Justin Bieber Takes a Bottle to the Face

August 9th, 2010 // 73 Comments
Justin Bieber

After looking at “celebrities” with no discernible talent all morning (Examples: Here, here and here.), I really shouldn’t take as much pleasure as I did in this video of Justin Bieber getting a water bottle chucked perfectly at his skull. For all intents and purposes, the kid at least has enough stage presence and charisma to keep the attention of teenage girls constantly bombarded with sexting – Someone reply, dammit! – and Robert Pattinson Trapper Keepers. But then I remember he’s also the only 16-year-old with a Lamborghini who gets handjobs from Kim Kardashian, and I’m a 30-year-old who ate generic Frosted Flakes for breakfast. Which is around the same time I start doing that weird laughing/crying thing that ends with me under a blanket in the shower. Hold my calls.


  1. stinky mcpoop

    At least it was only a bottle.

  2. Matthew

    first and he ruins good music

  3. there’s no finish to pwnage like a slomo replay :D

  4. Deltale

    Yeah.. Its today’s HIT music… literally.. nice dex btw (=

  5. Kay

    Haha, whoever threw that had great aim! :)

    • Bob

      Well that throws women out of the possible suspects.

      • noodle


        i imagine the culprit was a man in fantastic spandex, donning a fancy mask and cape, warmly glowing with an awesome radness. i tip my hat to you sir!

  6. PhillyB

    One “here” would have been more than enuf!

  7. KittyCatdancinginthesky

    Aim for his peni next!!!

  8. Deacon Jones

    looks like a towel…

  9. Ashley

    next time it should be a bullet

  10. Matthew

    and with that this is an epic internet vid

  11. God

    That just made my day,
    to the Girl who threw the Bottle, THANK YOU!!!!!
    LOL I wish the bottle broke his nose… A guy can wish…

  12. Ray Sist

    Had to be a guy. Young girls don’t throw that well and the ones that do won’t be at his concert. Honestly though, that’s still pretty low chucking a full water bottle at him. He’s just a kid. Hate the music companies using and marketing him, not Bieber himself. You guys is allllllllllllllllll mad cuz he’s going to get more quality thrown his way than any of you will see on your park benches in a lifetime.

    I think he has some Jedi skills.

    • Ray Sist

      quality puussy that is.

    • cc

      And, to be fair (I can’t believe I am defending him) he did succeed despite not having too many advantages in life, and he did teach himself to play guitar, piano, drums and trumpet. Contrast this with Miley Cyrus, who can’t do shit and grew up with every advantage.

  13. Brian

    man i love this website now, i can’t stop laughing… im in tears!

  14. The O

    The only bright spot in my day so far. Too bad he didn’t go down.

  15. Gary T

    WTF – poor kid, he’s just trying to make a living like all the rest of us and some dickhead throws a water bottle at him that he can’t see coming cause he’s got a spotlight in his eyes and it hit’s him in the head.
    Doesn’t anyone have any compassion for their fellow man or kid as the case IS.

    • dumbass

      Yeah, right, he makes a living just like the rest of us? Try showing up for work one day with your hair styled like queer ass Justin Bieber, show off your white rapping skills to your co-workers, prance around jive talking as if you’re a super badass when you’re really an 85 pound homo white boy, and see how long it is until one of your co-workers brains you with a bottle. If al qaeda puts out a fatwa on this queer ass moron, i’ll sign up right away.

      • gogo

        u re just jealous, get over it!

        ps hate him for his “music” not because he “is queer” u asshole!

  16. mlaps1979

    Who is this Justin Bieber chick and why does that not look like a water bottle? Maybe it was a douchebag?

  17. rebecca

    bitch atleast be a little sensible?! he is 16 n is doing a lot with his life! so shut the fuck up jobless whore!

  18. BU2B

    Please, that prepubescent honky jackass has nothing on former president, the one and only, GEORGE W. BUSH (THE LESSER). Now, that old man could dodge a shoe.

    In conclusion, Justin Bieber gives me a rise in my pantaloons.

  19. tonya

    I wish I could throw a brick at him!

  20. burton

    pretty ignorant person who threw that, like grow up.

  21. lalalalaaaaaaaa

    I thought the diva would throw a major BF (bitch fit)! I’m pretty impressed the way he handled that, pretty mature and calm!

    • sho nuf, took it like a man

    • cc

      Considering one band called it a day over some pigeon poop, keeping going is ‘admirable’ I guess.

      Years ago I saw someone throw an empty vodka bottle at Ozzy during a Black Sabbath concert (yes, I am a hundred). Security followed up with a wicked shit-kicking. Does security kick the shit out of people at Bieber concerts?

  22. Steelerchick

    ha ha!!! I like how he fixes his hair right after getting picked off!! ha ha

  23. dude

    Well, at least he reacted like a professional. Axl Rose would’ve just insulted everybody and their moms and then left the stage.

    Also I don’t get all the hate towards the guy. He’s for teenage girls. It’s not like anybody’s forcing grown-ups to listen to his music. Radio stations that play him will also play other teenage aimed shit. Teenagers are stupid, we all know that, we’ve all been one (or still are one – yes, you’re stupid too, you’ll realize in a couple of years).

    So what are stupid teenage girls supposed to listen to?! I sure as hell don’t want them screaming at a Metallica concert! I tend to view pop starlets like romantic comedies: the sole purpose is to keep my girl and her bffs distracted while me and my mates watch crap like “Predators”. God knows I wouldn’t want the missus with me in a flick like this, bitching how it’s got no story and is not believable…

    • Maximus

      well put

    • Damn it! I can’t contradict you, Axl Rose is a little bitch…

      That being said, I dislike him (and most other manufactured pop stars) because the vast majority of them blow ass. But I don’t hate him, he’s just a stooge. No, I reserve my hatred for the people that make them famous.

  24. Dior

    I’ve come to realize that “The Biebs” keeps these idiot girls out of MY concerts. Love it. Still… he shouldn’t be paid THAT MUCH to entertain. That’s just riddick!

  25. ed47

    I wish someone would throw a full magnum of champagne at that sloth Snookie. That would be a fine day.

  26. Karen

    He got a limp wrist up just in time. Although I doubt it would have been the first time he took a big blast in the face while pursuing his music career.

  27. Truth

    You can see something like a note falling off the bottle after it connects so it was probably a girl trying to get a message to him, then her female genes kicked in and her aim was off (‘off’ her intentions but very much ‘on’ for our viewing pleasure”

  28. Sebastian Bach

    Throwing shit at people when they’re on state performing at a concert is fucking weak. When they’ve got the spotlights pointing at them from out behind the audience, they can’t see anything, so you’re essentially throwing shit at a blindfolded person. It’s about as cowardly as talking shit about people from behind the walls of the internet (Fish excluded).

  29. Randal(l)

    I’m giggling like a retard at a magic show right now.


  30. Evil

    That was a really good shot.

  31. Akare

    So you are 30, ew you old fish…

  32. AnnaDraconida

    This is so profoundly amazing & beautiful I feel like crying tears of joy. Whoever did it deserves a medal of honor.

  33. TheGooch

    *Starts a slow clap*

  34. Blue

    No one deserves to be treated like that you morons.

  35. Saxton Hale


  36. Brooke

    I like how the audience of pre-teen girls was practically silenced after one big gasp. Man, that shit happens at metal concerts all the time with GLASS bottles and if people like the band the guy who threw the bottle is dead, and if we don’t like the band we applaud. I would have been applauding– no, actually, if it was a Justin Bieber show I would have been the one that threw the bottle :D

  37. jojo

    Even after just taking one off the noggin, this douchebag STILL needs to immediately fix his hair. It’s all he does! God forbid that one is out of place, the record company wouldn’t like having their moneymaker’s image soured.

  38. captain america

    pssssssst: NEXT TIME TAKE A CUP!!

  39. ItCouldBeAnyone

    LOL If only the guy who tossed the shoe at George Bush a few years ago had this good of aim.

  40. anonym

    that one was for all of us who are sick and tired of justine beeba.

  41. freebie

    Good reflexes.

  42. julie

    Only in seattle ha what did he expect…

  43. Marie

    I had lost faith in justice after Miley Cirus became famous, but now I am a believer again.
    That bottle has become my new god!

  44. Anon

    Finally! God heard my prayer!

  45. aeg

    This is just wrong. I’m not a fan of his, but it’s wrong. Grow up Americans.

  46. NVG

    I hate his music, but damn, the kid didn’t deserve that.
    For acting professionally, he gets my respect (but I still hate his songs).

  47. Ade


  48. cc

    I think there was something wrapped around that bottle…like some vitamin enriched teen panties with a phone number.

  49. Beep Beep

    Hey everyone leave Justine Bieber Alone! she doesnt need to be treated this way! you meanies!

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