye. shake my head. yall are goin overboard.

    • ben

      Thank you usuc4545! You are nuts on 100% correct. AMEN

    • Kelsey

      she deserved that award ive listened to her music for yrs.
      that was her moment he messed it up.
      u say he is trying to apoligoze and people wont give him a chance WTF she accecpted his apology and then she didnt talk about it .
      nobody cares what he has 2 say why dont he just sing and STFU about other people?and its always white people if u notice…
      I disagree with him for Taylor Swift &George Bush.
      George Bush is not a racist but Kayne West is .

  47. slapkatyperry


  48. Bo

    It must be that time of the month. Eh, Kanye?

  49. Sparks Fly

    People need to stop ragging on Swift, she is one of the sweetest people out there and West needs to STFU because people have had it with him. He needs mental help.

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