Justin Bieber’s Bragging About Taking Selena Gomez’s Virginity Now

February 4th, 2014 // 46 Comments
B-Bare Wants Biddy!
Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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Because my boy B-Bare is a mothafuckin anthroballergist, he wants the historal records to show that when Selena Gomez‘s cherry got popped it was the B-Bare’s name she was callin’ out ’cause she was full a six feet a Canadian bacon. Crack it off, Radar:

… The pint-sized pop brat bragged to a pal, “I knew she was in love with me when she gave me her virginity.”

“It was in the summer of 2011. They flew to Palm Springs for a couple days and had a super private place to stay,” the pal told Radar.
“The purpose of the trip was 100 percent because Selena finally said ‘yes’ to having sex with him. They agreed because they both said they were in love.”

Aww yeah, that’s right. When my boy takes your pussy to Murda-town, he pampers that shit with hot towels all the way to Palm Springs, bitch. Woop woop! In fact, you just say da words “Palm Springs” to Selena, and her panties be juicin’ right den and there, yo. — Okay, not really, that’s just the hooker B-Bare pays to go to parties and pretend to be Selena to suck yo dad’s dick so your moms divorces him and then B-Bare’s all like, “Aw, shit, fools, your iniquities are my food! BREAKETH THE SEVEN SEAL, NIGGA!” Then horns be comin’ out of his heads cause that mothafucka’s HILARIOUS.

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  1. Lord Helmet

    We all know trust and intimacy are the key to a woman’s heart. But for men it’s hard to find the words sometimes. So, rekindle the love by sending photos of your dick while cursing her and talk publicly about how she lost her virginity. I’m sure there is a Hallmark card for this.

  2. Scott

    More like she took his virginity!

  3. vandal

    Please let her dad own a gun.

  4. just the tip?

    it’s never just the tip.

  5. Taking a Mexican woman’s virginity is probably the least hardest thing to do in the world. Plus she told him she was a virgin, highly likely she was not.

    • FruitLoop

      Taking a girls virginity can be a pretty broad spectrum of things.

      All those times she got fucked at 14 don’t count, ’cause you know, like, she was underage. Those times she took it in the ass from her other boyfriends, they don’t count cause it was up the butt. All those blowjobs she gave those other guys, those don’t count cause it was only on the first date and they weren’t going steady.

      Finger-bangs, hand-jobs, etc etc etc. She may have been a seasoned pro by the time Biebs “took her virginity”.

    • IndustrialBunni

      Any races virginity is hard to take given they were raised in a respectable family.

  6. MarketingMike

    Two years from now when he’s on Dr. Phil
    talking about how he blew through his millions,
    got hooked on Heroin (Codeine is the gateway)
    and how society screwed him over, I’ll smile…

    • It’s always my favorite when people console themselves here with the bullshit fantasy that every annoying celeb is a flash in the pan who’ll end up broke and working at Taco Bell in just a few years. Because none of these fools have business managers who invest some of their millions so they’ll still have something when the fame is over.

      Or consider this: Vanilla Ice still makes good coin, yo. VANILLA ICE.

      • NutSlut


        Just: Federline.

      • Well, Federline, he just fell cock-forward into money.

      • MarketingMike

        Consider this…

        The last BBack album that actually made money
        was in 2012. Even then, that album only made it
        to number 5 on the charts. It sold a ton of singles,
        but singles go at about a buck a song.

        In 2013 he had a failed tour (they lost money in the end
        and were literally giving away tickets in Australia) . Oh,
        did I forget that the O Arena in England had to refund
        almost 1/2 of their gate when the BBack was 2+ hours
        late to the show, and much of the audience had gone home.
        The next day he tweeted a pic in a hospital bed, so it was ok.
        He was giggling in the pictures, so he was really sick.

        He spent most of 2013 getting arrested, getting high,
        tweeting pictures of getting high, screwing girls in Brothels,
        screwing girls in Strip Clubs, and racing cars while high.

        In November he released a new LP which sold just over 1,500
        copies USA and 5,500 copies in Australia with zero radio airplay,
        before it was pulled, and released on ITunes as individual songs.

        But before that album was yanked, it didn’t even chart, which
        means it was lower than 80th on the charts. It sold so badly
        that his label never released a physical CD, and never even
        made the songs available at Walmart or Amazon digital.

        They did that because everybody would see it lost millions
        once the tracking was available, which they can hide on ITunes.

        In December he released a movie that cost $10+ mil to release
        and market which made $1.8 mil (then was pulled from theaters)

        The last 3 weeks he has:
        Flown from Los Angeles to Denver
        (Peed in the snow, which he tweeted)
        Flown from Denver to Miami
        (Dropped $75k Cash on Strippers, $20k on a “girlfriend”)
        Flown from Miami to a five star resort in Panama
        Flown from Panama to Toronto, to stop by the courts
        Flown from Toronto to New York for the Superbowl

        FInal Note:
        When he touched down in New York, customs held
        him for 5 hours, because when they opened the cabin,
        the rush of smoke looked like a scene from a rapper video.

        Yea he’s saving his money, he’ll be fine…

      • MarketingMike

        Every single time he jumps on a mid-size Private Jet and takes off,
        it’s at least $20k, each time, one-way. Plus, most of the time he
        orders it a couple of hours before he wants to go, which almost
        doubles the cost.

      • MarketingMike…I like your post very much. Very well written. But that little piece of shit made $58M last year (according to Forbes). Assuming his expenses (travel, pussy, drugs, business managers, attorneys, pussy, drugs, agents, body guards, and just general social malfeasance) cost him $75,000 dollars every single day of the year, that would still be less than half of the $58M. I’m no economics whiz, but I am still dubious about his losing money and fucking up his financial life. You could be right, though and I hope you are. Just saying…

      • MarketingMike

        What I’m saying is this.

        Forbes goes off of the numbers the Rec Execs hand them.
        Those numbers are “gross” numbers, not “net” numbers.
        $58 mill “gross” can easily be closer to $10 mill “net”.

        I’ve been involved with several music groups over the past
        20 years, and each time the record company dropped one,
        they were worth less than a third of what they thought they
        were worth. The kids is dropping around $300k a month,
        and he probably has no idea where it goes. There will be a day,
        when he won’t be able to afford it. I’m betting that day
        is a LOT sooner than he, his mommy and his daddy realize.

  7. Bieber is a mess these days, but you know how it’s with girls, hormones and their periods. I bet the moment Bieber stop bleeding everything will be OK ;)

  8. Hiding in the bathroom crying when a woman takes her clothes off in front of you isn’t “taking someone’s virginity.”

  9. Cock Dr

    You expect me to believe that girl wasn’t passed around like a jar of peanuts amongst the Mouse’s upper management?

  10. So, on other words, bieberbitchboy is the one that puts on the strap on.

  11. JimBB

    Canadians are so delightfully naive.

  12. LOL! She was a virgin. Yeah, right. Just like Justin never had sex with that Mariah Yeater chick.

    And what the fuck is so special about taking someone’s virginity anyway? “Oh I fucked her first.” What do you want? A cookie? Are you planting a flag somewhere? All I hear when people say that is, “I had her when she didn’t know what she was doing”

    Call me when she gets some experience. If virginity was so special people wouldn’t be in such a big hurry to get rid of it.

  13. Memememike

    Anthroballergist!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. Cher X

    Meh, you banged a Disney chick. That’s not really uncommon.

  15. goodwolfe21

    Ok, wait…if she did bang him in 2011, when he was 16, she could be arrested for statutory rape, right?…..we all assume they did it, but she could be in trouble if the cops wanted to pursue it…and now, she is possibly getting it on with another underage pop star, Austin Mahone, 17…..at least her friend Taylor sticks to 18 and older….

  16. He got a thing for mexicans maids.

  17. John

    LOL @ stupid ass JB thinking Selena was still a virgin at age 19/20. I got a fucking bridge I can sell him for cheap in Brooklyn and you know it’s legit because it’s got a “For Sale” sign on it.

  18. Jena

    Does this site hire you because you’re a horrible writer or do they teach you to write like a moron only after you get the job?

  19. It was probably the dullest 10 seconds of her life.

  20. Heechul's Yeojachingoo

    Nick Jonas beat him to it.

  21. What exactly is up with assholes like Bieber and Shia LaPoof that makes them think the public needs to know about their alleged sexual activities? Next thing you know TMZ will be reporting that Bieber swallows.

  22. tigerbob

    But Beiber is a girl, surely Selena took ‘her’ cherry.

  23. njlinesider

    I’m sure after the first 2 inches its still new and untainted. Dude is probably hung like a deer ticket anyway

  24. Alex

    Next time, try to refrain from speaking “obnoxious douchebag”

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