Kacey Jordan Aborted K-Fed’s Baby and Other Stuff She’s Blabbing About

Kacey Jordan has wasted absolutely zero time cashing in on her new fame as one of five – Or four depending on new accounts. – porn stars who serviced Charlie Sheen during his 36-hour coke bender that put him in the hospital last week. Here’s what she’s already spilled in three separate interviews since just Friday:

1. She aborted Kevin Federline’s baby when the two used to party together right after his divorce from Britney Spears. Which means he banged a 14-year-old? Because that’s how I’m reading that. [RadarOnline]

2. She used to babysit Kevin’s kids – I’m talking the princes themselves, Jayden and Sean. – whenever Kevin wasn’t around which, actually, isn’t that bad. They could’ve been alone with their mother. [TMZ]

3. Charlie Sheen not only wanted her to babysit his kids from Denise Richards, he wanted her to watch them at Clam Manor a.k.a. the house he was going to rent for $1 million for the sole purpose of filling it with porn stars. [GMA]

Denise Richards has since put her foot down on Twitter which has to be awesome for her after spending years being called the crazy one after the divorce. At this point, you’d assume there’s not a judge in the world who’d award Charlie visitation rights, but then you remember he lives in California and is a movie star, so it’s literally a matter of time until prostitutes count as licensed day cares, complete with tax breaks.

MOM: How was Ms. Fistington’s?
SON: Eh, it was alright. … Mom?
MOM: Yes, dear?
SON: Will I ever stop itching?
MOM: Ahahaha! Kids.

Photos: Flynet, MySpace