Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez At The AMAs

After putting this whole paternity test in his reahview (I have no idea why I used that reference.), a triumphant Justin Bieber brought Selena Gomez to the American Music Awards last night where he’d earlier serenaded her during rehearsals which apparently works well with women because she practically banged him in the front row during the show. Otherwise, we have to consider the fact his Maple powers work like roofies now and none of you are safe. (I wear lead underwear. FACE.) Anyway, Selena Gomez rocked a ton of skin because I guess she really wants people to know how grown up and mature she is even though her date looks like an eight-year-old wearing his dad’s tux and probably has Micro Machines in his pockets. “Moms says long as I don’t bring the ones that make noise, it’s okay.”

Photo: Getty, Splash News