Justin Bieber’s With Michelle Rodriquez Now

July 31st, 2014 // 28 Comments

Presumably because Zac Efron lacked too many of the soft, feminine features Michelle Rodriguez desires in a mate (Read: Vagina. He didn’t have a vagina.), here’s Justin Bieber partying with her in Ibiza yesterday because fucking with other people’s exes has been going great for him so far. Then again, TMZ says he’s actually there banging model Shanina Shaik, except that information can fuck itself because it won’t end with Cara Delevingne beating Justin Bieber down harder than Orlando Bloom ever could. Which is probably the most realistic scenario I’ve ever written on this site. You can print it out and hang it in the Smithsonian, and people will be like, “Yes, that occurred in our history. During Neil Armstrong’s moon walk. I remember it well.”

Photos: Xposure / AKM-GSI, Fame/Flynet, INFphoto, Splash News


  1. Justin Bieber Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Yacht Ibiza
    beef wellington
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    boner boy far right

  2. Justin Bieber Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Yacht Ibiza
    Cock Dr
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    Life’s just one long water soaked boat party for Michelle.
    When she writes that book it’ll be interesting.

  3. cc

    You’ll notice in these pictures that in most of them there’s a congregation of people (without Bieber) or Bieber by himself.

    I wonder why…

  4. buzz

    Am I missing something?

    Did everyone semi-famous and not contracted to go to Comic-Con get a free flight and a week’s stay in Ibiza? Why is everyone there at the same time?

    • Swearin

      From my understanding, Ibiza is like Ft. Lauderdale except instead of rednecks double-fisting 24 ounce cans of Coors while they wander around trying to find the best tattoo artist to put “Don’t Tread on Me” above their left nipples, you’ve got rich Hollywood assholes mingling with Central European socialites and fashion types at seafaring cocktail parties sponsored almost entirely by the vodka or tequila company co-owned or at least endorsed by the party’s host.

      • A lot of “celebrities” (it’s never the A-list) get paid to go to Ibiza and promote it. Everything is comped + a fat paycheck. And God knows Michelle Rodriguez isn’t going to make any money from her acting.

  5. Cock Dr

    Notice how the size of the women’s asses shrink down considerably when Justine bleaches his entourage.

  6. Justin Bieber Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Yacht Ibiza
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    Herpes flare ups must be a bitch to endure.

  7. Justin Bieber Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Yacht Ibiza
    Short Round
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    Moments like this is when I’d like to think the multiverse theory is real. That there is a universe where this little shithead occupies his rightful place in the world, being a towel boy.

  8. Justin Bieber Shanina Shaik Bikini Yacht Ibiza
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    Now, about this blonde’s ass…

  9. Justin Bieber Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Yacht Ibiza
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    Apropos of nothing I bet Michelle Rodriguez loves being spanked.

  10. Dear Tyson Beckford,

    Justin Bieber is fucking your ex. I shouldn’t tell you this because I don’t want to start anything, but he also told me that he thinks your a pansy, punk little bitch who wasn’t able to handle her the same way he can.

    He leaves his Beverly Hills condo everyday at 2 pm to go to his little league practices at the park, and said that he was going to call you out and call you a bitch in front of all the paparazzi during one of those. Like I said, I don’t want to start anything, but maybe you can catch him on one of those outings and talk him out of it.

    Did you know that those bats are, like, crazy strong? I didn’t until I accidentally broke someone’s nose with it. What a klutz am I LOL! :)

    Anyways, just wanted to give you a heads up!

    Miami Wilt

  11. renotastic

    This just in:
    Joan Jett (not pictured) is with Joey Ramone (not pictured) now!

    Fucking douchebags!

  12. Swearin

    “She dated Tyson Beckford for years until their breakup in 2013.”

    So maybe she just wants to get with Bieber because she’s already used to black men with delicate features?

  13. Selena was hanging out with and attending Leonardo DiCaprio’s event with Cara Delevingne a few days ago. Perhaps Justin wasn’t invited to Leo’s charity shindig and is a jealous game playing little fuck. Leo has been dismissive of Justin in the past, and I can just see him not being able to walk past a table where Leo and Orlando are sitting without talking shit.

  14. Justin Bieber Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Yacht Ibiza
    Vin Diesel
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    I believe this dive is called “The Tuna Catcher”.

  15. Miley Cyrusis aslut

    In what version of reality is he “partying with”. She barely gave any attention to the fact that he had come aboard the boat, and at no time after that are there any images showing them within close proximity to each other. J.B. is a freeloading hanger-on in this scenario, since he was left out of Selena’s oceanic birthday bash in favor of Cara D. Face it,, Punky Bieber, is attempting the Canadian version of Machismo, and failing miserably.

  16. Marketing Mike

    Simply being on the same boat as Michelle,
    is not “being with” Michelle. He has about
    as much chance tagging her hot lesbo ass,
    and he does nailing Leo’s girlfriend. She
    has him by a good 2 inches, and she’s
    taller than he is too…

  17. Justin Bieber Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Yacht Ibiza
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    Isn’t the whole point of bathing suit shorts to not have to wear underwear?

  18. Invertebrate

    Ima hankering for some cheetos now

  19. Justin Bieber Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Yacht Ibiza
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    That’s not boner boy, is it?

  20. Veronika Larsson

    Well, played, Michelle. You know nobody is going to notice you for your “acting” so you hook up with a string of currently “hot” celebrities to get your face and your name in the virtual tabloids.

    Barely clinging to relevance but still hanging in there. You go, girl!

  21. j/k

    Why are people with substance abuse problems drawn to Michelle Rodriguez? Why is she always chilling on a yacht? Why has this occurred directly after Juan Manuel RODRIGUEZ Garcia, a regional leader of the Gulf Cartel, was captured?

    I think we should chill on the whole “she’s a man thing” for a while.

  22. Justin Bieber Shanina Shaik Bikini Yacht Ibiza
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    She’s physically attractive, but obviously fucked in the head and now ruined for being near Justina Bieber.

  23. Justin Bieber Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Yacht Ibiza
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  24. Justin Bieber Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Yacht Ibiza
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    Ice Ice Baby

  25. J-Dizzle

    What happened to the #BBare posts? Those were hilarious to read. If Bieber is mentioned and we have to see that stupid mug of hers, may as well keep doin the #BBare thing to keep it entertaining.

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