Justin Bieber Threw Up On Stage In Arizona

October 1st, 2012 // 38 Comments
Justin Bieber
WATCH: Justin Bieber Pukes On Stage In Arizona
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Here’s Justin Bieber puking on stage in the middle of a concert in Arizona Saturday night which he blames on drinking milk because apparently teeing up jokes about him blowing Usher is the first part of being a good Maple Christian. That or he’s trying to distract from the fact that shortly before ralphing he grabbed his crotch (Full performance here.) thus angering the Great Lumberjack in the Sky who brought his syrupy vengeance swiftly down upon his son. Which, if you think about it, makes 50 Cent a prophet now, and I may have already dubbed him Smoky Links the Baptist. That’s not racist.


  1. Maybe he finally heard his own voice…

  2. vandinz

    Morning sickness?

  3. JC

    Selena showed him her naughty bits for the first time the night before, and he had a flashback.

  4. h8tr

    haha and the singing never stopped!

    • Burt

      Yes. Noticed how TMZ, which is always ready to cut him a break, didn’t bring it up. If it has been anyone else, they would have been all that.

  5. Alexggb

    Is it any different from what he does on stage everytime he performs?

  6. Poop head

    Where bubblegum pop and G.G. Allin collide.

  7. Sliver

    Was he heard saying, “I’m not that guy from Green Day!” ?

  8. His pre-show ritual with Usher came back to haunt him at the most inopportune time.

  9. USDA Prime McBeef

    pure semen.

  10. Baron Wilhelm Otto


  11. Kookie!

    Odd how the SINGING never stops! LIPSYNC FAIL!


      Imagine JUSTIN BIEBER, 20yrs from now, still sounding like an 8yr old kid! Losing his cookies, which probably could be sold on eBay for “chunks” of money… they should’ve cancelled the show and give refunds. The little no-balls-at-all immature twerp has a preteen crowd which I, if I had kids, would refuse them to hear CRAP like this.

  12. El Jefe

    So is it going to be a boy or girl?

  13. NE1

    He must have thrown up before recording the first 2 singles on his album because they sound like sh*t. I forced myself to listen because I figured the producers would have given him good songs, but they are terrible.

  14. Good, it’s payback for my having to look at those ridiculous pants. He looks like he grabbed a pair of toddler’s leather leggings and pulled them up as far as they’d go, not realizing a full diaper was still in ‘em.

  15. He must have seen a vagina

  16. Pierce Bronzetan

    His coach told him to “project” his voice on stage more.

  17. Pierce Bronzetan

    Gotta admit… the kid’s got talent.
    It’s like a ventriloquist drinking water while talking.

  18. zoe

    What the hell is that thing on his arm?

  19. NattyIce

    “Eh, I think it looks more like a maple leaf…”

  20. tee

    Say what you will, but he vomited twice on stage and still performed right through to the end. Anyone else would have cancelled. Gotta give him some respect for that.

    • The only “respect” I’ll give him is an ability to realize that everyone could now see that he somehow kept singing without a break while he puked, and that it was less humiliating to keep on lip synching until the end.

    • Burt

      Walking around lip syncing…Can you imagine the hours of rehearsal, the vocal exercise he did beforehand? LOL. He could have been hit by a falling light fixture and nobody in the audience would have noticed a difference in the “performance”.


      The preteen goofball should’ve cancelled it and give everyone their money back. A semi-pro musician, myself, knows you don’t drink milk prior to a performance… it’ll coat your throat. Obviously, he lip-sinked it, anyway.

  21. Arlene

    Good God, I wish those loser fans of his would finally get laid already so we don’t have to put up with him anymore.

  22. Brooke

    Milk? How many gallons did he say he had? Milk, vodka, white russian, whatever he had it made me laugh loud enough to wake my husband.

  23. SFRowGuy

    I’m sure we’ll be seeing it on EBay for $10k an ounce any day now.

  24. Sandoucheky

    Is anyone else understanding that his tweet about milk was just an Anchorman quote?

  25. Always say cunt

    Why has she got a boys name ?

  26. barack barry

    girlie boy. can’t handle his liquor or ushers nut.
    most of us are aware the sick rituals that these pedophiles perform on the young in exchange for stardom.

    the truth will always set you free.

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