Homeless Man Made $40 To Appear In Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Wedding Video

October 25th, 2012 // 26 Comments
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Thanks to Justin Timberlake having shit taste in friends, everyone’s talking about his wedding to Jessica Biel but only in the context of why the fuck his douchebag buddy Justin Huchel (Huchel. H-U-C-H-E-L) would make homeless people wish them good luck at their $6.5 million ceremony in southern Italy. And, of course, TMZ tracked down one of the homeless dudes who claims he was only paid $40 and had no idea what was happening. Except if you watch the video above, I’d entirely believe this guy was talking about how much TMZ just paid him two minutes earlier and probably doesn’t have the best memory off all the times rich white dudes in LA messed with him.

“Uh, yes, I remember the day exactly. It was September 32nd, 2008, I had just gotten back from Nam and they was spittin’ on me at the airport, callin’ me a ‘gravy killer’ (I ain’t kill no gravy.) when this white boy pulls up in a limo and says, ‘How’d you like to make some money?’ So bein’ the self-made business man that I was, I accepted this offer without question for personal investment. I don’t really remember much after that ‘cept for waking up in this room with some white girl standin’ over me yellin, ‘RUN! He gonna kill you.’ Next thing I know I’m shootin’ this handsome little midget man with a laser gun and ridin’ in one of them escape pods from Star Wars. Ain’t ever sat right since. Anyway, I’d just like to apologize to Mark and Amanda for ruinin’ their wedding. That was not my intent- Top Gun! Mothafucka was in Top Gun. Knew I recognized him.”

Photo: Getty / Video: TMZ


  1. dude

    that’s $38.75 more than Kris Jenner paid Kim to get peed on in a “private sex tape”.

  2. Now that’s a stimulus package!

  3. Colin

    See? Trickle down DOES work.

  4. There are a LOT of people in this country who just f*cking hate poor and black/brown people. And those people are known as Republicans.
    PS They also think Rape is a gift from god.

    • The Royal Penis

      It’s not just the GOP that hates black/brown people. The drone strike king/peace prize winner is doing a pretty good job of slaughtering them too.

      Let us also not forget that Timberlake is a big time Black Jesus supporter….there’s plenty of hypocrisy to go round despite the tags of “R” or “D” next to people’s names.

      • Brian

        Kind of a neat thing about American politics. As long as you are helping out people of color over here, it doesn’t matter how many innocent people of color you’re blowing up with drones or starving through sanctions in the rest of the world. It’s kind of cool that Obama has a higher kill count through his policies than any other Peace Prize winner in history. USA! USA!

        In related news, I’m voting third party this year, cause I ain’t voting for Romney, but I’d feel like a fucking idiot if I voted for Obama again.

      • Brian

        Not that it matter anyway, I can jizz blood all over my ballot, and Obama is still gonna win the electorate votes from my state. Thanks Electoral College, for cancelling out the votes of millions of people for over 200 years!

      • Schmidtler

        idk, I’d guess O’Blammo has a bit of catching up to do to top Arafat as highest kill numbers of peace prize winners.
        funny bit of trivia – the last 2 American presidents to win the Nobel Peace Prize both facilitated the development of nuclear weapons by unstable dictatorial lawless regimes – Carter for N. Korea, Oblammo – Iran.

    • The hits just keep coming with those assholes.

    • Robozombie, These are democrats you idiot.

  5. Timberlake is looking like a dick out of a box for having a “friend” like Huchel.

  6. Al

    The title makes it sound like the homeless dude paid Huchel to be in the wedding video. Lolz

  7. Schmidtler

    wtf, Sarah Silverman has half a show mocking homeless dudes, nobody bats an eye. What’s the harm done? These dudes piss themselves daily, shit in coffee cans, sleep in public parks, and you think they’re above being paid a few bucks to say something stupid for a comedy video? Who gives a shit? I’m sure we can all agree there’s more pressing issues to concern ourselves with, such as how smoking fucking hot Biel’s ass is.

  8. Big deal! Who HASN’T paid some hobo $40.00 to make fun of him on video tape? Then afterwords, given him an extra $70.00 to beat the living hell out of him!

  9. get rich

    nobody cares, until they are homeless, and then it’s serious.

  10. Devilish Diva

    Every time I see Justin Timberlake, I see Screech from Saved by the Bell only this fool thinks he’s got “soul” and “rhythm” and was going to be the next King of Pop. LOL
    Now, he’s an actor but I don’t see him electrifying the screen.
    6.5 million dollar wedding? What a waste.
    A douchebag has douchebag friends? Who would have thought?!

  11. Probably 40 more bucks than TMZ gave him for exploiting him to create drama.

  12. weelasietr

    fish’s comments are great on this one. “Top Gun!”

  13. whole enchilada

    Merking the Hermless eren’t ferny!

  14. JMC

    Poor taste humour is one of my great pleasures in life but this is something else. This isn’t Disney villiany, this isn’t even Bond villiany. I instantly hate them both for this. Show the world you have a shred of humanity and denounce how insanely Mitt Romney this is.

    • Schmidtler

      Sarah Silverman makes her living mocking the homeless ruthlessly, JT’s wedding features an offensive mocking video exploiting the homeless, both JT and Silverman are among the most vocal and active Oblamo supporters on the planet – but somehow, this kind of shit reflects on Romney? Are you really that obscenely retardedly oblivious to the fact your messiah and his people are completely full of shit?

      • thespiral

        Yeah, I don’t see the connection to Romney at all (although I’m not voting for the smarmy motherfucker myself.)

        If you honestly believe rich Democrats give any more of a shit about homeless people than rich Republicans do, you’re probably also one of those naive idiots who think Barack “drone attack” Obama is a really nice guy.

  15. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    I hate these two and their shit wedding.

  16. 22

    they look like brother and sister
    same nose shape carved tips
    same head and eye shape
    easy pass as siblings

  17. Lissa

    I’m positive this is all out of context. It doesn’t even make sense. In other news, I saw Brad Pitt standing behind a goat in a picture, so he was obviously fucking it. We can say that, right? I guess we can just make up stories to get through a slow news day, without any proof of what we are saying. Slander what?

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