Justin Timberlake likes photographers

April 24th, 2006 // 52 Comments

Not bad, but Marc Anthony has him totally beat. The finger is just the finger, but the finger crotch grab is a statement. Maybe the two of them can get together and start a club called “Angry Men With Goatees.” They’d meet twice a week to discuss their goatees, and then end each session by yelling about things that make them angry. Like photographers taking pictures of their goatees.


  1. Little Miss Stanley

    First! Hurrah!

  2. Little Miss Stanley

    Also, is anyone actually at all interested in Justin Timberlake getting petrol? If getting petrol makes you super-famous then I’m off to Esso right now…

  3. mamacita

    So, we know getting gas in your car is the most awesome, but what about HAVING gas?? I had lots of cheese with dinner last night. I have pictures. Not of the gas. Everyone knows you can’t take pictures of farts. But, I do have some pretty good ones of my face while I’m trying to squeeze one out.

  4. biatcho

    The only thing funnier than lighting a fart would be Tiberlake lighting a cigarette while pumping gas. Because then he would die.

  5. Mr. Fritz

    Oh, Justin, you’re such a badass. Giving the finger while you fill up your Beemer is so rebellious!

  6. He’s so yesterday.

  7. Italian Stallion

    He saw the sign behind him and checked his oil. Guess where his finger was? He looks a quart short to me………

  8. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I think Edna Bambrick was the photographer. That’s right Edna, even JT thinks you suck, and he’s a Lakers fan (ohhh SNAP!!!).

  9. Jacq

    I don’t care about him. Get me a picture of his credit card number. Black AmEx? Check. I can call and request another card for me because we both talk like girls.

    I bet there are 2 things he’s glad he cut off. His chia hair and Britney. Talk about dead weight.

  10. I’m glad the papparazzi though it necessary to snap pictures of Justin filling up at a gas station.

    I feel so utterly satisfied having seen him do something so routine and boring.

    Tickled me pink.


  11. biatcho

    Sharkbite: If we want to go to other websites I think we’re all smart enough to figure out what we want on our own. So you can stop advertising for your stupid-ass wehateverybody bullshit on every post you leave. Okey dokey? Glad to see we’re all on the same page now.

  12. Dr.Rokter

    He was just angry because he was running late for fight club.

  13. enfilade

    No one’s forcing you to go the site biatcho, you fucking cockblock, and no one is going to listen to your stupid ass regardless of what you say, just because you are too stupid to not click on the pretty little links on pages, doesn’t mean anyone has a similar affliction. Go back to watching your entertainment tonight, and worry about JLo’s hairdo, and leave the complicated stuff to the fast food employees.

  14. I agree with Sharkbite. Thanks to the papparazzo for clearing things up. I always though Justin Timberlake flew everywhere he went, or had a manservant to fill up his car. My God, this bends my mind, what if he actually buys groceries and eats too? Please oh please can I see pics of that?

  15. sweetlips

    He’s lucky ANYONE will still photograph him….he is sooooo not anymore.

  16. 0/0

    I suppose I’m the first person to point out that both Justin Timberlake and Marc Anthony are driving a black 7 series. Which raises the important question: was Marc Anthony instructing timberlake how to react from the innards of the bimmer?

    I’m just going to go ahead and assume that “The Angry Men With Goatees” club not only exists, but that they’re watching us right now, stroking their oily goatees and grabbing their crotches.

  17. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Can I just be the first to say this new sever totally kicks ass?!!!

  18. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    And by sever I of course mean server! If was talking about severing something it would be JT’s middle finger!

  19. Slysaucy

    My Penis is this big

  20. gogoboots


  21. biatcho

    #13: I never said anyone has forced anything on me. What I will force on you is a massive cockpunch to your liver, because you’re dick is so shriveled it is now all up in your liver. fucko!

  22. biatcho

    And yes the new server totally kicks ass. Except I see they’re still letting the dumb ones log on.

  23. theyareidiots

    try as hard as he may, he’s still the whitest white boy EVER

  24. Mr. Fritz

    Hey Biatcho, glad to see ya again. Do you still have yours?

    Ingredients of Happy Fun Ball include an unknown glowing green substance which fell to Earth, presumably from outer space.

    Happy Fun Ball has been shipped to our troops in Saudi Arabia and is being dropped by our warplanes on Iraq.

    Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

    Happy Fun Ball comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Happy Fun Ball! Accept no substitutes!

  25. I’d still do him. finger or no finger.

  26. Trotter

    He’s flaunting his penis size alright.

    MeganHarris is done with “her” morning boy scout brunch, pancakes, whipped butter, Aunt Jemima and pre-pubescent-penis-sausages.

  27. ESQ

    Oh good, the paparazzi caught his good side…NICE!

  28. TrannyGranny

    Hate his music, but the boy can dance. If I was gonna go gay, he’d be the one. The one crying and screaming “ouch!” into the pillow. mwaaahaaahaaaa

  29. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    26 – reading that caused my mouth to fill with the sweet taste of maple…

  30. Madrecitah

    Gosh! Please, somebody in this planet must tell JT that his car is soooooooo yesterday!!!!

    I think he needs support to buy a new car.Well…perhaps he’s just too stupid for that!
    I recommend the brand new BMW serie #3 and the Porsche Cayman. They were both chosen the best cars in the world.
    However I don’t think JT knows what that means!

    Looking to his face, I agree the only thing he recognizes at this very moment is his middle finger and his dumb face girlfriend!

    JT u look quite like a tramp!

  31. biatcho

    24: Do not expose Happy Fun Ball to the sun.

  32. maryaries

    I find these pictures way more entertaining than those celebs who attempt to “hide” unsuccessfully from the paparazzi.
    Justin is saying that a picture of him pumping gas is stupid. He thinks it’s just as stupid as we do. You have to admit, that if he had grinned like an idiot instead, everyone would be blasting him for hamming it up for his “wow, I can pump gas” photo.

  33. biatcho

    #30: are you teying to pretend your mamacita? Judging by the fact that you used 7 o’s in so and have a vast knowledge of extremely cheeseball cars my guess is you are NOT mamacita and you never will be. And dumb face? Why don’t you just call him poppycock and be done with it?

  34. Trotter

    Hot, buttery syrup? Does it overflow your mouth and slowly drizzle over your chin, forming puddles on top of your high, firm, mammoth mammaries, then dripping off your rosy, erect nipples, pooling in your warm, wet crotch – the scent of the maple-butter mingling sweetly with the aroma of girl-juice and Nonoxynol-9…

    Like that?

  35. Trotter

    Your handle sucks almost as bad as your content. Go away and leave the hijinx to the professionals.

  36. shankyouverymuch

    most celebs today are just completely devoid of any class… case-in-point… jiven justin timblerfuck… Oops, now that wasn’t too classy either was it!… I still stand by my statement!!!

  37. biatcho

    Mr Fritz: Do you still own a pair of Bad Idea Jeans?
    I had unprotected sex with some girl while I was in Columbia, I figured… when am I getting back there? BAD IDEA!

  38. Pearly

    This loser, he oughta be grateful anyone takes a pic of him at all. He’s trying to look tough or macho or something. Maybe he’s trying to impress MeganHarris since she loves the washed up cock and the diseased ho music.
    He is so gay, why else would he be with Cammy “Usta Bea Man” Diaz? Her hands give it away…

  39. Mr. Fritz

    Yeah, I still own a pair. Now that I have kids, I feel a lot better having a gun in the house.

    Justin Timberlake is a douchebag!

  40. mamacita

    Wow. In reference to that “Madrecitah” post. I can’t believe that there’s anyone who uses the phrase “so yesterday” in regular conversation. It’s a Hillary Duff song!!!!!!!!! That would be like someone saying “So, would you like me to top off your coffee, ma’am?” and then you say “Hit me baby one more time!”. Let’s see if we can come up with any other phrases to use in everyday conversation that were originally spawned by craptastic “singers”. Or, let’s don’t. Because then I’ll have to kick someone in the penis.

  41. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    That’s it, #34, I’m turning off my web cam. Maxim scholarship or no, sometimes a girl just needs private time with Mrs. Butterworth.
    P.S. They’re rosy because they know you’re talking about them.

  42. junebug

    Hooray for him he pumps his own gas!

  43. bunnyhugger

    oh, such class. i’m SO glad now that i paid 29% interest 7 years ago to some scalper so my daughter could go see a nice clean act.
    then again, maybe it’s a comment on our current gas prices??

    and, holy, cow, osh, if i wasn’t straight…..

  44. bunnyhugger

    whoo-boy. that one really got me going. sorry, trotter! that was excellent!

  45. Pez_D_Spencer

    I like that he gives the half-assed version of the finger, not the really defiant, all other fingers curled in tight version.

    More importantly, the guy has gone beyond white. He’s now officially ivory.

  46. Moon_baby85

    I used to like that man before he broke up with brtiney.he was always preaching about keeping one’s virginity before marriage! but guess what..he is a such a pose! He spilt the beans about his “relationship” with brit,and now look at what he’s doing! If he just acted the way he really is from the start, i d have respected him, but to pretend to be something he’s not makes him unworthy of respect.

  47. Madrecitah

    Sorry Mamacita! I’m from Brazil and I must admit my deficiency in your language. I was just trying to practise. Sorry for that. I didn

  48. purplepuppy

    Stupid dink! He should be thanking his lucky stars that anyone even gives a crap about him to take his picture. Hmmm, Justin, guess that losery Janet’s-boob-popping-out-of-shirt stunt of yours (and Janet’s) didn’t give your career quite the boost you thought it would. In fact, it seems as though we haven’t seen much of you at all since then. You’re a dink, just go away so I don’t have to see you being a dink. DINK!!!

  49. To say that it is Cameron Diaz which makes use of it of this finger. This man does not have taste, even if I adore what it does!


  50. JT

    Is he trying to be a badboy or just trying to look ugly? The finger in this fashion from Justin doesn’t make me think he’s the number one badboy in Hollywood, makes me think he just loves attention…

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