Kacey Jordan Aborted K-Fed’s Baby and Other Stuff She’s Blabbing About

January 31st, 2011 // 72 Comments

Kacey Jordan has wasted absolutely zero time cashing in on her new fame as one of five – Or four depending on new accounts. – porn stars who serviced Charlie Sheen during his 36-hour coke bender that put him in the hospital last week. Here’s what she’s already spilled in three separate interviews since just Friday:

1. She aborted Kevin Federline‘s baby when the two used to party together right after his divorce from Britney Spears. Which means he banged a 14-year-old? Because that’s how I’m reading that. [RadarOnline]

2. She used to babysit Kevin’s kids – I’m talking the princes themselves, Jayden and Sean. – whenever Kevin wasn’t around which, actually, isn’t that bad. They could’ve been alone with their mother. [TMZ]

3. Charlie Sheen not only wanted her to babysit his kids from Denise Richards, he wanted her to watch them at Clam Manor a.k.a. the house he was going to rent for $1 million for the sole purpose of filling it with porn stars. [GMA]

Denise Richards has since put her foot down on Twitter which has to be awesome for her after spending years being called the crazy one after the divorce. At this point, you’d assume there’s not a judge in the world who’d award Charlie visitation rights, but then you remember he lives in California and is a movie star, so it’s literally a matter of time until prostitutes count as licensed day cares, complete with tax breaks.

MOM: How was Ms. Fistington’s?
SON: Eh, it was alright. … Mom?
MOM: Yes, dear?
SON: Will I ever stop itching?
MOM: Ahahaha! Kids.

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  1. gogo


  2. Omnilove

    She’s cute. Shame she’ll get implants and ruin it all.

  3. SumitGill
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  5. Isn’t if funny how fame whores think it’ll actually make them “popular” by going around telling all the disgusting, putrid, shameful things they did just to get noticed in the first place. I give this slut maybe 2 months before she’ll be totally off the Hollywood map because she runs her mouth too much.

  6. Kacey Jordan Kevin Federline
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    I don’t know where you learned how to count but 22 – 3 = 19, not 14

  7. BT

    Ugh…that face would make me lose my erection in about a minute….

  8. Kacey Jordan Kevin Federline
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    I’m amazed that K-Fed knocked a chick up and she DIDN’T birth it.

  9. let’s see…big forehead…pinched & Pekingese-looking face…duck feet…

    DO NOT WANT!!!

  10. ick-abod

    I’d let her watch my (unborn) kids run down the side of her face.

  11. brit

    porn career > sleeping with K-Fed > sleeping with Charlie Sheen > boasting about sleeping with Charlie Sheen

    • Greg

      porn career > aborting K-Fed’s demon hilljack child > sleeping with Charlie Sheen > boasting about sleeping with Charlie Sheen > admitting you shared the same room or got within 100 paces of K-Fed

  12. Greg

    I’m not wild about “Clam Manor”… how about “Clamalot”?

  13. slappy magoo

    Can…can you get herpes from an image on a screen?

  14. RoboZombie

    Flaps.’Nuff said.

  15. Having babies only slows you down, especially when you’re a whore on the go.

  16. Because lying about Tiger is so out of style now.

  17. Johnny Cage

    Even though K-Fed was mentioned in this post, after hearing that she got an abortion, there was nothing to laugh about.

  18. Sam

    Some suggestions for the anonymous porn addicts (if you can afford it get in contact with em):

    Anita Pearl

    Nessa Devil

    Fernandinha Fernandez

    Teagan Presley

    Lexi Swallow

    Jennifer White

  19. ugh wasn’t this bitch’s time up last friday?

  20. Commented on this photo:

    I take back all the mean things I have said about flatchested chicks.
    …no, no I don’t but if you scroll down enough and cover her pecs she looks like a smaller, female version of Brooke Hogan.

  21. seriously, cant this tranny get his nose fixed with that 30k??

  22. bimbamboing

    That doesn’t look like a pornstar to me. But i can be mistaken.

  23. ptitz

    i can sense another *pornstar-turned-writer* in the works…

  24. jojo

    Charlie wants to fuck children. Depraved, infected, uneducated, donkey punched teen porn stars is the health substitute ….Isn’t it?

  25. Charlie doesn’t want to fuck children. Charlie wants to fuck 18-23 year old nubile porn stars. There’s a DIFFERENCE. It’s called a fetish. If you had a sex life you’d know what a fetish was about. If Sheen wants to blow his money on Girls who look younger than 18 then let him, so long as the girls are of age it shouldn’t matter.

    Don’t talk about Prostitution being illegal btw. It actually, (after slave owner, warrior/soldier, and tyrant) is the oldest profession known to mankind. Prostitution being illegal is a fucking joke considering in every city or town in the world you can find a woman who is willing to fuck a man for material possession or money. Charlie isn’t hurting his kids so long as they aren’t exposed to his sexual philanthropy. What is disturbing is his rampant and escalating drug and alcohol use, which does have direct health problems for him.

    I salute you Mr. Sheen. Keep fuckin ‘em, just please cut down on the snorting, it’ll kill you.

  26. Cock Dr

    She seems chatty.
    Tell us about Charlie. What really goes down at “Clamalot”?

    • Does he enjoy drinking Clamato?

      • Cock Dr

        According to Ms Orange Whore Charlie enjoys smoking boulder after boulder of crack cocaine.
        Imagine that. What a shocker. Surrounded by nubile & completely willing pussy; Charlie watches porn & smokes crack.
        Yeah, he’s da MAN alright.

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  28. Kacey Jordan Kevin Federline
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    It’s nice to see the subtle elegance of “Old Hollywood” coming back into vogue.

  29. Kacey Jordan Kevin Federline
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    Daddy ignored me thiiiiiiiiiiiis much!

  30. It’s just as well, really. That kid would have only had a couple of reality shows by now anyway.

  31. Kacey Jordan Kevin Federline
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    I’m SICK and TIRED of these mother#^@%ing whores on this mother#^@%ing plane!

  32. Manny

    I thought paying a bitch $30k meant they would keep their F*CKING mouth shut. Zero professionalism.

  33. CC

    Is that the color stick that Snooki rubs her entire body with? I’m just speculating.

  34. No One

    She’s flat as a board… fucking fuck, I could be a porn star too then.

  35. Rocky

    Imagine that a whore who can’t keep her mouth or legs closed stupid bitch hit the gravy train and blew it $30,000 a hit bet her phone stops ringing

  36. Kacey Jordan Kevin Federline
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    @ Little Richard, LOL… You got me there. Nice.

  37. ChonchArcola

    this skeezer probably bought weed from Snoop Dogg too….maybe she forgot to toss him under the bus while she’s outting everyone.

  38. Rocky

    maybe he was snorting coke to get past the smell!

  39. Bowman

    “Clam Manor” is still funny.

  40. Kacey Jordan Kevin Federline
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    Tits?? Where we’re going we don’t need tits

  41. PornDetective

    K-Fed and Britney split up at the end of 2006, and Kacey Jordan turned 18 in March of 2006, so it’s all good for federline.

  42. Jack

    She could abort my baby any day!

  43. one legged

    3 days of coke is NOTHING
    people make a big deal out of nothing

    i did it for 2 weeks everyday and came up with elite art


  44. Vizz

    So these dudes are going bareback in porn stars? Wow. Oh wait. Its ok, they get tested regularly. They’re clean.

  45. nikki

    What a fucking lady.

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