Justin Bieber Is Banging This. Again.

Now that I’ve bloviated about other bloviaters who don’t think like me and therefore must be destroyed (Subtlety? Fuck subtlety. WE’RE DOING IT LIVE.), it’s time to get back to the meaningless clickbait that pays my bills. And, no, I didn’t already do that with Hilary Duff. Shut up.

Here’s Yo Ventura who you might remember as Yovanna Ventura, one of the several amply-assed Latina models that Justin Bieber started banging after breaking up with, or while still dating Selena Gomez. It’s not important. What is important is that he started banging Yo again last night after his birthday party while you and I got ready to go to our jobs for the next five-to-seven days. So if anyone wants to try and tell me that a kind and loving God exists, I’ll be right here pointing at this post going, “This. This is happening,” and your argument will lie crushed and broken at my feet. I’m talking it’ll never look at its wife and children in the face again and wonder why I didn’t just put it out of its misery. Have I no soul?!

Photos: Instagram