Justin Trudeau’s Bubble Butt, Anyone? It’s Coming In Hot

“Josh. Do you mind if I call you Josh? Let me tell you about butts.”
“It’s Justin, Mr. President.”
“Josh, I know you think you’re top dog with that thing. But, Josh, many people have told me that I have a bubble butt, too. Just the most beautiful bubble butt they’ve ever seen. My daughter calls it ‘Bubbilicious’ and dreams about chewing on it.”
“No, she doesn’t.”
“No, Josh, she doesn’t. But she might. — Are you puking, Josh? Sad!”

In our quest to be better stewards of internet man-candy, here’s Justin Trudeau’s bubble butt, which apparently has clenched Twitter between it’s round, almost hypnotic cheeks and refuses to let go. I’m talking Ivanka Trump’s locked in a golden closet somewhere with three iPads and a kitchen knife, and she’s not coming out. The SEAL team was pretty clearly when we pulled them out.

h/t Gay Times

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