Justin Bieber: Such a Scamp

December 3rd, 2010 // 87 Comments

Yes, it’s that slow.

Because he’s essentially Richie Rich, Justin Bieber can do whatever he wants now and took that opportunity to come out of an exclusive London restaurant last night with a fake mustache and toy helicopter. I guess the part that angers me the most is I’m pretty sure if I still played with a toy helicopter at 16, I would’ve got my ass kicked. Starting with my parents. What will this kid probably get? A million dollar toy helicopter endorsement deal followed by another handjob from Kim Kardashian once she catches wind of it. In fact, she probably smelled me typing those words and kicked Kourtney over making a dash for the airport. “Justin’s got more money. Ready the lotion!”

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. lot lizard


  2. McFeely Smackup

    uh..if I were a teenage boy drawing on a fake mustache, I don’t think I’d have chosen the John Waters. That’s about as gay as it gets without having more than one penis involved.

    • Burt

      Hey, Americans…Please keep him. Us Canadians don’t want him back.

    • kerry

      This is exactly what I was thinking. Did Justin Bieber just hear about John Waters? Uhhh, that look doesn’t work for him. He must not have watched Pink Flamingos.

  3. Hopefully he’ll give up singing to go fight crime. There are no limits for boy and his mustache. And helicopter.

  4. Nats
    Commented on this photo:

    Inspector Clouseau.

  5. DeeAsh

    A “toy” radio-control helicopter is not childish! There is a HUGE membership base of “toy” helicopter and airplane pilots in the United States. It’s a pretty big deal; they hold competitions and have sponsors and win money! Can’t imagine anyone getting their ass kicked for that! There are people from age 4 to 80 playing with these “toys.” I think it’s awesome to see someone involved in this hobby! Even if it is Justin Bieber because he still is a douche …



    • Richard McBeef

      who? DeeAsh the R/C ‘copter enthusiast?

      • DeeAsh

        I am a member of the model aviation organization. I fly all these “toys” quite often. And I can tell you right now Bieber’s little Heli is at least a $40 buy …

      • Richard McBeef

        I am a member of the sex with organic women organization. I have sex with real life women quite often. And I can tell you right now your $500 big Heli is keeping you from getting laid.

      • DeeAsh

        Actually McBeef I am a girl. And from what I’ve been told through my life I’m an attractive girl. Believe me I have NO problems getting laid

      • McFeely Smackup

        Yeah, closing time is self-esteem time for all the fat chicks.

      • Richard McBeef

        well, there is either an anomaly in the matrix or….. perhaps you aren’t a half bad chick that is fawned over by huge R/C helicopter dudes. Like the chick that works in the comic book store, she isn’t drop dead but compared to the other comic book chicks she is a goddess.

        also pics or didn’t happen.

      • clb1982

        DeeAsh – If there is a way, I say you should show a pic. :) Make dumba$$ here eat his words. What an ignorant bunch of “men” a. attacking some chick on a Justin Bieber post and b. assuming attractive people can’t be involved in such a popular hobby. Oh, and not only are there attractive “toy” fliers, they are usually quite wealthy. :)

      • Richard McBeef

        Where the fuck do all you r/c copter fucks come from? are you being recruited here to defend the honor or what?

      • clb1982

        McBeef, we come from a land where people don’t have such shallow immature minds.

      • DeeAsh

        Well you can say what you like, but I get no complaints for being a bit overweight – it’s mostly in my ass! Where I like it!
        I also have spent quite a bit of money on my choppers and meet many dude out awhirlybirdin”.

      • Whirlybirdin

        We call our selve Wirlybirders and we a proud people.

      • McFeely Smackup

        Gee…how could we ever have guessed that DeeAsh is a fat chick.

      • DeeAsh

        The last “DeeAsh” comment on this reply is not me. So whoever is pretending to be me, sorry you’re a bit on the overwreight side, but at 125 pounds, this DeeAsh is sure as hell not!

      • Creeper

        DeeAsh – I picture you are about a size five, blonde hair, about 5’6″, well educated and BEAUTIFUL! Don’t let these ‘tards get to you. They are just lonely in their mom’s basements. :)

      • sugar nads

        Hey Dee – you can come by and give me ‘awhirlybirdin’ – it involves a basket hanging from the ceiling…

    • lyric

      fuck me justin i love u fuck me please
      have sex with me

  7. tim

    hey! I asked my wife for a toy helicopter for x-mas… I’m 31…

  8. slappy magoo

    If it were socially acceptable, I’d bust out my old Chutes Away game and play it during all social functions, including bris-es and funerals.

  9. nigeben

    Once a prick always a prick, his 15 minutes are fame are nealy up, once his balls finally drop he will fade into obscurity. No more handjobs from Kim. Maybe he could date snooki

  10. jimmy

    Yeah there is nothing wrong with with toy helicopters, they are not like a children’s toy, I mean they are but not everyone can play with it wihtout breaking it
    as for adults, It is true, many adults take on helicopter/planes/boats in remote control and make it a past time

    JUSTIN BIEBER on the other hand, is being a complete douche, he is doing that only to have people take pics of him,
    is it just me or does he look like he has a lip malformation? his upper lip does not look right, he reminds me of those kids with their lips really messed up that you see at the end of magazines, there is something seriously wrong with him,
    Has anyone seen his forehead? like ever? sometimes I wonder if he is The Omen and has the 666 on his forehead

    • Richard McBeef

      Goddamn, when somebody talks shit about R/C ‘copters you motherfuckers come out out in a stronger force than the Scientologist/TC isn’t gay crowd or the Leave Britney Alone-ers.

      • Peanutty

        Copterloonie? Toyatardy? These peeps need a name!

      • Averre

        Truth. Unless you R/C tards actually pilot the real thing, then you’re playing with overpriced toys. You can call yourselves whatever you wish, it still doesn’t change the fact that you are well past your teenage years and still arsing around with toys.

        @ DeeAsh Pics or you’re full of shit. Attractive, 125 lb, girl…one if not all three of those are false.

    • DeeAsh

      Couldn’t agree more Jimmy!

  11. anonymous

    this is one weird chick. is she a disney or a nick princess?

  12. meh

    I would cum on this little girls face

  13. Peanutty

    Looks like he has been sucking on a helicopter tail pipe. Whrrrrrrrr.

  14. Cock Dr

    i’m past ready for this pop culture boy toy to start developing some major malfunctions.
    This might be the first manifestations of mental illness. Stay tuned.

    • Shart

      God, give it time. He is only 12! What do you want full blown heroin addiction?

      • Cock Dr

        I want a big gay Bieber sex scandal.
        With Vivid video.
        FYI I think he’s older. His corporate masters may have had him castrated to preserve the voice, thus the youthful feminine appearance.

  15. Kerri

    someone needs to punch him in the face as hard as possible. i am embarrassed for all man kind if this is the kind of music/people we are interested in these days.

    • lot lizard

      don’t forget katy perry, kesha, rhianna, guyguy…they’re all way overdue for a thrashing as well…

      • jimmy

        You guys criticize his music or like Lizard said, (katy perry, kesha, rhianna, guyguy)

        But the people that truly really deserve the trashing is the fans, The fans that make them rich, the fans that pay millions, the people that support this PIECE OF SH!T MUSIC,
        See I hate Lady Gaga, I hate her with all my heart, but, she is not really the problem, if no one gave a crap about her, she would be forgotten,
        is the assh0le fans that are the problem, with so much variety, with literally thousands of artists out there, why are these scum famous?
        think about that

  16. JR

    The straight Richie Rich gets handjobs from Mila Kunis.

  17. actually with that mustache he looks like he was trying to copy Marlon Brando in the Godfather. But with the rest of his outfit it looks stupid.

  18. total loser

    It’s a Dirty Sanchez!

  19. Pat C

    How do we know he’s really 16 anyway? Maybe he’s just a 10 year old, and management decided he’d be more marketable if they presented him as 16.

  20. Whirlybirdin

    I too have many hobbies that allow me to meet interesting people. Such as: Kite flying and such. I too am a little bit overweight but that keeps me grounded and able to enjoy the many men friends my hobbies lead me to meet. They find me attractive! They do!

    • FattyFatty2X4

      Hopefully your post will end this string of responses.
      I don’t like where this is heading.

  21. molly

    hahahaha fuck it’s annoying to see this kid on Superficial… i used to live in stratford and my little bro was a yr younger than this kid.. from picking my bro up from school and seein this kid once or twice all i can say is HOW DID THAT SCRAWNY LITTLE FAIRYBOY FUCK GET SO FILTHY GOD DAMN RICH

  22. MoustacheRdes

    12 year old girls have more testosterone than this…. thing.

  23. Amy

    He’s so hot.

  24. Johnny Cage

    Soon the ladies shall know the name, “Sanchez”!

  25. Jacob

    looks like a lesbian

  26. Ricks_Daddy
    Commented on this photo:

    Ellen has gotten shorter, and died her hair?

  27. elle
    Commented on this photo:

    that kid is such a douche

  28. Ross Anderson

    He was given a fake moustache by John Waters on the Graham Norton show on BBC One, it was aired tonight in the UK. Chill the fuck out, the kid’s having a joke.

  29. Oh Dear

    I think it must be cool to be young, good-looking, rich, hang out at expensive restaurants, wear a coat that I would die for, and just for the hell of it wear a fake moustache and carry a helicopter.

    I am a chick and he, and his coat would be welcome in our drama class anytime and he could try on any of our moustaches, hats, pirate boots, capes, and be in our senior class play.

  30. Jennny

    the funniest comments are inspired by bieber

  31. slapkatyperry

    this pussy needs to grow the fuck up and quit acting like a six year old. when i was 16 i was driving cars and dating girls and acting like a man, not drawing on myself like a retard in special-ed shitting my undies and eating paste.

  32. wim

    when you love the idea of a c*ck in your ANUS…..
    …………LET GROW A MOUSTACHE, folks!!
    (as a signal towards F*GGOTS)


    I mustache you to not make fun of my ‘copter .

  34. parrot

    seriously. looking at beiber pictures is no better than staying on paranoidparrot.com all day…

  35. Squishy

    Justin Beiber as Richie Rich…BAHAHAHAHAHA What a frakking joke!!!

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