Kate Gosselin Bequeathed Justin Bieber Her Old Hair

“Would you put eight kids in me? I’d put eight kids in me.”

When Justin Bieber showed up at the VMAs looking like Miley Cyrus and A Flock of Seagulls fucked The Fonz, the Internet was quick to make a bunch of accurate memes pointing out that he’s literally wearing Kate Gosselin’s old hair. For example, this one which I hope wasn’t Fat Jew’d from somebody:

In fact, Justin Bieber even shared some himself on Instagram before realizing he’s a delicate maple flower and taking them all down. Except not before Kate Gosselin’s kids saw them, and not only is she tickled pink, but she somehow isn’t the biggest cunt in a situation which I’m pretty sure just ripped a whole in our reality, so stop whatever it is you’re doing. We’re dead. Cosmopolitan reports:

So, do you see the hair resemblance? And, if so, are you flattered?! I do see some resemblance to my former hairstyle — Justin’s is a current take on it, yes! And it’s OK, he can have it! [Laughs.]
I love the fact that he’s willing to laugh at himself with this post because that shows signs of maturity. You have to be comfortable enough to take what people say about you and laugh! He did, and so thumbs-up, Justin!

And here’s one more that my black friend posted on Facebook, so it’s okay to laugh at it.


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