Justin Bieber Put A Fan’s iPhone Down His Pants Then Tossed It Into The Crowd

August 1st, 2013 // 31 Comments
Justin Bieber
WATCH: Justin Bieber Puts Fan's iPhone Down His Pants

In case you weren’t 100% on how goddamn retarded Justin Bieber fans are, last night in Newark they were throwing their iPhones up on stage at him. iPhones. Which surprised even Justin Bieber, and this is a kid who thinks mop buckets are toilets and that he’s earned the right to rap “Lose Yourself” in Detroit. But then surprise turned to ego as he took a phone and shoved it down his pants before tossing it back into the crowd like unsanitary manna from Maple heaven. Which probably was awesome for the teenage girl who caught it until she finds this post and reads this sentence: Justin Bieber can menstruate. Yup.


  1. I was going to say “What ever happened to throwing your bras on stage?” but then I realized the vast majority of the audience was probably too young to be wearing them.

  2. inkydinky

    loathe this little douchebag.

  3. Kel

    Today a very lucky girl( or young gay male) is going to open their photo gallery and ask themselves..”How did a picture of Kelly Ripa’s belly button get in here?”

  4. JC

    I’m assuming that all the phones (pre-pantsing) were filled with naked 12-year-old girl selfies?

  5. malaka

    i figured we would have been done with this queef and on to the next tool of extorting money from the parents of pre pubescent girls by now.

  6. Me

    Im no fan of his but why does he need to earn the right to sing a song?

    • JC

      He can sing anything he wants, but most people find the idea of a pre-teen lesbian trying, and failing, to create a “thug” image by peeing in buckets and singing a hardcore rap song in Detroit, written by a real rap artist who is actually from Detroit, a bit hard to swallow.

      • Me

        Lol it makes sense when you put it like that

      • Yo yo yo! The beebs is hard! He’s got an OWL TATTOO!!!! I bet he’d kick yer ass so hard, if all his bodyguards weren’t holding him back, or if he didn’t already have a fruit roll up and juice box in his hands!

  7. I could not watch the whole video but if I was in the audience, I would love to throw a 1980s mobile at his face!

    I would have the same smug Asshole smile of the Yuppie.

  8. Where the fuck is George Zimmerman when we need him. Hes got some more garbage to take out.

  9. Pat C.

    Maybe he should sing a a real old-school song, like James Brown’s “Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud”.

  10. Little Jimmy

    “Justin Bieber can menstruate”


  11. Why did Ronald McDonald lend his shoes to Justin? Can’t Justin buy his own shoes?

  12. ruckus

    Justin Bieber has the best – fucking – weed, hands down. Goofy shit like this is winning the hearts and minds of stoners everywhere. The Headline alone made milk come out of my nose.

  13. cc

    They are going to bring back Hollywood Squares in about 5 years, just for him.

  14. Brooke

    The girl who owns that iphone has yet to menstruate herself, so she isn’t quite sure what you mean, Fish.

  15. SsssHhhh

    This is all ushers fault,for “discovering” this little douche…

  16. anonym

    random thoughts-

    Why is he grabbing his crotch when there’s nothing down there?

    Pull your pants up.

    Today’s girls are hopeless, and have made Justin undeservedly rich.

  17. I have no use for this kid, he picks the shit out of me, but how stupid are these girls? Wait. No need to answer. :/

  18. Jenn

    Those cooties are never coming off that phone. They’ve got Lifelock, they don’t have anything to keep out Beiber Herpes. Ew.

  19. kery

    I would like to see his co.. mmm really …

  20. Hey, Bieber. You were just awarded an all expense-paid trip to Sanford, Florida. George Zimmerman is picking up the tab so you’ll have to wait until he’s back. The cool thing to do would be to sneak up on him at night and yell, “What the fuck you doin’ whitey!”

    • Tj

      George Zimmerman is Latino… People really need to stop jumping on internet bandwagons and think for themselves. Do a search and find a picture of him…

  21. JK

    Macro lens? There’s an app for that.

  22. Dumbo

    Yay, everyone throw their iPhone at Justin Bieber’s face.
    It is a nice, solid projectile.

  23. busbrotha

    somebody should seriously clock this kid while performing on stage

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