Justin Timberlake fights with Cameron Diaz, gets angry

January 17th, 2007 // 72 Comments

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake got into a fight at Prince’s Golden Globes afterparty when Cameron saw Justin talking to Jessical Biel. Cameron reportedly followed Justin to the rooftop of the Beverly Wilshire hotel for the party where she saw him flirting with Biel and “blew up” at her.

Diaz walked away, Timberlake followed, and the two were soon spotted engaged in an intense 40-minute face-off in a side room. Diaz reemerged looking composed, but not before Timberlake held his head in his hands and, says a witness, “slammed his fist (down) into a cabinet.”

If I was Cameron Diaz I’d be threatened by Jessica Biel too. Not only is Jessica a real live woman and not some mouth experiment gone wrong, but in a real fight Jessica would just tear her in half. The only way Cameron would win is if she had a gun. And by gun I mean bazooka. And by bazooka I mean Jessica Biel showed up to the fight already dead.


  1. Troller

    Jessica’s hot.

  2. cole007

    God, STOP that bootie! It’s Illegal in 48 states. YEOW ….now, it’s time I go do 40 million squats.

  3. icyprincess2

    Wow i never realized how nice her ass is…

  4. veggi

    I like Cameron. Kirk Cameron.

  5. Mick

    I like Diaz but you really can’t get mad at your EX-boy friend for talking to another girl when you aren’t dating him anymore. What does she exspect him to do? Never date again? come on
    Biel ass is too big for my blood.

  6. Pointandlaugh

    jeeeeesus. Cameron Diaz is one INSECURE bitch.

  7. Celetina

    Re: Jessica Biel. I’m a straight female and I’d hit that.

    That’s pretty pathetic on Cameron Diaz’s part. But we all know she likes younger guys—why not give Daniel Radcliffe a call? Some years ago he said she was his favorite actress. Wouldn’t YOU rather have a whiny wizard than a dick in a box?

  8. Mo

    That must have looked like the Joker and the Riddler fighting it out. Bam! Pow!

  9. Most people would have a nice looking arse if
    they stood with it sticking out in such an odd
    way. Don’t get the big deal with this girl.

  10. cole007

    Cameron needs to get over that short little pipsqueak. Justin, bring you dick in the box back. Everything else you do SUCKS.

    Cameron’s skin is bad. Jessica rules.

    Isn’t Jessica dating that asshole Derrick Jeeter?

  11. meee

    no kidding gossipmonger. high heels and an arched back makes any ass look bigger and rounder. hers is almost looking a bit too big if you ask me.

  12. heyheyhey

    she’s fuckin hot. my dick just got hard, and i’m a girl

  13. tweetyeyes

    cccccatfish mouth. Cameron I mean.

  14. dutchgirl

    Jessica looks hot! Diaz wears a terrible dress and bad make-up at the golden globes!!

  15. jFp

    In a few years when that ass falls, you guys will be talking about it again.

  16. Jenimac69

    Its so obvious that Cameron is not over Justin yet and she is still processing. She really needs to have some self respect. Come on Cameron, be the woman that you can be and dont stalk Justin in public. Justin needs to not let Cameron’s fullishness get to him either as hard as that may be control the anger Mr. JT. Dont let her get to you !

  17. StoneRose

    Move over JLo’s ass, there’s a new ass in town!

    …I said MOVE OVER JLo’s ass!!…*shove*

    …there. Dang thing had gathered moss and set down roots.

  18. nosh

    There’s this loser who’s cut and pasted a post of yours ad verbatim on his blog. He’s heavy on Adsense so you may wanna write to Google and get his sad little ass nipped in the bud.

  19. RichPort

    The kind of things I want to do to this woman are illegal in 47 states and the District of Columbia… she is ass-tounding… She put the ass in massive…

  20. Biel is a fricking robot. Diaz is just an angry troll. And Timberlake is so gay it’t not funny.

    brad and angie movie to new orleans at crabbie’s

  21. woodhorse

    justin is too damn fugly for Jessica Biel to be interested in so I think she “talked” to him for the fight it would cause just for giggles. Cami needs to take medication. Or maybe taking medication is how she stayed interested in Justin Timberface so long and she should Quit taking medication. Something. Anything. The Jen-Brad-Angelina fight was interesting. This is stupid.

  22. kate

    OK, she’s pretty and all, but every picture I see of her she’s sticking her ass out. Its getting annoying. “Look at my ass!” Anyone’s ass would look good if they posed like that.

  23. jesseeca

    this girl has no reason to not look like this, she doesn’t do anything else. if you had no job & hired a trainer, you too could look like this. it makes for a perfect infomercial.

  24. veggi

    I’d like to see her walk like that. fu*king get off your high horse you stick of butter.

  25. I’d like to nail ‘em both.

  26. Dcrew220

    That ass makes me cry.

    1000′s of codes for Wii, PS3, PSP and Xbox360

  27. StoneRose

    sadly, my chair has more personality than this cyborgian booty-bot.

  28. 86

    16 yeah she should just stalk him on myspace like all other self respecting women

  29. Danner

    I agree with a few of the above people. I love her ass and her figure; great looking lady. But now that she has such a toned hard body there is no reason at all to stick her butt out like that in every damned pose.

    It’s not that her butt is that big but now it is starting to look huge with the poses.

  30. ph7

    Jessica Biel has the best body in Hollywood. While Brit/Lohan/Paris/Reid are all out flashing their sloppy cooter in public, this smoking piece of ass is hitting the gym – and it shows.

  31. GreenEyedBlue

    Jessica Biel is the second reason on my list of ‘why I should be a lesbian’

  32. 86

    She is about as mediocre as they come.

  33. purplepuppy

    Why does Jessica’s bum stick out so much? It’s a nice bum, but very sticky-outty.

    Doesn’t Diaz have a reputation for being a big biatch and a diva on movie sets and such? Justin should have been prepared, and never speak to another human being, especially a girl…in fact he should just never leave his house again. Right Cammy?

  34. combustion8

    jess I love you and your black booty.

  35. combustion8

    to all the haters, no she isnt sticking it out, it’s just that big… watch any of her movies and its noticeable.

  36. Lowlands

    Well,well,what a nicely arched back.also the “bedroom-eyes” have my attention.For once i agree with you Justin,older woman=trouble.

  37. Lowlands

    Anymore pics of this nicely arched back??

  38. bigponie

    that’s a gorgeous “cock pillow”.

  39. Lowlands

    (37)That’s a troll ofcourse.

  40. ResidentX

    Jessica’s hot. She’s not sticking her arse out it’s sticking UP. She workouts like crazy. It’s starting to show. Every guy and maybe every girl will want and try to get their hands on all that.

    Jessica is a dogmagnet right now. This is like the height of women’s power. They start attracting everything…especially Jerks, like Timberlake. Watchout and be patient, Jessica or you’ll get played. Now we get to see if you have any brains to go with that hot body :-)

    Now about Diaz, Haha Haha. She must of really wanted Justin bad. He really played her. He waited until she was 35 and dumped her. She’s be alone now, condemned to just sexual relationships with no security.

    Welcome to women’s lib. Where men no longer ask you to marry them and you spin it as “I don’t need them or I”m happy just the way I am.” Can a woman get married if no men as them? Truthfully, no.

    Invest in a vibrator…you skank!

  41. combustion8

    I would burry all my troubles in that ass.

  42. Italian Stallion

    Cameron Diaz could swallow Jessica Biel whole!!

    On a side note, Jessica Biel can swallow me anytime……….

  43. First off I would like to say that ass is KA-POW!

    Second, I would not mess with any chick who has arms like that.

  44. Lowlands

    (42)That’s a good one!

  45. ResidentX

    One more thing. Jessica should definitely get the role as the successor to Wonder Woman/Lynda Carter. Her physical beauty at this point in her life should allow her to win hands down.

    Hollywood, award it too her before her life gets too messy. We all know what’s coming.

  46. Cameron’s dress was amazing. Sounds like maybe she had some kind of agreement with him not to disrespect her at an industry event. What if Cameron showed up at one of Timberlake’s concerts with Steven Tyler or (dare I say it) Jared Leto?

  47. NicotineEyePatch

    She’s got a bowfuss ass.

    “There’s enough ass there for the bowfuss!”

  48. Ems is da Shizz

    Jessica’s but is still nice and round regardless of how she poses. Yes she’s sticking it out slightly but even if she didn’t it would still be nice. Imagine if Cameron Diaz or Lindsay Lohan tried to pose like that, they’d still look flat as a board.

  49. Ems is da Shizz

    Jessica’s but is still nice and round regardless of how she poses. Yes she’s sticking it out slightly but even if she didn’t it would still be nice. Imagine if Cameron Diaz or Lindsay Lohan tried to pose like that, they’d still look flat as a board.

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